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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew




Average Water Temperature   28C

Average Visibility   80

Thermocline between 24 y 25 C

Crew : Cap Mauricio, Chef Jairol y esteban, Enginier Miguel, Steward William, Driver Jehyler y Jorge, Dive Master Anibal



Guests arrived at 2 pm, after a welcome cocktail, we started the safety briefing and then, a nice sailing to cocos island.

Very calmed sea, and as soon as we arrived to the island, we started our first dive,

There was a bit of surge on this dive, since its very close to shore, so water was not that clear but we still saw the usual white tips, marble rays and school of colorful fishes.

Then, off to manuelita for the second dive and as it was the deep side, water was clear therefore viz was pretty good.Hammerheads, white tips, galapago sharks and a tiger shark were there for us.

Dirty Rock and Puntamaria were our next choices.At least 5 Galapagos sharks were on the cleaning station and luckily they stayed there even after we got there, so we had the chance of taking pretty good pictures of them.

In Dirty Rock, all the hammerheads were there, everywhere, also the beautiful eagle rays, and the marble rays on the outside reef.,great dive,as usual!

Alcyone was our next choice and also submerged rock.In Alcyone there were not as many hammerheads as in Dirty Rock, but the school of snappers was simply incredible.Submerged rock , as usual, its a great dive thanks to the amazing swim through where we all spend a lot of time just watching the school of fishes going in and out the arch , but always keeping an eye on the blue.


Lone Stone and Manta Corner were our next dives, galapagos sharks, silkys, black tips and hammerheads, just great!!

Dos amigos grande and pequena were our last choices for the week, but current was a bit too strong.

Since the best diving of the week was in Dirty Rock, we decided to go back and give it another chance since apparently all hammerheads of cocos island were just there!!

Manuelita, Alcyone and Submerged Rock were also our guests favorite dive sites.

In general, it was a fantastic diving week, our guests were a lot of fun and everyone was very happy even though the trip was ending.

The crossing back, was vey calm also, and we had sun almost all week long, except for 2 rainy days that actually was really pleasant.

Another hammerhead week at Cocos Island.


Okeanos Aggressor Crew,