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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 18, 2015
Entry By: Captain Karl


Captains Log: April 18th -25th

Entry: Captain Karl


Air Temp. 78-83f

Water Temp. 76-78f

Recommended Wetsuit 5mm-7mm


Crew: Captain Karl, 2nd Captain Jon, Chef Matt, Instructors Jesse, Dave and Jesse. 

Guest:Trudy, Bill, Don, Michele, Carlos, Lucia, Bhushan, Joe, Dave, Renee,  Larry and Carrie.   


Dive Sites


Meadows, Lions Den and the Hive.


Land of Oz, Catacombs and Manuka Bay.


Peles Play Ground, Paradise Pinnacle and Robs Reef.


Au Au Crater, Amphitheater and Manta Ville.


Dome, Driftwood, Turtle Pinnacle and Kalokos Arches. 


Old Airport. 

Saturday April 19th

This week we welcomed aboard a Group from USA and Venezuela on the Kona Aggressor ll. We picked everyone up from the Kona Pier Saturday evening and not only did we have twelve happy guest but, two baby mantas to see us off before we headed out to the mooring for dinner and a briefing. After a wonderful meal, crew introductions, and a Boat and Safety Briefing.  We came up with a plan for the week and headed to bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!

Sunday April 20th

The Kona Aggressor ll headed south to Meadows for our first two dives. After a check out dive  everyone was ready to see some new critters and the Lava Tube. The talk on the dive deck after the dives were of a Devil Scorpion Fish, White Mouth Moray, Multi banded Butter Fly Fish, Tear Drop Butterfly Fish, Yellow Tail Corris (all Phases), Flame Angel Fish, Milk Fish, and a Spotted Boxfish. Next, We continued south to Lions Den where our guest recalled seeing a Snowflake Moray, Hawaiian Lizard Fish, Red Lion Fish, and a Golden Trumpet Fish. The Hive was to be the location for our last two dives of the day.  Some of the high lights of the dive were Scrambled Egg Nudibranch, Hawaiian Red Lion Fish, Sculptured Slipper Lobster, Regal Slipper Lobster, Decoy Scorpion Fish, and a Sleepy Sponge Crab.

Monday April 21st

Early in the morning we continued our journey south to the Land of Oz for our first two dives of the day. Our guest enjoyed the long reef that extends out and the many cleaning stations with Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse cleaning different reef fish and some striking colored male Gilded Trigger Fish. The location of our third dive spot for today was Catacombs where our guest really enjoyed all the over hangs and arch ways with Puffer fish everywhere it seemed to some of our guest! The Kona Aggressor IIs final resting place for the day was Manuka Bay where we received a welcoming Pod of Spinner Dolphins who swam with our guest for the better part of an hour after our arrival. During the dives our guest were lucky and found a Dragon Moray, White Mouth Moray, Sleepy Sponge Crab, Giant Porcupine Puffer Fish, and a Horned Helmet eating a Collector urchin.

Tuesday April 22nd

At the crack of dawn the Kona Aggressor ll started her journey back north to Peles Playground for our first dive of the day and our guest lucked out an had a Pelagic Manta on the dive along with Tear drop Butterfly Fish and Long Handed Lobster just to mention a few! Next, We headed further north to Paradise Pinnacle 

for dives two and three and saw a Turtle, Conger Eel, Long Fin Anthia, Peacock Razor Wrasse, Octopus, Titan Scorpion Fish, Red Stripe Pipefish, Flag tail Tilefish, Whitleys Box Fish, and a Golden Green Goby were just somethings that made it to our What Did You Sea board! It was off to Robs Reef for the last two dives of the day. After dive four it seemed all the guest could remember was a Hammer Head Shark!!! Fortunately on the night dive they recalled tons of shrimp in the finger coral, Spawning Long Spine Urchin, and a Sleepy Sponge Crab to mention a few.

Wednesday April 23rd

The Kona Aggressor ll made a short detour south to Au Au Crater for our first two dives. The talk on the dive deck after was of a Tinkers Butterfly Fish, Turtle, Octopus, Titan Scorpion Fish, Spotted Puffer Fish, Comersons Frog Fish, Red Lion Fish, Strawberry Nudibranch, Fried Egg Nudibranch, Dwarf Moray, Gold Laced Nudibranch and some even got a show from a couple of breaching Humpback at the end of the dive! Next, We headed north to Amphitheater where our guest really enjoyed the Lava Tubes and seeing tons of Black Triggers. Our next and final stop of the day was Manta Ville and we had Mantas on both dives with a non stop action packed night dive with Mantas dive bombing our group at the end!

Thursday April 24th

We made another short detour back south to the Dome in hope of finding another Frog Fish and not only did we get a Frog Fish, but they guest got to see a Divided Flat Worm, Fried Egg Nudibranch, Gold Rim Tang, Octopus, Turtle, and a White Tip Reef Shark. Next,  We Headed to Driftwood where our guest recalled seeing a Dwarf Moray, Viper Moray, Spotted Puffer, and a Tiger Flatworm. During a wonderful lunch prepared by Chef Matt we headed to Turtle Pinnacle where the group was lucky and had a face to face with one of our resident Tiger Sharks! Along with seeing a Viper Moray, Octopus and another Frog Fish! Next, We headed to Kalokos Arches for the last two dives of the day. The guest recalled seeing a Divided Flatworm, Dwarf Moray, Viper Moray, Spotted Puffer, Tiger Flatworm, and a Ridge Back Lobster.

Friday April 25th

The Last two dives of the week were at Old Airport where our guest recalled seeing a Strawberry Nudibranch, Gold Laced Nudibranch, Flame Angel Fish and a rather large Yellow Margin Moray!

Saturday April 26th
We droped our guest off at the pier in Kona and said our farewells to our Central and North American  friends this week. Congratulation to our Iron Divers Bhushan and Joe!  Thanks again for joining us this week we had a lot of fun with you aboard the Kona Aggressor ll. We hope to see you again soon!


Captain Karl and crew