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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 27, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log
June 27-July 4, 2015

Avg. Sea State: choppy
Avg. Winds: 15knots
Avg. Water Temp: 81F
Avg. Air Temp: 86F
Avg. Visibility: 80ft

Capt. Jay
Capt. Chris
Chef Yanis
Steward - Randy
Engineer - Fermin
Instructor – Ken

This week we welcome Romano, Arlehn, Josefina, Andrew, Valerie, Sandy, Iggy, Donna, Frank, Tracy, Aaron, Lily, Dave, Alice, Stuart, and William

Sun June 28, 2015
Sandy Slope & Zipline:

The first dive of the trip was hard to beat, as there was an Eagle Ray hanging out for about 5 mins. We also had a green moray swim up to the divers. Other sightings were of lobsters, Pipe horse, batfish, groupers, and an octopus.

Mon June 29, 2015
Long Caye Ridge & Julie’s Jungle:

There were lots of Barracudas on the dives today, dozens of them hanging out together. We also saw a Caribbean Reef shark, an eagle ray, scorpionfish, neck crabs, and probably the coolest thing were 2 morays mating.

Tues June 30, 2015
Blue Hole, Half Moon, Long Caye Wall:

Today we hit 3 dives sites. It started at Blue Hole, to see the massive stalactite formations down at the depths. Then we went to Half Moon Caye and finished off the day at Long Caye Wall. Today we had and encounter with 3 Caribbean Reef sharks (2 on wall, 1 in shallows), a hawksbill was feeding on sponges with angelfish on the top of the wall, and an eagle ray cruising down below. As we did our safety stop, we were surrounded by a school of bar jacks.

Wed July 1, 2015    
Site X & Silver Caves:

Wednesday we saw some spawning sponges, moray, eagle ray, neck crabs, Reef shark in shallows on top of the reef.

Thursday July 2, 2015
Half Moon Caye Wall & Cathedral:

Thursday’s sightings included more Reef sharks, an Eagle Ray, southern stingrays, and lots of macro stuff…Pipe horses, pipefish, head shield slugs, flapping dingbats, skeleton shrimp, wire coral shrimp, juvenile flamingo tongue, and I very tiny yellow and red slug that remains unnamed.

Friday July 3, 2015
Long Caye Wall & Quebrada:

The final days of the week were an exciting send off, with Sharks, Eagle rays, and a very friendly turtle. Down below us as we did our safety stop, we could see a Caribbean Reef Shark hunting in the reef and feeding on fish. Pretty cool and exciting.

Thank you from the crew of the Belize Aggressor III. Hope to see you again soon…EAT, SLEEP, & DIVE!