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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

21 -1 September/October 2016

Water Temp: 83 - 86 f

Visibility: 60 – 120 Ft



David, Margret, Chuck, Greg, Kathy, Lucy, Lynn, Mark, Melodee, Chris, Pam, Dan, Wendy, Jim, Kevin, Amy, Krysten, Joe



Captain – Amanda

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Christy

Photo Pro – Troy

Instructor – Conor

Instructor – Jess


Dive Sites

Thursday – Eel Garden - NWPT / Boat Cove - West Caicos

Friday – Rock & Roll – French Cay / Arches – South Caicos

Saturday – Spanish Chain – S. Caicos / McDonalds – Grand Turk

Sunday - Fish Pond & The Library - Grand Turk

Monday – Spanish Chain & Eagle Ray Pass – S. Caicos / West Sand Spit / Rock & Roll

Tuesday –Half Mile & G-Spot – French Cay

Wednesday – Spanish Anchor & Drive Way – W. Caicos

Thursday – Gullies – West Caicos / Amphitheatre - NWPT

Friday – The Dome – North West Point



Wednesday afternoon all guest came aboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II welcomed with drinks and snacks. Once everyone was nice and comfortable introductions were made, whilst we giving everyone a run down on the boat operations and safety procedures the boat moved out to Northwest Point before our first day. That night guest enjoyed the 1st of the great meals served throughout this charter. With dinner complete we settled in for the night ready for a superb days diving!


Thursday morning everyone was up bright and early, excited to begin the first of many great dives. Starting at Eel Garden for dives 1&2 guest were not disappointed with the site holding true to its name spotting several eels as well as couple sharks and turtles. Then during lunch the T&C Aggressor II moved on over to West Caicos at the dive site Boat Cove for the remaining two day dives as well as our first night dive, where nudibranchs just seemed to explode over the reef once the sunset and night took hold.

Overnight we moved on out to French Cay, a spectacular area with only a few dive sites but oh how nice they are. This is a great area for encounters with the larger eagle rays and the health and abundance of life is fantastic. That afternoon we cut across the Caicos bank and stopped at Arches, a beautiful untouched site off of South Caicos, named for a large archway under the reef. We were joined by some small turtles with the corals and fauna as spectacular as ever. After the night dive we had some hot chocolate and turned in for the night.


Saturday we started out with two more dives around S. Caicos at Spanish Chain, a is a lovely site with sand troughs between the outcrops and an old chain laying taunt across the top of 2 of the troughs, plenty more of the unspoiled S. Caicos scenery here with a wide array of aquatic life to keep us company on the dives. After our first two morning dives we made the longer crossing over to Grand Turk for our final two dives of the day at McDonalds. A fun site with several sandy patches surrounding fantastic coral formations.


Sunday we awoke with boat still in Grand Turk for the day with our first two dives at Fish Pond, the abundance of fish life here is breath taking and we were even joined by an eagle ray. For the remaining three dives of the day we jumped into the water at a dive site known as The Library simply because its sits just in front of Grand Turks library, it’s a sloping wall with several large crevasses for divers to explore. Here we found numerous extremely large lobsters and crabs, also on the night dive many of the guest enjoyed watching a very active octopus scourer over the reef hunting for food.


Monday morning we found ourselves back in S. Caicos starting with one more dive back at Spanish Chain, on the divers were happy watched several southern stingrays swimming about the reef and wall. Then dive two we moved over to a dives site known as Eagle Ray Pass, although we hadn’t dove this site in several years we took a chase to see what we could find and oh did it pay off. Holding true to its name divers got to enjoy seeing and playing with more than seven eagle rays for the majority of the dive. During yet another delicious lunch the boat back towards French Cay stopping at West Sand Spit, a dive site with a large sand shout where one is abler to find rays, turtles and large schools of spade fish. Then finishing up the day back at Rock & Roll for the night dive with some active nurse sharks and a BFW creeping out a couple of guest.


On Tuesday we stayed next to French Cay with the first two dives at Half Mile yet another excellent wall with the first dive of the day being a little extra special with several guest getting to see a scalloped hammerhead. Then we moved on over to G-Spot for the three remaining dives, fantastic dive site with resident nurse sharks of various sizes. During the night dive they can make looking at anything for any given period of time interesting as they will come over to investigate and if possible eat what you are looking at.


That night we made another crossing and everyone awoke to an excellent sunrise back at W. Caicos. Spanish Anchor was the site for the two morning dives, here you have a nice swim through with an anchor at the end making for an some excellent pictures with the guest posing next to it. After that we hopped on over to a site known as the Driveway, a beautiful wall covered in coral life with a sand shout in the middle making it an idea place to look for rays hunting on the bottom. During the night dive the blue jacks and sharks were in full force using the diver’s lights to seek out and hunt down unexpecting fish.

Thursday In the morning we move over to Gullies, named so due to having a number of gullies the major one being a very good swim through, we also have a large resident reef shark here that normally has up to 5 males with her. The wall here is ascetically very rewarding with plenty of aquatic life moving around their natural surroundings unconcerned by the scuba divers being nearby snapping photos. During lunch the T&C Aggressor II moved back up to N.W. Point for three more dives at the Amphitheatre, named for the large overhang in the wall where one is able to find a multitude of aquatic life including sharks, crabs, lobster and a lot more. A little but further on up the wall guest enjoyed taking pictures of a cute little frogfish hanging just on the edge of a sponge.


To round this fantastic voyage off, we hopped in a the dome a superb site with an abundance of aquatic life living amongst the corals and rocks, once we have completed the last two dives we head back to turtle cove. Once we have eaten the awesome lunch prepared by Chef Christy. It was time for a bit of exploring and the at 6pm we all met up on the sundeck for a cheese and wine party where tales of the week are regaled and some special awards for achievements gained this week are awarded, with Lynn and Jim completing 200 dives, Joe and Kevin with 300dive and Pam with a whopping 500dives along with these amazing accomplishments we had 7 Iron Divers who completed all the dives offered on this 10 day charter.


A superb 10 days has been had by all, we look forward to seeing you on the TCI Aggressor II soon.