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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Monday, Jan 02, 2017
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log *02 January 2017

*Air Temp. 28 - 35 C

*Water Temp. 28 C - 30 C



Captain: Burhanudin

Cruise Director: Urik

Chief Officer: Ferdi

Chief Engineer: Daryanto

Oiler: Rahmad

Chef: Michael

Chef Assistant: Jemly

Housekeeping: Ani

Waitress: Destri

Dive master: Jemy

Dive master: Yamin

Tender Driver: Jasman

Tender Driver: Ody




Tu: Friwinbonda, Chicken Reef, Sardines, Yanbuba

We: Melissass Garden, Keruo Channl, Galaxy, Keruo Night

Th: Myhem 1, Myhem 2, Citrus Ridge, Arborek Jetty

Fr: Manta Sandy, Manta Sandy, Saonderek,Saonderk

Sa: Yanbuba, Cape Kri, Blue Magic, Mioskon

Su: Blue Magic, Mioskon



Monday January 2nd

We picked up our guests from airport, everything went smooth and nice and the guest had arrive well and safe at the boat . After welcome the guest and had show them rooms we had lunch and welcome briefing.

The guest look a bit tired but happy and excited to be on the Raja Ampat Aggressor. After dinner we had introduce the crew and made a toast….They look a bit better now and ready for the Diving Procedures briefing.

The Boat has left Sorong on his way to Friwinbonda where we will have our check dive tomorrow.

The sea looks nice and clean, we are ready to go to bed.


Tuesday January 3rd

We woken up at Friwinbonda, were we made our dive check. There was no current and everything was smooth. A swimming wobbeggong shark came to welcome us when we jump in the water.A school of yellow tail snapper was waiting for us down there. Even if the visibility was not great, our wonderful dive masters where able to find some Pygmy Sea Horses.

After breakfast were are ready to jump on the sea again, this time Chicken Reef is waiting for us and we are all very excited with the possibility to se Mantas!!! Visibility was still not very good, a lot of Plankton down there, but big schools of Jack where surrounding us, while we cross two huge Dog tooth Tunas and a small school of very bigs Yellow tail Barracudas. A Black Tip Shark, a Wobbegong, a Napoleon Wrasse, Flat Worms and Nudibranchs were part of the show also. No chickens at Chicken Reef !!!! But lots of fish...unfortunately the visibility was still bad.

Third dive of the day was at Sardines, a huge amount of Plankton entered and drop it down the visibility but still huge amounts of fish around: wobbegong shark, black tip shark, napoleon, barracudas,GT... People is happy.

The Night Dive was at Yanbuba, a protect and excellent area for the night dive. Water was calm as expected and we enjoyed looking for decorated crabs, bob tail squid, spider crabs and epaulette sharks.

We have decide to move to Penemu after the Night Dive, looking for cleaner waters.

At the end the day was not so bad, we had good weather and we saw nice things. We will say good bye to Kri, expecting to come back later with better visibility for some amazing dives.

After dinner Cruise Director introduced a presentation about Raja Ampat

We will leave Cap Mansuar at 1:30 am expecting to arrive Penemu 6 am.


Wednesday January 4th

In the morning we arrive to Penemu and we were rewarded whit better visibility than at Kri.

Melissas Garden was the first dive and even it was a bit dark was a great one!!! Black Tips, White Tip, Wobbegong, Jacks, School of fusiliers and even a Bargibanti Pygmy Sea Horse was there….Guest are Happy, We are happy.

Keruo Channel was our choice for the second dive. Amazing place with stunning corals and fantastic sea fans. Slow current coming from South didnt bring too many fish in but still enjoy a huge school of blue fusiliers, Napoleon and Black Tips.

Our third dive happen at Galaxy, a fantastic ridge with impressive acropora coral, the light on the top of the coral garden was fantastic at the egining and at the end of the dive...nothing was more close to a dive on an aquarium.

After we went to the shore to reach the point of view and enjoy the fantastic view over the sea and the islets… spectacular!!!!!

The night dive was at Keruo Night, a fantastic coral garden full of nudibranchs, flat worms, decorated crabs, crocodile fish and many creatures more.

After dinner we got a fantastic presentation about pygmy sea horses.

The atmosphere is relax and the guest are enjoying the wine, tomorrow will be another day.



Thursday January 5th

Today the reefs of the Northern part of Yangeffo had been our choice for diving.

Mayhem 1 woke us up with good visibility and incredibles coral gardens on the shallow part of the plateau, while a wobbegong was sleeping on the top of a Lettuce Coral. GT, Spanish Mackerels, Jacks, Hawksbill Turtle, Black Tips and Yellow Tail Fusiliers joined the party also...Not bad at all for the first dive.

The sun was shining and we were happy to go again in the water looking for more exciting creatures. The next dive spot was Mayhem 2, another seamount, where Black Tips and huge schools of Blue Fusilier can be spotted, the current was just perfect to bring pelagic in and let us swim everywhere on the reef...Just another fantastic dive.

Third dive was close the Mangrove area, Citrus Ridge< where a fantastic shallow channel end on a straight wall with one ridge on each side. Fantastic soft coral mix with hard coral, huge school of barracudas, jacks, turtle, black tip shark and a mobula!!!!! What a fantastic day of diving!!

Once in Arborek we went down to gather some information about the situation of the Mantas around, to check thee possibility of some Manta Dives tomorrow. Some guest had joined us and explored a bit the beauty and quietness of Arborek Island.

The divers came back happy from the night dive, they finally saw it the Walking Shark!!!! Mission accomplished.

After dinner Urik, our Cruise Director, had introduced some a slide show with some of his personal pictures.

Friday January 6th

Following the information we gathered in Arborek we went to Manta Sandy to check our luck and hopping to see some Mantas. We were rewarded with 3 Mantas at the cleaning station and great visibility!!! As the Mantas were there we try our luck a second time… and we were rewarded again we 3 Mantas more!!! Divers are happy and we can move on to Saonderek.

The third and the night dive happened at Saonderek Jetty were a huge school of thousands of Scads were waiting for us...just unforgettable, our divers had pass 20 minutes making photos. Also the slope wall full of corals, sweet lips, jacks, snappers, sharks, and turtle had helped a lot!!!!!

After dinner, Urik introduced a presentation of Walking Sharks and we congratulated Helena for her Milestone of 100 dives.

Tonight we will leave Arborek and move on to Dampier for another great day of diving.


Saturday January 7th

First dive of the day was at Yanbuba, no current was present a developed in an easy an enjoyable dive among hundreds of reef fish with lots of light on the reef… an aquarium.

Morally recover from this next morning dive is Cape Kri, one of the best and more electric dive sites in Dampier.

Fantastic dive!!! Full of fish and better visibility than the other days. All the divers are very happy about the dive. Schools of Jacks, Barracudas and Fusiliers along a reef full of life. Turtle and sharks are a must in this dive.

Third dive of the day happen in Blue Magic and was an incredible dive again with lots of fish: barracudas jacks, Spanish mackerels, tunas, potato grouper and pink leaf fish…. Super dive!!!

For the night dive we chose Mioskon, is the one with greater chance to see Walking Sharks again...And looks like our Dive Masters did it again!!!! We saw two Walking Sharks more!!!!

Time to dinner and a presentation about our new destination Derawan!!!


Sunday January 8th

7:00 Briefing for Blue Magic again. This time the current come from the small ridge at the end of the seamount, with a bit of current expecting some big stuff and maybe Mantas. At the end we got… Black tip shark, 3 wobblegongs, schools of fusiliers, jack fish, surgeons, barracudas. We ended the dive at the top of the seamount where we found white and yellow leaf fish.

Our last dive of the trip has been in Mioskon. We delayed as much as we could to get the softer current possible… We got a big lobster, barracudas, school of jack fish, blue trevallies, tons of fusiliers, white tip reef shark, 3 wobblegongs, Spanish Mackerel… We couldn’t have a better way to finish the trip.

Lunch, last briefing while the crew washes the equipment… At 4pm we did our cocktail party where we give all the awards, followed by a toast and all the congratulations to the crew for such a nice trip. Slowly and one by one, we settled the bills while some of our guests purchased some articles from our boutique.

After dinner we showed pictures from our guests and our photo pros… Last farewells before go sleep to prepare the long journey back home for our guests


Monday January 9th

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to the airport. It was a great 7-day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see them all again!