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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 12, 2015
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


The Kona Aggressor II


DATES: December 12th -19th 2015

GUESTS: Gerald, Anne, Tamara, Todd, Kelvin, Erica, Jason, Matt, Larry Christian, Sonia

CREW: Captain Brad, Captain Misha, Engineer Cliff, Dive Instructors Dave & Amanda, Chef Thomas


DIVE SITES: The Dome, Rob’s Reef, Paradise Pinnacle, Manuka Bay, Catacomb, Thompson’s Reef, The Hive, Au Au Crater, Mantaville, Shark Fin Rock, Aquarium, Pelagic Magic, Turtle Pinnacle.

SATURDAY: The Kona Aggressor II arrived to the pier to welcome our 11 new divers! This week we had divers traveling from nearby Oahu to as far as Québec, Canada. After everyone was safely onboard we headed to our mooring for dinner and drinks. In the evening the Captain talked about boat safety and discussed our weeks travel plans along the west coast of Big Islands, Hawaii!

SUNDAY: We begin our journey north as the sun began to rise over Kailua-Kona, HI. Our first stop was The Dome, for a check out dive and a little underwater exploration. For our first dive guest suited up and made their appropriate weight checks on the surface. Soon after our descent under the boat a devil scorpion fish and day octopus had been found hiding nearby. Several white spotted morays seems to be out today as well. To end our first dive we were visited by a beautiful Manta Ray casually swimming between the divers to say ALLLOHA to our new group! It was a great way to start off the week! Our next dive destination was farther south at Rob’s Reef. Highlights on this dive were Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab, Decoy Scorpion Fish,  

MONDAY: This morning we continued our journey south to our first dive destination, Paradise Pinnacle. Conditions were great as our divers hit the water for their first two dives of the day. Below the surface divers spotted a long nose hawk, gold laced nudibranch and a horned helmet devouring a collector urchin. After lunch we continued down the coast towards south point. Our stop for the afternoon and evening dives was Manuka Bay. Highlights at this site were leopard blennies, devil scorpion fish, peacock flounder, great barracuda. During our night dive divers had the chance to see a cusk eel, sculptured slipper lobster and a sleepy sponge crab too!

TUESDAY: At sunrise we turned the Liveaboard around and heading north. Our first stop up the coast was at Catacombs. During this dive we caught a glimpse of two great hammerhead sharks, which seemed interested enough to stick around for their pictures. Other highlights on the dive were a green sea turtle, yellow margin moray and spiny lobsters. For our next dive the KA2 went to Thompson’s Reef. The divers loved the architecture and great visibility at this site! Soon after our second dive of the day we continued north, and were suddenly surprised by two teenage humpback whales breaching off the port side of the boat! We stopped our progression and stay floating near these two for a spectacular show of breaches and tale slaps! The end the day we tied up for the evening dives at The Hive. Into the deep our divers went to witness creatures such as titian scorpion fish, Hawaiian conger eels, and pom pom crabs, day octopus! This was a GRAND SLAM day for diving off the Kona Aggressor II!


WEDNESDAY: Today we celebrate Tamara’s 53rd Birthday on board the Kona Aggressor II!  For our first dive destination we traveled to Au Au Crater. Highlights on this dive were large schools of banded butterfly fish, a spotted eagle ray, and a Spanish dancer. Our second dive of the day was Lion’s Den, a KA2 favorite with plenty of endemic Hawaiian red lion fish! After lunch we traveled north to Mantaville. Here we tied up for our afternoon dives and our evening manta ray dive! Highlights on this dive were tritons trumpet, white mouth eels, bird wrasse, and spotted boxfish. For our night dive guest were not disappointed in the 4 beautiful Mata Rays that stay with the group for the duration of their dive.

THURSDAY: Today we traveled north, passing Kilua-Kona town and heading towards Shark Fin Rock. With great visibility and non existing current we eagerly got in the water for our first dive. Below the surface divers spotted millitseed butterfly fish, orange mouth lizard fish and a long spine porcupine fish. The visibility was 100+ ft the whole day as we made our way to our next dive site called Aquarium. Highlights on this dive were the Harlequin shrimp, gold laced nudibranch and day octopus!

FRIDAY: We finished our last two dives of the week at a great location named Turtle Pinnacle. Conditions were excellent today with great visibility, no current and calm water. Below divers casually explored the pinnacle to find a red spotted nudibranch, devil scorpion fish and several free swimming yellow margin morays. During our safety stop some divers had the chance to see a tiger shark swimming in the distance. After two great dives the group lounge on the sundeck to enjoy a BBQ style lunch and relax in the sun. Later that evening guest joined the crew for a hui ho party during sunset. We were happy to celebrate our 4 iron divers this week, Jason, Todd, Chris, and Sonia! After a beautiful sunset we docked the boat and the guest went out for dinner in town!

Saturday: Today we say goodbye to our friends as they venture back across North America. We had a spectacular week with great people and amazing dives! A big MAHALO and happy holiday from the crew of Kona Aggressors II! We hope to see everyone back onboard for another week of diving of the island of Hawaii!