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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

May 27-June 3, 2017



Sea State: choppy to rough

Avg. Wind Speed: 15-20knots

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Water Temp: 81F

Avg. Visibility: 80ft



Capt. Chris

Chef Yanis

Steward – Randy

Instructors – Ken, Jerome

Engineer – Fermin

Deck Asst. – Jadiel


Saturday May 27, 2017

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:30PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:15PM – Dinner is served!


Welcome Aboard Lori, Joe, Sara, Cliff, Sharon, Fabio, Mary, Laura, Christina, Karen, Doris, Barry, Jane, Paul, Jason, Tom, Kathy, & Tony.


Sunday May 28, 2017

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope

For our first day, we spent most of the day diving at Sandy Slope on the West side of Turneffe Atoll, before motoring over later in the day to Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It was an exciting first day with sightings of roughtail stingrays, Eagle rays, an octopus out on the reef during the day, more Eagle rays, a hawksbill turtle, green morays, spotted morays, another octopus on the night dive, and a cool and rare sighting of an iridescent blue colored and ribbon-like many-tooth conger swimming out on the reef.


Monday May 29, 2017

Dive Sites: Long Caye Wall & Long Caye Ridge

Today we did the Long Caye Wall and Long Caye Ridge. We had some cool dives and found both large stuff and macro subjects. We came across a nurse shark, saw some eagle rays on the wall, watched the schools tarpon and jacks, and observed a green moray that looked like it was taking a nap. On the reef, we looked for macro, and found several lettuce sea slugs, neck crabs, skeleton shrimp, anemone crabs, Pederson cleaning shrimp, numerous blennies and gobies, tons of lobster. There were even 5 lobsters inside a barrel sponge. At the end of the dive we were surrounded by schools of creole wrasse, horse-eye jacks, tarpon, and a few permit.


Tuesday May 30, 2017

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Nurse Shark Ridge

Normally on the Blue Hole dives, we go to check out stalactite formations and don’t expect much maring life…however, today we saw a Bull Shark, a loggerhead turtle, and several large groupers. Later in the day we went to Nurse Shark Ridge and found a nurse shark sleeping. We also saw a Southern stingray, flounder, spiny head blennies, green moray, and lots of tarpon, jacks, and permit.


Wednesday May 31, 2017

Dive Sites: Painted Wall & Silver Caves

Today we had some amazing dives at Painted Wall and Silver Caves. Both of these sights are very colourful because of the abundance of reef fish and lush soft corals, sponges, and sea fans. We saw 4 Eagle rays on the wall and one up in the shallows, a green moray was hanging out in a hole, while an octopus scurried along on top of the reef. A friendly hawksbill turtle swam by and then went up for air, and we saw a total of 3 Caribbean Reef sharks cruising down below on the wall. There were lots of trunk fish and pufferfish, as well as black durgeons, chubs, sergeant majors, and jacks swimming around. toward the end of the dive, we saw a juvenile trumpetfish hiding in the sea plumes, nurse shark sleeping under a ledge, and a green moray out feeding on the reef.


Thursday June 1, 2017

Dive Sites: Cathedral, & Eagle Ray Pass, Julie’s Jungle

Some of the divers wanted to go on a macro dive today, while some were still looking for the “big stuff”…luckily, there was something for everyone. We saw several Caribbean Reef sharks and Eagle rays down on the wall. On the wall, we also found some neck crabs, skeleton shrimp, arrow blennies, flamingo tongues, and painted tunicates. As we headed up, we ran into a hawksbill turtle just cruising along the edge of the drop off. As we explored the top of the reef, we found numerous spiny head and secretary blennies poking out of their holes, while a green moray just looked at everyone as they passed overhead. There was another green moray that was not as lazy as the first, this one was busy moving in and out of the reef. We found more neck crabs on some soft corals and could also see some slender filefish and a baby trumpetfish trying to camouflage themselves. Speaking of camouflage, there was a huge scorpionfish just hanging out on the reef trying to hide in plain sight.


Friday June 2, 2017

Dive Sites: Julie’s Jungle & Silver Caves

We finished off the week with an early dive at Julie’s Jungle and then another dive after breakfast at Silver Caves. Those that were still half asleep woke up as soon as they hopped in for the early dive. We had two awesome dives, with sightings of turtles, green morays, an Eagle ray, and lots of black grouper. It was also cool to watch the fish waking up and starting their day with a lot of hustle and bustle…almost like early morning traffic.


Congrats to our Iron Divers…Christina, Paul, Joe, Lori, Jason, Tom, Tony, Kathy, Sara, and Cliff



Hope to see you all again soon!