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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 04, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captains Log                    February 4-11, 2017

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Bank

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Deck hand: Hem

Chef: Pee Phorn

Dive instructor: Kim

Dive Master: Ashley

Steward: Jinny


Guests: Amy, Bruno, Ossie, Kevin, Ross, Noel



Sunday – West of Eden, Elephant Head, Anitas Reef , Deep Six, Anitas Reef.

Monday – Sharkfin Rock, Boulder City, Elephant Head, 3 Trees, Nam Chai Bay

Tuesday – Christmas Point, Rocky Point, Koh Bon x 3

Wednesday – Koh Tachai Pinnacle x 2, Richelieu Rock x 2

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x4

Friday – Koh Tachai ,Koh Bon


Saturday 4th Febuary 2017

Its another busy afternoon in Thaplamu as guests arrive to the pier and board the Thailand Aggressor via dinghy around 4pm. Our friendly staff shows them to their room and assists in setting up on the dive deck before gathering for a general boat briefing. Chef prepares an authentic Thai dinner and then, with the tradition of lighting firecrackers on the bow for good luck, we set sail for the Similan Islands. Welcome aboard the Thailand Aggressor!


Sunday 5th February 2017

With an early morning wake up of 6am, the stewardess prepares fresh brewed coffee while guests enjoy their first Similan sunrise. Our check out dive at West of Eden is very nice and guests get a chance to see the resident spearing mantis shrimp and a free swimming moray eel. Next we head over to Elephant Head, named for the elephant shaped rock which marks dive site at the surface. Guests love the long lively swim throughs full of oriental sweetlips and brightly colored gorgonian sea fans. We are also lucky enough to spot three ribbon eels, one blue (the male), one yellow (the female) and one black (a juvenile). The next dive at Anitas Reef is very relaxing and some lucky divers get to see a green sea turtle during the safety stop in the shallows. At Deep Six divers are impressed by how large the boxfish are in this area, and also enjoy photographing a giant moray eel and a sailfin tang. The night dive at Anitas Reef is very nice and guests are early to bed for another exciting day of diving tomorrow.


Monday 6th February 2017

The day starts with a real treat at Sharkfin Reef where divers see three juvenile white tip reef shark free swimming within a few feet of the divers! The next spot at Boulder City is a bit deeper with an average depth of 24 meters. This site consists of large boulders covered in healthy coral, sea fans, and a variety of surgeon fish. After a lunch of ginger soup, minced pork, and cashew chicken, most guests have a nap or relax on the sundeck. For our third dive we return to Elephant Head and see a two white tip reef sharks sleeping in the sand, several giant trevally, and a bump head parrot fish.   The night dive at Nam Chai Bay goes very well and divers get to see two spiney lobsters, a feeding giant moray, and a cuttlefish.


Tuesday 7th February 2017

Good morning from the Similan Islands! Today we begin at Christmas Point and enjoy the nice swim throughs and crevices formed by the massive stacking boulders. The second dive is truly the high light of the day with two very special finds. After exiting the boat via giant stride entry from the stern we drop to a depth of 23 meters and find a red pygmy pipe horse, and then an ornate ghost pipefish… two very rare marine specimens on the same dive! During lunch we begin heading north to Koh Bon. Koh Bon is a small limestone islet located to the northwest of the Similan Islands, but is still considered to be a part of the Similan National Park. Underwater topography comprises of mostly hard corals, and also some soft corals and is shaped in a ridge that begins about 40 meters about the surface and drops to a deep sandy bottom of 33 meters. Here there are two cleaning stations which sometimes attracted the bigger marine life. We stay here for two day dives and the night dive, which is a big high light of the trip for customers who came back afterwards with huge smiles. They are greeted with hot coco and warm towels and happily reminisce about what they had just seen.. a juvenile pigmy squid, free swimming morays, a variety of crustaceans. Another successful day on the Thailand Aggressor.


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Continuing north, we arrive at Koh Tachai Island, a solitary island located 20km north of Koh Bon. This island has magnificent white sand beaches and a very nice dive site called Koh Tachai Pinnacle, aka Twin Peaks. The top of the pinnacle is dome shaped at about 12 meters and the rest of the pinnacle falls to the sea floor at about 30 meters. We do two morning dives here and the guests are amazed with the site. Today we see something extremely special and amazing.. a 8 foot long guitar shark! Hundreds of schooling chevron barracuda patrol the surface and just below them are thousands of brightly colored blue and yellow fusiliers. Many trevallies are also on the prowl.    Next we head to Richelieu Rock, known to be Thailands most famous and beautiful divesite, and it certainly does not disappoint. Guests are looking forward to spending the entire day here tomorrow. After two dives at Richelieu we sail to the Surin Islands for a peaceful night of sleep, dreaming of more adventures to come.


Thursday 9th February 2017

Richelieu Rock in an isolated pinnacle east of the Surin Islands. The site is marked by the top of the pinnacle which is only visible during low tide. Forming a horseshoe figure, the pinnacle falls steeply to the surrounding sand bottom at a maximum depth of 35 meters. The south side is a bay slope while the rest comprises of sheer walls, clusters of rock and many tiny caves and crevices. We start the day off right with a deep dive of 32 meters straight to the resident tiger tail seahorse. Throughout the day and the course of 4 dives we see many interesting and exciting things including a big Napolean wrasse checking out the divers, several banded cleaner shrimps, big school of damsels fish and snapper, tomato clownfish which are unique to this site, mating cuttle fish, peacock mantis shrimp, and many large marbled grouper. It was such a wonderful day, divers are sad to leave, but happy to have the photos and the memories.


Friday 10th February 2017

It is our last day of diving, and we decide to have our final dives at Koh Tachai and Koh Bon. Koh Bon was a very special dive as we are greeted by to mantas rays which stayed with us for the entire dive! So amazing! We head back to Thaplamu and arrive at around 4pm. In the evening Chef prepares a delicious seafood barbecue. We watch the weeks video and enjoy each others company as it is our last night on the boat together, and guests exchange information for future encounters and travels.


Saturday 11th February 2017

Guests wake up and have a made-to-order breakfast. Crew helps them with their luggage and they head to the pier where the prearranged transfers are waiting for them. Congratulations to our iron divers of the week and thank you everybody for another amazing week on the Thailand Aggressor!