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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 26, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

26 Nov. – 3 Dec. 2016


Air temperature: 70° - 89° F

Water temperature: 79° - 81° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet



Captain: Amanda Smith

Engineer: Rob Smith

Video Pro: Jessica Polk

Photo Pro: Troy Sandy

Instructor: Conor Ferrin

Chef: Christ Brown



Jim & Andreanne, David, James, Bill, Phil, Dora & Mark and Christy & Rob



Sunday             – Eel Garden & Black Forest – North West Point

Monday             – The Dome – N.W. Point & Brandy Wine – West Caicos

Tuesday            – Anchor & Magic Mushroom – W. Caicos

Wednesday            – Elephant Ear & Boat Cove – W. Caicos

Thursday             – Gullies – W. Caicos & Stairway – N.W. Point

Friday             – Shark Hotel – N.W. Point


Saturday afternoon 10 guests came aboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II with bright smiles and looking forward to a great week of diving. Once introductions were made, Captain Amanda gave safety briefing shortly fallowed by the first of many great meals prepared by Chef Christy. After supper the yacht moved out to North West Point in preparation for the first of many great dives this week.


On Sunday morning guest enjoyed a nice breakfast then head out to gather around the dive table to listen in on the general dive briefing, get tanks analyzed and gear set up before jumping into the water for our first two dives at Eel Garden. This site has a large sandy bottom where garden eels are abound as well as flounder and lobster. For the second half of the day we moved to Amphitheatre, named for the large cut taken out of the wall and giving the appearance of a concert amphitheater. We did 3 dives here including a night dive and swam with lots of sea turtles.

Monday we did two more dives off of North West Point at a site known as The Dome. This interesting dive site is the remains of an failed reality T.V. show that know service as an artificial reef for tons of marine life including turtles, morays, large channel cleaning crabs and tons of fish life. Then during lunch the T&C Aggressor II moved over to West Caicos spending the remainder of the day at Brandy Wine. This site as two massive sand shoots with great coral life on the sides and in-between, here dives enjoyed swim with a pair of turtles as well as so up close encounters with a few Caribbean reef sharks. During the night dive our fluorescent dives fond a golden spotted snake eel that seemed to electrify the water with its bright green glow under the black light.


Tuesday morning we started the day at Anchor, a great spot on the wall at West Caicos that has a swim through with a coral encrusted 200 year old anchor at the bottom. Guests had a resident nurse shark join them in the swim through on the morning dive.

Then during lunch the Turks and Caicos Aggressor popped on over to Magic Mushroom, supposedly named after a large mushroom shaped rock on the edge of the island. While underwater divers stopped by a tall coral head with crack down the middle a known as the Lobster Tower and oh boy was the tower full with more than fifteen lobster wedged inside the crack.


On Wednesday morning we moved over to Elephant Ear Canyon with two incredible dives. Tons of life on the wall here as we descended down including huge groupers and snappers, reef sharks and one very cute seahorse. During lunch we moved on over to Boat Cove. An excellent dive site with a couple of sloping sand shots were several divers found a nurse shark resting on the bottom. Then just a little further down the wall shoots out to a point that is a congregation spot for tons of marine life including sharks, grouper, schooling barracuda and much more, as one guest put it “It’s like swimming in an aquarium.”


For Thursday we did two last dive off of West Caicos at a dive site known as Gullies. It has several nice swim-throughs, one of which as a beautiful purple gorgonian with five decorator crabs lives amongst its branches. After our two morning dives the T&C Aggressor move back up to North West Point for two dives a Stairway. A large bowl shaped dive site with an easy slope down to well past reactional limits, here there were lots of different crustaceans where found including 4 different types of lobster and several crabs. For our night dive we revisited the dome for some cool sightings under the black light.


Friday we finished the charter with two dives at shark hotel, the hotel might not have been fully booked but dives did see several sharks cruising around the wall on a nice Friday morning swim. Once everyone was safely accounted for back on the boat it came time to head back to Turtle Cove Marina. We settled in for a quiet afternoon and then it’s time for the Sunset Wine and Cheese party.


All and all another amazing week on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II!!!!!!