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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 22, 2015
Entry By: Aggressor Guest


Sun Dancer II
Aug 22-29
Water Temp: 86 F
Visa: 100 + feet
Weather: Sunny

Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia and Onboard Assistant Conway

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday - Long Caye Ridge and Eagle Ray Wall

Monday - Chain Wall and Long Caye Wall

Tuesday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Julie’s Jungle

Wednesday - The Blue Hole and Silver Cave

Thursday - East Cut, Grand Bogue and Black Beauty

Friday - Sandy Slope

Divers: George, Michele, TJ, Rob, John, Don, Patty, Mariana, Peter, John, Lee, Alex, Alyssa, Pratik, Stephanie, Laura and Christobal

An incredible week with perfect weather and amazing divers, new friends we will always cherish and hope to have onboard and underwater with us again soon.

When the divers arrived on Saturday the excitement was noticeable and everyone could tell it was going to be a really fun and enjoyable week onboard and under water.  After everyone was set up on the dive deck and made themselves at home in their staterooms the safety briefing and introductions were made up stairs in the salon followed by dinner.  The Sun Dancer II made her way out to Lighthouse Reef so we could start the wonderful week of diving in the beautiful Long Caye area.

The very first dive under the boat the horse eyed jacks were gathered as a welcoming committee and not to be outdone a reef shark decided to make its first appearance for the week which was really enjoyable for the divers.  The reef structure and all of the smaller fish and creatures all made the perfect balance between wall and shallow with coral and sponges all over creating a texture you expect to see but can hardly imagine once you are actually there.  The healthy protected areas of the Lighthouse Reef are so well preserved every barrel sponge looks like you could either use it for an art sculpture or perhaps even hide in it if you were a huge grouper.  Every fish and friend underwater at Eagle Ray Wall was also out and about showing off the beautiful shallower reef and created a very enjoyable night dive atmosphere as well.  

The next morning the weather was so perfect we had the opportunity to head to Chain Wall an incredibly beautiful dive site at Half Moon Caye and right away people had the opportunity to dive with three different sharks, three spotted eagle rays, four sting rays, pipe fish, logger head turtles and again on the next dive more spotted eagle rays and more incredible sea creatures.  The beauty of the site is abundant with life and reef, with white sand and even turtle grass it is truly a wonder and one of the most beautiful places in the entire area, so happy the divers were able to appreciate the dive site and of course all of the warm welcomes our underwater friends extended as well.  The afternoon dives at Long Caye Wall were also super enjoyable with 2 more sharks and a big moray eel that was very photogenic and fun to check out.  The night dives this entire week were wonderful and on this one in particular there was an octopus, puffer fish, eel, lobster, big shark, squid and scorpion fish (just to name a few sightings.)
Half Moon Caye Wall is one of the most memorable dive sites from anyones past trips onboard with us and with the weather creating a perfect glass surface as we moored up to the site you could see right thru it and already start checking out the sea creatures below.  There was a sting ray watching from the sand as the vessel glided above and once underwater the divers got to see a super cute hot fish, two different sharks, midnight parrot fish a sail fin blennie and even a small pipe horse.  The whole setting underwater looks like a staged paradise scene from a movie or a vivid dream with white sand complete with garden eels, turtle grass with sting rays swimming above, over the reef the blue water off the wall and other beautiful colors of reef with the sponges and corals.  Everyone loves this site and is actually considered by some the most beautiful site in the world because of its variety and friendly sea creatures.  

The next morning was the BLUE HOLE a famous site known for stalactites and not usual much else.  Today was an exception with a shark making an appearance right away heading past the divers as they descended down to a hundred feet.  When we thought that a shark was going to be the coolest sighting a spotted eagle ray showed up and started gliding past the divers and eventually went along the rim above creating a really perfect silhouette, the eagle ray didn’t leave us alone after that and instead came back around and swam down past the divers before heading back to take the photogenic position along the upper edge.  Later once down at depth there was a lion fish hanging off one stalactite then it moved to another.  The island adventure at Half Moon Caye was also enjoyable as well as the afternoon of diving at Silver Cave on of our favorite dive sites.  The giant sea horse was discovered and photographed as well as other amazing sea creatures ranging from sharks off the reef to the tarpon and other fish hovering around everything looked beautiful in the light and clear water.

Thursday at East Cut started the day great with sharks and spotted eagle rays and other amazing sightings on the reef and over the wall.  After the two morning dives in the Half Moon Caye area we moved to Turneffe Island and explored two different afternoon sites starting at Grand Bogue then heading over to the site Black Beauty.  The very rare and only found in this area of the world spotted toad fish was seen and photographed and everyone was happy to get a chance to see the other surprises these sites had to offer including a curious eel that was hilarious and funny to talk about for the rest of the trip.  Another nice sighting was a very small and also curious spotted eagle ray that came towards the divers and really made a good impression on everyone.  Friday morning was another two Turneffe dives at Sandy Slope and also had the opportunity for macro photography including a really great spotted eel.

On behalf of all of the Crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for joining us this week and we look forward to having the opportunity to dive with you again the future!  Thank You!