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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017
Entry By: Captain Beto


Sting ray

Sushi Party


Okeanos Aggressor Trip Report

March 28 to April 4 - 2017

(Photos by Alberto Muñoz)


Average Water Temperature 75 F (22 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 86 F (28 Celsius)
Average Visibility 35 ft -15 mts
Wetsuits: 5mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Fabio, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers and Divemasters Xavier, Luis, Warren and Facundo

This week we had some amazing dives, starting in one of the best spots in Caño Island, “Barco Hundido” (the shipwreck) this place has so many fish in such a small portion of the reef that the fish are in a very tight ball and they just open a little hole for you to swim thru, also there are like eight different type of fish all in one small place, there were also two special occasion in the week, on our second day of diving we paid a visit to one of the highlight places of Caño, “Bajo del Diablo” this week the main feature in this site was the Mantas, everybody got to see the Mantas our guests loved the place and they wanted more.

That second day of diving one of the groups saw the Manta on their first dive then they saw White tip sharks mating, I told some of them how lucky they been in those two dives I know people that have hundreds of dives and never seen this kind of action, week went on with lots of fish, turtles, moray eels, Harlequin shrimp and a lot more, we made this dives outside the boundaries of Caño and always looking for the best sites and we found more fish a couple of friendly turtles, a huge school of barracudas and probably the best sight for the week a Guitarfish, this shark ray fish was just cruising by and all of the sudden sat on the bottom letting us get close for the pictures.

We also combine the diving with a little bit of hiking in the jungle, this week we visited a very isolated piece of the Costa Rican forest “Corcovado” we took our guest with one of the best local guides who showed us the best, he found monkeys, birds and some amazing plants and trees, people enjoyed the fact that we saw three different types of monkeys, we even saw a crocodile near the beach, right after the hike we took people diving and they all loved the action and the tropical weather of Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for more

Thanks to all of our guests; Linda, George, James, Michael, Wayne and Theresa, Robert, Preston and Katherine, Martin and Jane, Christopher and Shoko, Susan, Karen and Barry, Mauro, Claudia. For a great week of diving.

Cap. Beto