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Cayman Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014
Entry By: Captain Alan Roberts




Saturday, we departed Georgetown dock with 18 excited divers from Orlando Reef Divers Club, all enjoying a sunset dinner cruise along the coast of Grand Cayman to start an excellent week of eating, sleeping and diving.

Water temp: 82F

Air Temp: 80's

Vis: 80-100ft

Wet suit: 3mm or skin

Sunday, our first dive of the week was the wreck of the Doc Poulson and it’s a great dive site to start our week. The wreck sits in 50ft of clear, warm Caribbean water and there is always plenty of critters including out resident Green Eel! A nice drop off brought in a Turtle and Ray, Garden Eels and plenty of Jacks made for a great dive. Our next dive site is always the highlight of the week, Stingray City. As we drop the anchor in a shallow area of sand, the Rays swim right up to us and they are hungry. Everyone had a chance to feed them only the best, top grade squid! Some very good pictures and video was taken. Our third site of the day was Babylon. Here we enjoyed another pinnacle and shear drop off. We explored the ledges and swim thru’s off the edge of the wall and visibility was incredible. Babylon is one of the best dive sites in Grand Cayman.

Monday, after a late night crossing we made it over to Bloody Bay on Little Cayman. Randy’s Gazebo was our first dive site. Calm seas and excellent visibility with two chimneys, the archway, shear wall and Turtles galore. It was a wonderful way to start our first day in Little Cayman. The Meadows was next on the list for Monday and it became our dive site of the day. If you can name it we saw it, took pictures and video of an amazing dive site. We encountered Turtles, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Schooling Jacks, Barracuda, Very Friendly Groupers, Green and Spotted Eel’s and more. The night dive produced all the usual’s including Huge Channel Clinging Crabs, Sleeping Turtles, Lobsters and Octopus! This was an Excellent Day Of Diving indeed!

Tuesday morning our dive site was Leah Leah’s Lookout. Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from 20ft and out to the wall at 100ft!  Today we had incredible visibility and little or no current and were treated to Reef and Nurse Sharks, Spotted Drums and a Huge Turtle. Our afternoon was spent on 3 Fathom Wall. This dive is three sites in one and makes for plenty of exploring. We enjoyed all types of marine animals, including Eagle Rays, Sharks, Scorpion Fish, Turtles, Schools of Snappers and Wrasse. After the afternoon dives we made a wonderful dinner cruise over to Cayman Brac. Once we arrived we enjoyed a night dive on the wreck of the Russian Destroyer. Cruising around the wreck at night we saw a Huge Grouper called Bruce weighing in over 350 pounds. We also saw Octopus, Squid and Large Stingrays in the sandy area.

Wednesday morning we made two more dives on the wreck to explore the ins and outs of the Keith Tibbetts 356, which was sunk to form a reef for divers to enjoy. The visibility was excellent and plenty of pictures and video was taken around the bridge and stern gun. Everyone also had a chance to enjoy going inside the wreck and exploring the engine rooms, bridge and hallways. After exploring the Russian Destroyer we cruised back to Little Cayman for a quick dive before and after lunch at “The Great Wall”. Wow, this is a wall! 20ft to the top descending 300ft into the deep. Beautiful black coral and colorful sponges. This is in many peoples opinion the Best wall dive in the Caribbean. We love the shear drop off and meeting Freddy and his group of friendly Groupers! Our late afternoon and dusk dive was at the Bus Stop. Golden Coney’s, Queen Angelfish, Sleeping Stingrays, Lobsters, Rainbow Squid, Friendly Nassau Groupers and a couple of Reef Sharks. But lets not forget the Sailfin Blennies, snapping shrimp and all the swim thru’s at Cumbers Caves

Thursday, Several of the guests got up at 5.30AM for the pre-breakfast dive. It was awesome to watch the reef waking up, as were the divers. Also a great way to start the day and somehow breakfast tasted even better. Another dive at Nancys Cup of Tea provided more reef sharks, turtles, groupers and several old anchors. Sarah’s Set was up next, another shallow reef dive known for all its macro critters and shallow drop off! Donna’s Delight was our last site here in LC and what a great way to end it all! Scorpionfish, yellow spotted rays, free swimming green eel and 7 more guests joined our up and coming, soon to be world famous, “100 Minute” dive club! Well done!

Friday. After crossing back to Grand Cayman, we arrived at the Wreck of the Kittiwake. On this easy morning dive there’s plenty of places to explore and everyone was able to get lots of bottom time. The deepest part of the Kittiwake is only 60 feet. Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thru’s, caves, cracks and crevices were enjoyed and a great way to end a great week of diving on the Cayman Aggressor IV. Time to break down and wash our gear and drink a cold one or three at the farewell party! Congrats go out to Justin & Jeniffer for completing their SSI Nitrox class and to Cathy & Mike on their wedding anniversary! A BIG thank you to all for making this another fun and safe week of liveaboard diving Cayman style!

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.