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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

13 February – 20 February 2016

Myanmar / Thailand


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Tui

Second Captain: Rong

Cruise Director: Clive

Divemaster: Ashley

Divemaster: It

Instructor: Patrick

Dinghy Driver: Nin

Engineer: Bao

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: Pa Phorn

Stewardess: Anny

Video Pro: Charge


Guests: Sarah, Daniel, David, Ellen, Amber, Kerrie, Julie, Pat, Caroline, Ronnie, Jeanette, Meghan, Sean, Rob, Brian




Sunday – Northern Rocky, Western Rocky

Monday – Fan Forest

Tuesday – Richelieu Rock x 4

Wednesday – Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai Pinnacle x 2

Thursday – West of Eden, Elephant Head Rock, Christmas Point, North Point, Koh Bon

Friday – Koh Bon x 2


Saturday 13th February 2016


The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor at 5:00pm. They set up their gear then gathered in the saloon for the welcome briefing. We enjoyed a delicious pork filet mignon dinner, and then went to bed.


Sunday 14th February 2016

Thailand Aggressor sailed through the night and arrived in Kawthoung Myanmar at 8:00am. We relaxed onboard while being processed by immigration. Guests enjoyed the dive at Northern Rocky where we started the dive by spotting an elusive yellow tiger tail seahorse, hanging shyly in a sea fan. We also spotted several camouflaged scorpion fish, a brightly patterned juvenile emperor angel fish, and an adorable porcupine pufferfish resting on a coral head. Western Rocky is a tiny rocky island where divers enjoyed a 100ft swim through going through the center of the island to the other side.   Inside we saw hundreds of shrimp and several large lobsters lurking in the darkness. Outside of the cave, some guests saw for their first cuttlefish, as well as two beautifully colorful harlequin shrimp.


Monday 15th February 2016

Fan Forest is a beautiful solitary pinnacle which falls steeply to a sandy bottom at a maximum depth of 33 meters. The big, bright gargantuan sea fans provide substantial protection for small creatures such as pipefish and nudibranchs. During today’s dive we saw a dark brown bent stick pipefish resting in the sand. It waited calmly as each diver took a turn getting a close look at the critter. Divers also got a chance to get some photos of a giant moray eel which was slightly concealed in a crevice on the wall, and right next to the eel was a blue and white wart slug. We saw a tiny white eyed moray eel peering from inside a hole. A very pretty yellow spotted boxfish hovered inside a sea fan just before we did our safety stop. After the dive, we decided to head back to Thailand. We arrived in Kawthoung, Myanmar at 4:00pm and guests enjoyed a short land excursion while we passed through immigration. Then at 6:00pm we left Myanmar and continued sailing to Richelieu Rock.


Tuesday 16th February 2016

Richelieu Rock is considered to be Thailand’s most beautiful dive site. The site is marked by the top of the horseshoe figured pinnacle which is visible only during low tide. The south side of the pinnacle slopes gently to the deep while the rest of the site consists of sheer limestone walls dropping straight down to the sandy bottom at a depth of 33 meters. Most of the walls are covered in beautiful purple soft coral and huge colorful sea fans. Divers were happy to spend the entire day here as there is plenty of area to explore, and new things to see every time. Today, guests were able to see so much marine life it was hard to keep track! We saw a saltwater catfish peeking from inside a crevice, a sleepy Jenkins stingray, a robust ghost pipefish inside the channel, a cleaner pipefish, Shultz pipefish, mantis shrimp, many banded shrimp, a cuttlefish, an octopus showing off its color changing capabilities, a beautiful shiny tiger cowry, a fimbriated moray eel, a free swimming white eyed moray eel, a giant barracuda as well as schooling yellowfin barracuda, schooling trevally, and two frogfish.



Wednesday 17th February 2016

One day at Richelieu Rock just wasn’t enough, so we decided to start the day here again. Divers were pleased with this site as with each dive, guides showed them something new and exciting. The rock is large enough to take a different route every time, even up to eight dives. This morning we saw a green sea turtle munching away at some coral. Next, we headed off to Koh Tachai, an island with beautiful white sandy beaches and two magnificent dive spots. The first spot was Tachai Pinnacle aka Twin Peaks, which is a pair of submerged pinnacles just south of the island. This site consists of large boulders which gather together to form interesting crevices and swim throughs. The boulders are covered with soft corals and anemones. Here we were visited by five manta rays which remained in the area for the entire dive! When the mantas weren’t in view, divers were intrigued by the massive school of barracuda, hundreds of them trailing as far as we could see.  



Thursday 18th February 2016

Arriving early in the morning to Similan Island 7, we started the day at a beautiful site called West of Eden. Here we saw a large male green sea turtle, schooling banner fish, and bright blue schooling fusiliers. Next we head to Elephant Head Rock. Divers enjoyed topography of large stacked boulders which form several crevices and swim throughs decorated with bright soft corals and sea fans. Photographers had an opportunity to photograph their buddy’s’ faces through a naturally framed hole in the rocks formed by years of water erosion. Inside the swim throughs we noticed several oriental sweet lips basking in the bits of penetrating sunlight. There were also a couple peacock mantis shrimps venturing outside of their burrows and some blue spotted stingrays, hiding in the sand with only their eyes poking out. Our next stop was Similan Island 9 where we hit two sites called Christmas Point and North Point. Both are sloping rocky coral reefs leading to giant boulders resting in the sand. Here at Island 9 divers got to see a Napoleon wrasse and two silvertip reef sharks.



Friday 19th February 2016

Our last day of diving and we came to Koh Bon for the big finale. Although Koh Bon is not a Similan Island it is still considered to be part of Similan National Park. Above the surface, there is a hole in the island where you can see to the other side and next to that is a waterfall flowing from the rocks into the sea. Our favorite dive spot here is the western ridge which continues from the mainland and slopes to a sandy bottom at a depth of 33 meters. This ridge is covered in staghorn corals and soft corals and is often used as a cleaning station by mantas and sharks. Guests were excited to have seen a massive Napoleon wrasse and an octopus during the first dive, and on the second we saw a banded sea snake and a massive jellyfish.  We sailed to Thaplamu where we arrived at 4:30pm, enjoyed a delicious seafood barbeque, and enjoyed our last evening together.



Saturday 20th November 2015

The guests woke up and had breakfast. We said our farewells and exchanged information. Then the guests departed the Thailand Aggressor at 8:00am. What an awesome week!