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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 26, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 80F/27C

Air Temp 80s, Viz Awesome!

Wetsuit 3mm shortie or skin

A breezy day in Grand Cayman welcomed our divers.  Most were on board by late afternoon.  Dive gear assembled, cameras prepped, the Beer and Wine cooler discovered early on, we had dinner as the boat pulled off the dock and cruised to our first dive spot.  A big welcome to all, this week we have a couple all the way from the UK, and Japan via New York.  All our other divers hail from various parts of the US, CA – VA, and of course TX!  Welcome back to Jim, great to see a familiar face again.

Sunday- The wreck of the Doc Polson was up first!  A shallow tugboat wrecked in 50ft of water with an easy 20 yards swim to the drop off. Plenty of critters around today, turtles, rays feeding in the sand, lobsters and crabs.  Everyone enjoyed getting back into the water and getting wet, a perfect spot for our check out dive!  We moved over to the Five year old wreck of the Kittiwake. A former USA navy submarine support vessel sunk 5 years ago to make another awesome wreck dive in the Cayman Islands.  After a couple of dives exploring the Ship from the bow to stern, drive shaft to wheel house, a giant school of jacks circling, an Eagle Ray digging in the Sand Chute right in front of John and Summer we headed to the Oro Verde, super fun dive in 50ft of clear water on the scattered wreck.  It was a haven for Eels, goat fish, file fish, yellow headed jaw fish, and mantis shrimp.  We also witnessed some underwater mtn biking!  The Night Dive was a success with two Octopuses!  A perfect first day of diving Cayman Aggressor Style!

Monday- Big Tunnels were up first  for our AM dive. Teri’s 200th Dive!  Here we get to enjoy exploring the many swim thru’s, caves, crevices.  Turtle Central this morning, with 4 turtles around the site, a large green moray eel doing a double take on our group of divers, a few tarpon hanging in the Canyons, queen angel fish adding to the myriad of colours, such a stunning dive it was difficult to leave!  Stingray City on the North side was our next site!  Always a favorite, everyone really enjoyed the shallow dive experience, interacting with the large gentle Sting Rays.  We cruised further east to Old Man Bay and Babylon!  Beautiful north side wall, with an impressive pinnacle covered in sponges, corals and life.  With so many photographers on board this was a hit!  An Eagle Ray graced us with a fly by, another moray eel was hunting along the edge of the wall, more giant channel crabs and rivers of creole wrasse racing along the reef with somewhere very important to go!  An amazing afternoon was had by all.  Time to pack up and head to Little Cayman…

Tuesday, after an easy crossing, great weather and seas, we ended up on Bloody Bay Wall! We woke to lake like conditions, flat calm seas and blue skies!  Randy’s Gazebo was our first site! This is as good as it gets, 2 chimneys, were Steve came face to face with a large channel crab. Everyone swam through and around the Gazebo enjoying the welcome parade of Nassau Groupers!  With the shallows bathed in sunlight, spotted file fish, scrawled file fish, snapper and tangs not to mention the Lettuce Leaf Slugs, all divers were delighted with their first taste of Little Cayman.  Meadows’ was the afternoon site and what a great afternoon it was. 2 dives to enjoy the shallow reef top, and explore the swim thru’s. Cosmo the friendly Nassau grouper came by with his buddies.  So did several sting rays and our resident reef sharks! A dinner cruise to the Brac and a night dive on the wreck of the Keith Tibbetts 356!   Octopus! Not one but two!!   Jim took some incredible photos.  We also saw a sleeping turtle, an eel, channel crabs and lobsters on the prowl. 

Wednesday- Capt. Keith Tibbetts b-day, the Russian Frigate purpose sunk in the early 1990s.  A very special dive being Steve H’s 356 dive on the wreck of the Tibbetts 356!   Also Steve and Jackie’s 20th Wedding Anniversary!  Congratulations.  A fantastic dive exploring the spooky shadows of last night, turtles waking up and a Nassau Grouper hosted us all around the wreck.  The Bow sitting in 90feet of water and the tower up at 25’ is a great dive for all. To top it off a Loggerhead Turtle swam right over the top!   Burgers in Paradise as we cruised back to Little Cayman for a busy afternoon!  Bus Stop, a strange swarm of brown thimble jellyfish surrounded us, but no problem as they were only on the surface.  Monty our Macro Man was in heaven, photographing the Sailfin Blennies and Yellow Headed Jaw fish with Eggs!  Fantastic, others had a great time out on the wall with a couple of reef sharks and tunnels under the wall!  Next we splashed in on 3 Fathom Wall aka The Mixing Bowl, always a favorite, where the shear wall of Bloody Bay meets the knarly swim thru ridden Jackson Bight.  There were sleeping rays in the sand, a roller coaster sand chute down to 90’, yellow headed jaw fish with eggs in the shallows, lobsters, a nurse shark, schools of Grunts and Chubs.   Susan and Summer fell in love with Grover!  Our resident Casanova Nassau Grouper!  Lea Lea’s Lookout was the late afternoon and dusk dive.  Wow!!  The reef was going into overdrive this evening.  Large groups of Scrawled File Fish chowing down on sea fans and corals, masses of wrasse and chromis swirling around the ‘corner’, you could just hang and watch the action all day!  Cleaning stations galore, thumbprint cyphomas, and today Steve clocked his 500th Dive and Michael R his 700th Dive.  Dinner and a few wines, rums and cigars to finish the evening, we will see who gets up for the dawn dive tomorrow!!

Thursday- The most crystal clear calm day dawned with 10 Divers splashing at 6am on Nancy’s Cup of Tea.  An awesome pre breakfast dive watching the reef wake up, black corals, sharks escorting us about the entire dive, swim thru’s, very old anchors that have been embedded in the reef for hundreds of years.  The Final stop for Little Cayman was the Great Wall. One of the most shear walls in the world!  Here we enjoyed Freddie for some final Grouper Love and a nurse shark meandering along the wall, fun in the sun and swimming off the back of the boat before we say goodbye to Little Cayman and head back over to Grand Cayman.

Friday- Fridays always come too fast, after a smooth crossing back from LC we ended up on the West Bay, Trinity Caves was our first dive. A series of cuts, caves, crevices and tunnels make for a fun dive and a beautiful eagle ray off the wall.  Watch out for the free swimming moray!  Devils Grotto was our final site, always a favorite with the crowd. This week we enjoyed a small pocket of silversides and tarpon and exploring the grotto.   All that’s left to do is wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a cold drink at the farewell party before heading back towards civilization Agh! Congrats go out to Summer for completing her SSI nitrox class and to Teri for finally remembering to turn her air on, and to Linda for finishing her creation!   (Don’t unpick this one)  Thanks to all for making this week a perfect Cayman Aggressor Week. 

Until next time  The crew of the Cayman Aggressor