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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 20, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 20-27 Aug. 2016


Air Temp. 85-97+ F

Water Temp. 85-87 F

Visibility 50-100+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain David P.

Instructor Gabi

Instructor James

Instructor Angelo

Chef Rob



Jeff, Gary, Emalee, Mike, Debra, Mark, Shelly, John, Jim, Cathi, June, Don, Tracie and Daniel



Sunday – Sugar Wreck, Shark Paradise

Monday – El Captaan, Mini Wall

Tuesday – Mount Olympus, Hogfish Reef

Wednesday – El Dorado, Red’s Ledge, Sugar Wreck

Thursday – Shark Paradise

Friday – Mini Wall


Saturday August 20th

The sky was clear and seas calm when guest boarded the Bahamas Aggressor for a week of diving off the West End of Grand Bahama. After everyone was onboard the Bahamas Aggressor departed Old Bahama Bay Marina for her 25-mile cruise to our anchorage area on the Little Bahama Bank.


Sunday August 21st

As most weeks we started our week of diving on the Sugar Wreck. This wonderful wreck sits in about 18-25 feet of water and is covered with Marine Life. Just some of what we saw while checking buoyancy and camera equipment was Porcupinefish, Spotted Moray Eels, Several Schooling of Fish, Stingrays and Nurse Sharks. After enjoying the Sugar Wreck we made way to Shark Paradise. One of our favorite dive sites in the area to encounter Sharks, Shark Paradise is also the home of a variety of Marine Life. Some of what we encountered while underwater was Large Black Groupers, Butterflyfish, Wrasses, Eels, Rays, Lobsters, Brain Corals Golfball Coral, Massive Starlet Coral, Lobsters, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks and a Tiger Shark just off in the distance.


Monday August 22nd

El Captaan is my favorite dive site here off the West End, Large Coral Heads with small Canyons, Deepwater Sea Fans, Bushy Black Corals, Rays, Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks and Spotted Eagle Rays. Next it was Mini Wall for the afternoon and night dive. Another one of those sites that has I all with Gorgonians, Hard Corals, Small Creatures as well as some big animals. Some of the Marine Life on Mini wall was Filefish, Tiger, Nassau and Black Groupers, Several Types of Angelfish and Sharks, Caribbean Reef, Nurse and Lemons were in the area. It was an Amazing Monday, how was yours? Maybe it’s time to join us and change your Monday’s.


Tuesday August 23rd

We started today with a drift dive on Mount Olympus. The top of Mount Olympus starts around 35 feet and slopes down to around the 100-foot mark. It’s a long reef so it’s easy to drift when dealing with currents from the Gulf Stream. While diving Mount Olympus we encounters, Colorful Corals, Roughtail Rays, Spotted Eagle Ray, Sharks and a Plethora of Marine Life. We see lots of Sharks while diving this area off the West End Grand Bahama and one of the sites we see a lot of them is Hogfish Reef. Today was Shark day for sure. We saw a lot of other Creatures and Fish but the Nurse, Caribbean Reef and Especially the Lemon Sharks came up close and personal. Because these Sharks came so close it was easy for everyone to get some excellent Shark pictures and video.


Wednesday August 24th

Our first dive site was El Dorado we encountered Moray Eels, Schools of Jacks, Several Stingrays, Mackerel, Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks. After enjoying El Dorado we made a short spot to Red’s Ledge. Here we shared the underwater world with Corkscrew Anemone, Longfin Damselfish, Yellowline Arrow Crab and a Bog Green Moray Eel swimming out on top of the reef. And just as we were getting ready to depart a Small Tiger Shark swam near the boat just long enough to get its picture taken. Nice way to end a beautiful dive. One of the dive sites that have a lot of action for a later afternoon dive is the Sugar Wreck and that’s just where we headed after enjoying Red’s Ledge. It’s a good thing I have a digital camera now because The Sugar Wreck was so busy with marine Life I would have finish a roll of film in less then 10 minutes. We saw several types of Crabs, Porcupinefish, Ocean Triggerfish, Shortstripe Goby, Spotted Moral Eels and hundreds of other fish and creatures. It was an excellent way to spend over an hour underwater.


Thursday August 25th

Today was all about Sharks and one of the Best Sites for Sharks is Shark Paradise. Everyone saw lots of Sharks, however swimming around this wonderful reef we also encountered lots of other Marine Life. While swimming we saw Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Fairy Basslet, Mackerel, Whitespotted Filefish, Southern Stingrays and Caribbean Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks. During the dive a one point a few of us had 11 Sharks within a 4 feet. A few of the Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks came within inches of a few of us. And lets not forget about that 12-13 foot Lady Tiger Shark came in for a close up!


Friday August 26th

A pre-breakfast dive on Mini Wall was how we finished a wonderful week of diving off the West End of Grand Bahama. Mini Wall is one of my favorites dive sites to visit because of the variety of Marine Life. Mini Wall looks like a small wall, the dive site starts around 35 feet and slopes down to about 65 or 70 feet in some places. From the top to the dandy bottom the reef is covered with Gorgonians, Hard Corals and lots of fish. Just a few creatures and fish that was out during our dive was Spotted Moray Eel, Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Mackerel, Nassau and Black Groupers, Creole Wrasses, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks.


The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!


Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Best Fishes,

Bahamas Aggressor Crew