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Aqua Lung Demo Week - Palau 2016



Aggressor Fleet has been the home of Aqua Lung Demo weeks for many years.

Jan 31st – Feb 7th 2016

Aqua Lung / Aggressor Demo Dive – Republic of Palau

Let the Diving & Fun Begin!

The Republic of Palau – A group of more than 250 islands, surrounded by a barrier reef and a beautiful lagoon which ranges in colors from the lightest of aquas to the clearest deep blue one can imagine. The Republic of Palau boasts as one of the world’s most sought after dive destinations, and offers divers a wide array of wall dives, reef dives and drift dives, as well as, breathtaking scenery of its many islands. Palau’s main source of income comes from diving, and because of this, they have done an excellent job in establishing preserves and protecting its natural beauty. From the ever curious Napoleon Wrasses, tranquil sharks and schools of jacks to the transformative environment of Jellyfish Lake, Palau offers a diverse array of dive environments to make your vacation fun and exciting the whole way through.

This was Aqua Lung’s 10th Demo Dive Week aboard the Aggressor Fleet and first to Palau. Aqua Lung’s President & CEO, Don Rockwell and Dive Division Manager, Vernon Brock joined the 15 guests for a week of diving and testing gear. They brought a suite of products, including Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators, Masks, Fins & Snorkels for everyone to try as they chose – in addition to suitcases full of giveaways. Don and Vernon also brought one brand new i450T watch-style dive computer for each guest to use while on the charter – before the computers were launched to the public!

The week was filled with 4-5 dives a day, which gave everyone the perfect opportunity to participate in the Aqua Lung photo contest. It provided some memorable shots for all and the top three winners were offered their choice of the dive gear Don and Vernon brought as prizes. As the trip wound down, the group had to get creative in their packing to fit the many giveaways Aqua Lung provided over the week.

On behalf of Aqua Lung, Don and Vernon wish to say thank you to the fantastic guests, crew & Aggressor Team for the fun filled week on this dive adventure. Aqua Lung is looking forward to the next Demo Week aboard the Cayman Aggressor February 18th – 25th, 2017.