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Alor, East of Flores

(Today) 31st Jan 2019
16.1°C / 61°F

Diving Environment:
  • Known for healthy and vibrant reefs, seamounts, sheer walls, caves, black sanded areas, beautiful coral gardens and magnificent critter dives

  • All dives from tender

  • Water temperatures can vary greatly within the park, ranging from a low of 68F (20C) in the south to a high of 82F (28C) in the northern region

  • 3-5mm wetsuit with hood and reef hooks recommended


Captain. Kasim Tukloy, aka “Ayah” Big Father.
From Malucas.  Started on boats in 1998 as AB (able body seaman) on fishing boat. He joined Indo Aggressor (formerly Komodo Dancer) 6 years ago.  Used to work on a fishing ship. He says the weather is the most challenging part of job. Married since 1994 and has 2 teenage children.

Demma Butu –2nd Officer
Joined the Indo Aggressor (formerly Komodo Dancer) 7 months ago on KD.  Used to work on acargo ship. Hopes to captain one day wants  to learn how to dive. Loves family  vacations with his wife and 2 children.

Peter – Freelance
Started diving in 2005. He’s from Flores. Loves nudibranchs and millipeds, scorpion fish, and bobtail squid. Loves that his hobby is his job. Favorite sites – Current city, Crystal rock, cannibal rock, torpedo alley. Wants to dive with tiger sharks and hammerheads. Has 1 daughter in Laboun Bajo. 

Komang Wira Adnyana
Born Bali.  Started diving in 1999. Used to be a Japanese travel agent. Komang joined the Indo Aggressor (formerly Komodo Dancer) 6 years ago. Used to like big stuff. Now likes flamboyant cuddle fish, crustaceans. Thrives on giving guest the best experience possible. Wants to dive Palau. Fav dive sites – Castle rock, shot gun, PADI DM. Is anxious for his teenage son to learn to dive.

Stefanus - 1st Engineer.
From Sumatra. 7 months on. Used to work on motor tanker. Best at watermakers. Boat has 2 each 5 ton water tanks. Enjoys good running boat.

Syarifudin - 2nd Engineer.
Started same time as chief. Married w/one child. Used to work on cargo ship. Diesels are his specialty. Hopes to retire soon.

Finus – Steering man
From Florence (L. Bajo). Started on Indo Aggressor (formerly Komodo Dancer) 7 years ago. Began working on boats in 1994. Likes taking care of the boat and dropping people off on the right spots. Married with 3 childs.

Noh Atta Abola - Steering Man
Started on Indo Aggressor (formerly Komodo Dancer) in 2002. Dives. From Alor. Worked on other liveaboards. AB was first job. Married with 2 children

Rizal – Steward
1.5 yrs onboard, on boats since 1995. From Laboun Bajo, married for 5 years with 2 children .