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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Friday, Jul 29, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



Departure 29 July al 09 August

Average Water Temperaruture   27C

Average Visibility   60

Termocline between 19C Y 22C

Crew : Cap Mauricio,Chef Jairol y Esteban,Enginier Miguel,Steward Jorge ,Driver Jehyler y Marvin, Dive Master Anibal , nightman luis


After all our guests arrived onboard and the briefing was explained, a non alcoholic cocktail was served and there, our adventure began.

Giant step to jump from the boat like all our first dives and the first thing we see it’s a huge galapagos shark under our fins, not a bad start at all.

We finished our check dive with marble rays and tons of white tips surrounding us and looking forward the next dives in Manuelita.


Lately ( I would say years) Manuelita its been a constant dive for tiger sharks and of course, this was not an exemption.

Hammerheads were everywhere on our next dive, dirty Rock. Punta Maria on the other hand had more Galapago sharks and many less hammerheads but the good thing was that we could see both kind of sharks on these 2 dives.


And the surprise came when we though this couldn’t be better and a great whale shark started swimming from the deep to where we were and a silky shark next to him, like trying to clean himself.

Then , the next day, we headed to alcyone but the current was strong and the schools of hammerheads were there but since the current was strong, we could not move along the site much.

We thought that manuelita was the best choice for the third dive and we could not have guessed better, huge school of hammerheads with crystal clear visibility and all together with rays, white tips, galapago sharks, just amazing.

On the last day, we wanted to go dos amigos but sea was choppy ( very common at this time of year), so we went back to dirty rock where a huge school of jackfish was swimming around us for a very long time!

On our very last dive in Manuelita, we also saw a huge manta ray, which was the nicest farewell ever.

Thanks to all our guests for coming yo dive with us and being so easy going.