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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Crew


Captains Log: March 15 - 25

Okeanos Aggressor I

Temperature 25*-26 *, visibility 70-80 ft, wet-suit 3mm.

Staff: Captain Mauricio, chef Douglas & Gerardo , Enginer Fabio, steward Osayuki, panga-driver Xavier & Luis, Dive Master Warren , training crew Eduardo.


Day 1: The first day of our 10-day trip everyone was super happy when boarded the van at the host hotel. Rudy the driver, kept us entertained during the drive to Puntarenas with his knowledge of the countryside. We made it to the Okeanos Aggressor and were greeted by the crew. We boarded the boat anxious for the crossing. We got a chance to get to know each other and learned that people were joining us from Costa Rica, Germany, United States, Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, England, Switzerland, Japan, and Wales.


Day 2: The crossing was calm and smooth.   We had our dive briefings, met the crew, and setup our dive gear.


Day 3: When we awoke on day three we were greeted by the beautiful view of Cocos Island. We arrived at some point early in the morning. The pangas were being loaded with our equipment as the sun was coming up. We ate a delicious breakfast and headed out for our check out dive at Chatham Bay.


Days 4 Thru 8: We woke up each morning to a wonderful breakfast prepared by the amazing crew. We had our dive briefings always started with a ding ding ding of the bell and “briefing time” by Warren and Captain Mauricio. We dived such sites as Manuelita, Chatham Bay, Big Dos Amigos, Small Dos Amigos, Viking Rock, Alcyon, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, and Pajara Island. The water was very warm above the thermocline. People wore 3mm, 5mm, and even just skins and were very comfortable. Below the thermocline the water was a bit cooler. The thermocline was often not encountered unless you were below 100 ft. We were greeted by Hammerheads almost every dive. Alcyone was a popular dive site for the opportunity to go out in the blue and see schools of hammerheads.   Punta Maria did not disappoint with 5 very large Galapagos sharks cruising around right in front of us for our whole dive. A couple of divers were lucky enough to see a whale shark and dolphins at Dirty Rock. The other group was lucky enough to see a Devil Ray, which decided to stay around and swim with us for an extended safety stop. A Manta Ray even decided to make a quick appearance and then disappear into the blue. On multiple occasions we were lucky enough to witness huge schools of jacks, spawning snapper mullet, lobster, eagle rays, marble rays, black tip sharks and even octopus. We got the opportunity to do 3 evening dives at such sites as Chatham Bay and Manuelita. We saw tons of white tips hunting. We rallied them up with our lights then watched as they went crazy, especially for the parrotfish. After each dive we were served fresh fruit and other snacks. The lunch and dinner menu was always on the board in the saloon. The food and service was amazing. Douglas and Gerardo were always busy in the kitchen creating wonderful meals for us. We even had a sushi night! They were so accommodating to everyone whether you were allergic to something or preferred to eat vegan. Osayuki always knew what way we wanted our eggs, what we wanted to drink, and was quick to remove our dirty dishes and always gave us desert. Xavier and Luis were great guides on a few dives and were wonderful panga drivers. Most of our diving time was spent with Warren or Mauricio depending on the day. Both were wonderful dive guides above and below the water. We got the opportunity to go on land twice, as well.


Days 9 and 10: Our diving has coming to a sad end. All gear is hanging to dry. Everyone is occupying themselves with games, editing video and photos, and laying in the sun. Huge thank you to the Captain and every member of the crew for the wonderful experience!

Thanks all!!! Guests diving this week Akira, Alexander, Frank, Nora, Felipe, David, Jared, Alan, Nathan, Rene, Heidi, Alain, Christopher, Roman, Kornelia, Patricia, Armin, Wade, Marissa, Peter, Ingrid.

Dive Safe!!! always………