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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



18 - 28 April 2017


Average Water Temperaruture 76F/ 24C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20m

Wetsuits: 3ml or 5mm (termoclines often)


Crew: Cap Mauricio, Chef Jairol y Esteban, Enginier Miguel, Steward William, Driver: Jorge, Jeyler and Eduardo Dive Instructor Carlos Sanchez and Dive Master Warren….


Dive Site:

Dia 1-Chatham bay, Manuelita

Dia 2 -Dirty rock, Punta Maria, vikinga, Manuelita

Dia 3- Alcyone, Roca Sumergida, Pajara, Manuelita

Dia 4 -Dirty Rock. Dos Amigos, Dirty Rock

Dia 5 -Dirty Rock, Manuelita, Manuelita..

Dia 6- Alcyone, Manuelita, Manuelita, Chatam

Dia 7 – Dos Amigos–Dirty Rock


Once everyone was on board,the yacht departed after a delicious fruit cocktail and the general safety briefing while the chef served a scrumptious dinner.Afterwards,the Captain gave a safety briefing, followed by a beautiful,perfect sunset,an exellent navigation with all the guest feeling very relaxEd…

Our crossing to the island was beautiful ,,,We got there in time for some rest before the firsT dive .

This trip was diferent as we had onbord five bird watchers, every morning we took them them on the island cause they came to see some of the endemics birds of Coco, they got to see them and they were happy about it. Specially when they saw the endemic Coco´s Finch and the Coco´s Coocko. Some of thi birds perch near the Genio river in wafer bay, they were also into snorkling, they really enjoyed their trip and loved the service we gave them.


One of the main reasons the divers decided to come to Cocos Island was the possibility of seeing the schooling hammerheads and all the pelagic species .

First day we went to Manuelita. the day was in Manuelita and simply stunning: the 3 types of sharks were spotted, as well as yellowfin tunas speeding by and some hammerheads shark,silky shark,galapagos shark, all guest were really happy and for small creatures, we also we saw two orange frog fish.



Second day we went to Dirty Rock and Punta Maria. This time it was the hammerheads that came close, and just as we turned the corner of the stone, we found a beautiful school of jacks. It was also their first night dive, where the white tips and the black jacks put on an amazing show as they hunted. The white tips were very active, and there was not a moment´s rest. As the group arrived at the boat, warm cocoa awaited, followed by a delicious dinner of turkey and mashed potates.


On the third day, Alcyone did not disappoint us and received the divers with some hammerheads shark eagle ray a huge big shool jacks fish,tunas and a lot marble ray.


On the fifth day a nice and easy place  Submerged Rock , coming through the arch with hundreds of colorfoul fish around . We enjoyed very much coming in&out the arch.



On the sixth day marble rays and more and more hammerhead sharks.

Everyone went on a small our of the Island. They asked questions about its history, about ilegal fishing and types of trees and animals that can be found. But it wasn´t all about learning, they also enjoyed a quick swing from a tree, jumping into a small pond in a river.


Just before sailing back home, the divers enjoyed their last three dives, waking up early. With new memories and new friendships they all said their good-byes.


Thank to all our guets : Wayne Hasson, Carlos, Cesar, Ingrid, Joachim, James , Rebecca , Carl , Charles , Steven , Svein , Paul , Jeam , Sally , Wei , and off course the bird wachers … for a great week of diving¡