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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Okeanos II

Captain’s Log Trip: 9-19 May 2017

Water temp: 26|°C

This week all of our guests came from Germany, United States, Switzerland, Japan, China, United Kingdom and Brazil and our crossing to the island took around 34hours.

First day we had our check out dive at Manuelita Garden. It was really nice and colourful; We saw eagle rays, marble rays and something amazing… some hammerheadS, just in front of us. It is really difficult find thissince this dive is so shallow, but they were there.Second and third dive we dove Manuelita again but now on the deep side of the island.

Night dive at Manuelita shallow, this was like a superhighway for sharks following the divers` lights -dozens of white tips feeding , the frenzy was building as the dive progressed and more joined the feeding chain. These are the best night dives in the world!!! And also we saw big Galapagos SHARK REALLY CLOSE which is amazing on a night dive.

Second day. This morning me moved the boat from Chatham bay to Wafer bay and from this place we dove dirty rock and Punta Maria. Both of these sites had some hammerhead action coming in groups of 10 or 15. In Punta Maria we dove with more than 4 Galapagos Sharks.. and very close to us…. Great first day in paradise!! The third dive was in Manuelita deep, and again the hammerheads were there, together with the Tiger Shark, a pretty big female shark.

Third day. When you are going to Alcyone you always know that anything can happen there. We saw one of the biggest schools of jack fish ever! And the hammerheads were there swimming around us and following our bubbles in the blue…. unbelievable!!!!!!

Fourth day.. The first dive was very early in Alcyone and was fantastic…many hammerheads, eels, octopuses and it seemed to be a ray everywhere I looked. The last dive was in Viking Rock, which has a sandy bottom whith a lot of white tips laying on the sand , and there was also a steady parade of hammerheads cruising over the sand at about 55 feet.

Last day¡¡¡¡¡¡ AWESOME BAIT BALL.

We started our last dive same as usual, geared up and  jumped on the panga to go to our 2nd dive of the day. Then we saw a huge bait ball on the surface and we decided to take a look. Dolphins and and sharks everywhere so we had to dive here, of course!!! .It was an easy decision-we dove in the bait ball. This is truly a once in a life time experience for most divers –alongside the 100,000s fish within the bait ball we had sharks coming out of the blue from all directions –so many we could not count them. Even better we had 4 different type of sharks, Silky, silver tips, black tips and Galapagos sharks –the action was incredible. They move with incredible speed into the bait ball and emerge seconds later with a mouthful of food. Totally in control corralling the bait ball in the direction they choose working together was an amazing sight to see like being in a National Geographic documentary. The dolphins were not left behind and they joined in the feeding frenzy too. And the yellow fin tuna are not to be left out of the picture so many they were like mosquitoes under the sea. This was a wonderful experience for all the divers we shared their world for 40 minutes and will never be forgotten .


Thanks to all our guest ; Eduardo,Pricilla,Jason,Glynis,Ronald, Douglas,Weiding, Quin, Bruce, Jhoanna,Naoshias,Christina, Jeremis,Delphine, Roy, Richard, Shengdong, Jinggxin, Jan and Bill…

Safe Diving to all of you!

Pura Vida.

Okeanos Aggressor Crew.