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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 14, 2017
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Aggressor Fiji Captains Log 14/1- 20/1 2017

Water Temp-84f                                                                                                 
Visibility-70-90+ ft

Ni sa Bula Vinaka from the Fiji Islands, we hope you’ll had a wonderful week as we did.

Our Guests this week was all from the USA – Beth, Doug, Vicky, Thomas, Jeff, Carl, Kathy, Ricky and Zach. Our 8 hours cruise to the first nights anchorage was in fairly calm seas and cool light south easterly breeze.

Day 1-Wakaya – Manta Rock..

The first day was our check out dive. This dive is to make sure that every diver is properly weighted . Manta rock was at its best this morning. We saw Pederson shrimp, group of banner fish, coral trout, black spotted fish lip, hawksbill turtle and many more..

2nd Dive – Wakaya Ridge Dive Site – Our 2nd dive produced the same result, group of barracuda, white tip shark, dog tooth tuna and lots of unicorn fish.

3rd Dive – Manta Wall -We saw a manta, grey and white tip shark, leather back turtle and lots of black surgeon fish, diagonal and oriental sweet lip fish.

Day 2-Namena Island

Another great day of diving today with no current and our guest saw a lot of reef fish. On top of the reef there were a lot of antias fish that covered the entire reef top on the sandy bottom clown trigger fish, black assorted sweet lips, midnight snapper, wrinkle angle fish, long banner fish, and read and black anemone fish.

2nd Dive Black Forest – one of the well know dive sites in Fiji, the black and soft coral, sea fan was quite amazing , the soft coral here was unbelievable and some of the sea fans here are twice as bigger than the dinner table. Not only that but down on the sandy area our guests saw many colorful nudibranch, decorated dart fish, juvenile clown fish and of cause a moray eel.

3rd & 4th Dive Chimneys 1 & 2

These two dive sites also are well known in Fiji. If anyone has being diving in Bligh water areas for surely they will all know this dive site. Whatever colors of soft corals you may need to know is all here at Chimneys. You can also spend the whole day or week just diving in this pinnacle. Different types of critters, reef fish and of cause grey and white tip fish, manta ray, eagle ray, marble ray, and turtle and of cause the small critters.


Day 3- Namena Island – School House

Another great day at school house and of cause school house has being rated as the best dive site. School house is also a clean station for big fishes and this morning we saw a lot of grey reef, white tip, bump head fish, hammerhead shark, and parrot fish and of cause a turtle.

Our 3rd and 4th dive was done at Mushrooms. This two pinnacle at mushrooms are few minutes off the surface and is endowed with a truly astonishing array of soft corals, sea fans and crinoids. Numerous undercuts slides deeply into the rocks at various depths. Sheltering and brilliant trout, squirrel fish and hinge beak shrimp and this is one of the two sites our guest will not forget how beautiful they look. Several small crevices are home to some scarlet cleaner shrimps, and in the shallow on top of the bommies our guest enjoyed all the anemone, arcye fish, and flamed hawk fish and freckled blennies everywhere.

Our night dive at mushrooms was so beautiful with colorful soft corals, we also saw many critters,sleeping parrot fish, moray eel, juvenile ribbon eel and bump head fish.


Day 4- Gau Island – Jims Alley Dive Site.

With all this beautiful weather we chose Jims Alley as our first dive this morning. With clear visibility you could clearly see the red Anemone while some of our divers slowly descended to the bottom and few of the divers were taking pictures of the red Anemone. We saw some scarlet cleaner shrimp in the shallow on top of the bommie with lots of nudibranc and at 75feet we saw some marble ray, barracudas and Spanish mackerel.

We slowly moved towards the Nagali Passage to do our 3rd and 4th dive. We did our shark dive and all our guests were eager to dive on this dive. As we approached the passage we were quite happy as we had incoming current which brought in good visibility and lots of reef fish. We used the tender to drop us off at the outer passage and we drifted towards the mother ship. As we slowly descended towards the bottom we were greeted by a school of barracuda and grey reef sharks kept circling around us. As we were drifting towards the shark alley the guest couldn’t stop taking pictures of the grey reef sharks that swamped the area.


Day 5- Kadavu Jeanies Rock

Jeanies rock was another beautiful day of diving, we saw a blue dragon decorated dart fish, lots of groupers, emperor angle fish, oriental sweet lips and black spotted sweetlips. After this dive we heaved anchor and headed down to leberhyth reef to do our 2nd dive. Another amazing dive with lots of interesting critter and this dive we saw a stone fish, leaf fish, scorpion fish and the fish life here is quite amazing with lots of soft corals and parrot fish.

3rd dive M & M - Another interesting dive, our guest saw leaf scorpion fish, group of banner fish, lots of coral trout, black spotted fish lips, hawksbill turtle and of cause a moray eel.

After we did our 3rd dive we geared up for our village visit in Drue where our guests were taken around the village to see how they lived and at the same time the village elders and their young children were all waiting at the community hall to introduce our guest with our traditional way of drinking kava and later entertained them with Fijian dancing and singing. Before we did the visit our guests were briefed on how we cook under earth or what we call lovo and what was put in and was to be our dinner for the night.

Day 6 – Gau

Our two dives this morning was quite amazing with lots of reef fish, soft coral sea fans, and the fish life here was very unbelievable, What a spectacular way to end our week of diving.

As we headed back to port our guests we commenting on all the good dives we had and arrived at 1730hrs for a quick cocktail before heading to dinner at Govenors.

Day 7

Our guest had their continental breakfast before disembarkment.

The waterman of the Fiji Aggressor bids farewell to our guest and hope that they all have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hope we all meet again someday.


Captain Joji

Chef Peni

Steward Georgie

Chief Engineer Vincent

Dive Master Richard

Cruise Director Rhys