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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 15, 2017
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew



Captain’s log – 15/04/17 – 22/04/17

Water temp – 82/84

Recommended suit – 3mm/5mm

Weather – Easterly wind 10/15 knots of wind

Visibility – 70/90ft


Captain - Joji

Chief Engineer – Vince

Dive Master - Richard

Chef - Penny

Steward – Eddie

Cruise director - Rhys

Guest – Merlin, Trina, George, Jeannie, Mary, Brian


Sunday – Namara Island, Dravuni passage, Dravuni passage, Dravuni west wall, Namara Island

Monday – Jeanie’s rock, Eye candy, Alacrity/D - Alacrity

Tuesday – M&M, Hat trick, Stop over, Twin tower, Tiffany

Wednesday – Mellow yellow, Day dreamer, Village visit

Thursday – Papa Geno wreck, Bombshell, Holy Mo, Dravuni wall.

Friday – Rainbow wall, purple wall

Saturday –Suva port


Saturday – Suva port - 15/04/17

Our guest arrived little after 1200 in the afternoon at the same time the crew assisted each guest to their designated cabin, while they settle with their cabin our chef Penny prepared lunch while we started our official crew introduction and safety briefing. At 1430hrs we departed jetty for Namara Island where we commence our check out dive

Sunday – 16/04/17 - Kadavu

We started our day at Namara Island. Check out dive make sure that everyone properly weighted before the next dive, we saw grey, white tip, bump head wrasse, Second dive at Dravuni passage we did get to view many jacks an barracudas do their early morning hunting around the pinnacle school of banner fish, school of barracudas, school of jacks and of cause the grey reef sharks and white tip. After this dive we heaved anchor and headed t Dravuni wall where we do our 3rd dive, what a spectacular dive amazing site especially when we have a bunch of happy divers.

4th dive at Dravuni west wall always the best choice for afternoon dive, our divers really loved this dive site. Grey reef shark, white tip, anemone, school of jacks, school of barracudas, tuna, Spanish mackerel, green morays, and lots of damsel fish on the bottom they saw lots of garden eels, decorator dart fish, pipe fish and juvenile sweetlips.


Monday – 17/04/17 - kadavu

Our day began early, heading north this time towards our next dive site. We splashed in right at 0730 AM and were greeted by a huge pods of fusilier fish, unicorn fish, grey reef, white tip, sea turtles, different types of anthias that covers the entire pinnacle and lots of groupers, black spotted sweetlips. 2nd/3rd dive at Eye candy there was an incredible amount of fish at this site the main attraction of this site is the combination of colors with crevices which had the variety of fish, critters and creatures from sea turtle, white tip and grey reef. 4th dive at Alacrity we were able to see some unicorn fish, box fish, octopus, leaf scorpion fish and much more. We soon afterwards began to travel north to our last dive sport of the day, another spectacular dive as we were greeted by a school of unicorn fish, grey reef, white tip sharks but at 65 ft. school of barracudas, school of jacks were everywhere, we did get to view many moray eels, jacks hunting for the night

Tuesday – 18/04/17 – Kadavu

Two morning dives were completed at M&M rock on the north of Island Divers saw numerous morays plus barracudas, school horse eyed jacks, black spotted sweetlips. While lunch was served onboard and with reduce wind and current the aggressor headed to hatrick and stop over for two afternoon dive. The shallow reef was excellent for snorkeling also the shallow side of the reef divers found many reef fish that feeding and hunting for food, numerous free swimming moray eels, scorpion fish, barracudas, snappers, oriental and black spotted sweetlips. After the all the wonderful dive today we heave anchor and headed to night anchorage bay for sheltered.

Wednesday – 19/04/17 – Kadavu

Day 4 of diving at Island we started the day at Mellow yellow which extremely beautiful lots of yellow soft coral on the inside of the cave. We headed to Day dreamers for the 2nd and 3rd dive soft coral at 15 feet our guest saw red anemone, couple lion fish, leaf fish, Scorpion fish, lots surgeon and unicorn fish, banded sea snake current was just right for us to swim around the entire pinnacle. We heaved anchor and headed to Drue village for village visit our guest enjoyed much about their visit meeting local


Thursday – 20/04/17 - Kadavu

Nice and easy wreck dive at Dri loa wreck this morning as we slowly descended to the bottom we can clearly see the wreck from 30 feet but he lies on 120 feet but the top at 70 but before the dive they were briefed that this wreck is also a home of many little critters like gosh pipe fish, moray eels and much more but on this dive we saw Onate gosh pipe fish, pregnant pipe fish, 2nd dive at Bombshell another great dive black spotted sweetlips, moray eel, puffer fish, lots of nudibranchs on the west of the reef see many black coral but on the east of the pinnacle many colorful soft coral. 3rd dive at Holy Mo lots of fish life very interesting because there are many small swim thru with amazing colorful soft coral. 4th dive at Dravuni wall saw few grey and white tip sharks also we saw moray eels that comes out from the cave


Friday – 21/04/17 - Kadavu

Rainbow and purple reef this morning such a great way to end the dive with both dive at great astrolabe reef we saw leopard sharks, grey reef and white tip sharks along the edge of the wall a huge Manta ray and eagle ray were both came from the deep and into the shallow, we had a close encounter with the huge manta but not long before he disappeared back into the deep, what a spectacular dive. As we headed back to Suva all dive gears were rinse by the crew and dried on the bow, we arrive port at 1530hrs

1830 – Cocktail was served


Saturday – 22/04/17 - Suva port

Continental breakfast was prepared for our guest prior to disembarking the vessel. The watermen of the Fiji aggressor bids farewell to the guest and hope that they have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hoped we would meet again someday