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Alor Dive Sites
Top Dive Sites - Alor, East of Flores


The boat embarks at Maumere, sailing east covering East Flores, Adonara Island, Kahula Island, Pantar Island and Alor Island. Diving activities are conducted in all these islands but this itinerary emphasizes more on diving inPantar Straits. The highlights for this trip are healthy soft corals with amazing macro life, with oceanic pelagics.

Visiting the still erupting Komba Volcano in the Flores Sea is part of the itinerary and an option to visit the local tribes in their village on the mountains are offered to guests at the end of the trip.

Highlights of the itinerary:Alor Dive Map
Excellent Macro Life, Nudibranchs, Emperor Shrimp, Sawblade Shrimp, Pygmy Seahorse, Flasher Wrasse, Ribbon Eels, Mantis Shrimp, Banded Sea Kraits, Common Octopuses, Mimic Octopuses, Giant Frogfish, Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish, Rhinopias, Spanish Mackerels, Black Tip Sharks, White Tip Sharks, Dogtooth Tunas, Napoleon Wrasse, Juvenile Bat Fish, Eagle Rays, Eruption from Komba Volcano, Tribal Village Visit, Traditional Fish Trap.

Pantar Straits and Maumere Bay are part of the Sperm Whale Migration Route – occasional sightings of Blue Whale, Mola Mola, Giant Hammerheads, Marlin

Noteable Dive Sites:
The Crack – Pulau Babi
Pangabatang – East Flores
Sizzler 1 – Lembata Island
Sizzler 2 – Lembata Island
Bacatan Wall – Lembata Island
The Legend of Bacatan – Lembata Island
The Boardroom – Pura Island
Clown Valley – Pura Island
Pak Yan’s Village – Pura Island
Sharks Galore – Pura Island