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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 08, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



8 -15 de April

Air Temperature 85F/28C

Average Water Temperature 80F/27C

Average Visibility 40ft / 12m

Wetsuits: 3ml or 5mm (termoclines 68F/ 22C)



Captain: Mauricio, Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer: Miguel; Steward: William and Eduardo, : Jorge and Jeyler; Dive Master: Carlos and Facundo.


Guest: Hans, Christina, Donald, Walter, Tishri, Philip, Svein, Sara, Edie, Connie, Lisa, Sheri, Phillip, Brandon, Jason, Lorin, Marcy, Mary and William....


Dive Sites : Barco Hundido, El Angla, El Arco, El Faro, Laberinto, Paraíso, Bajo del Diablo, Coquitos , El Bosque and Damian…

Land Tour in Corcovado Nacional Park.


Nice sailing to Caño Island and all guests were very relaxed and excited before a great diving week. We jumped in the water at Paraiso Barco where we were greeted by a few friendly sea turtles that swam with our guests for long time.

We had 2 night dives this week, also at, Paraiso Somero where we saw bioluminescent jellyfish and different kind of eels and many varieties of starfish, pufferfish, white tip reef sharks, and of course everyones´ favorite octopus.


Every diver was excited about the white tip reef sharks sleeping and swimming on this dive, however, white tips were seen on every dive (yes, EVERY dive ). While everyone enjoyed the “small stuff,” this week we enjoyed the company of a baby whale shark close to Bajo del Diablo. Why was Bajo del Diablo our guest favorite? Guests also saw manta rays on this site more than 3 times, many of our guests on this trip said this was their first time seeing a manta ray so close. Back to the critters, clown shrimp, blennies, wrasses and gobbies were at each site for those who pursued macro photography. Cano Island is a pelagic fan´s hot spot. This trip we saw big schools of large blue trevally, big eye jacks, amber jacks, wahoo, yellow fin and black tuna. Also big schools of yellow snapper, colorful butterfly fish, grunts and needlefish at the surface. Some guests were excited about the big stingrays on several dives in addition to their smaller and more colorful round stingray. Of course on every dive guests reported seeing eels including moray, reticulated and zebra varieties. Puffer lovers were excited to see many types of puffers also, who are all over the place . We had a few divers on their first liveaboard who said they were able to gain valuable skills onboard with our divemasters giving them additional assistance and education. We had 10 Iron Divers this trip!


Thanks to all our guests for such a fantastic experience.

Looking forward having you onboard,.