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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 10, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log – 10th – 17th June 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 30- 80ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer James McKenzie

Chef Marco Maroni

2nd Captain Matt Rutledge

Instructor Gabi Ruben



James & Janet, Christopher & Jennifer, Corey & Angela, Rick & Ann, Basim & Emma, Mike & Heather


Saturday 10th June 2017

The Bahamas Aggressor crew welcomed 12 guests on board for a week filled with diving in the waters of Grand Bahamas.

Guests boarded at 4pm and after refreshments, were shown to their cabins. A safety briefing from Captain Dave preceded the evening’s dinner. The Bahamas Aggressor remained in Old Bahama Bay Marina overnight.



Sunday 11th June 2017

Guests enjoyed breakfast and then the Aggressor left the marina, heading north to the first dive site. A check dive was completed at ‘Sherwood Forest’ dive site. All guests were happy with their own diving equipment. Divers found reef sharks, stingrays, flamingo tongue cowries, moray eels and spiny lobsters.

After the first dive, the Bahamas Aggressor headed to ‘Silver Fox Ledge’ dive site. Divers enjoyed finding stingrays, schooling creole wrasse plus ocean triggerfish. Lunch was taken while underway and then two afternoon dives were completed at mini wall dive site. Divers interacted with several Caribbean reef sharks plus a couple of lemon sharks. There were also large schools of snapper, Chubb and creole wrasse. After the second dive, the Bahamas Aggressor moved to the ‘Sugar wreck” dive site. A night dive was completed on this early 1900’s shipwreck, situated in shallow water. The divers found two large loggerhead turtles plus octopus, both slipper and spiny lobsters, porcupine fish, many gray angel fish and hundreds of schooling grunts within the beams and superstructure of the wreck. After the night dive, the Aggressor headed to more sheltered waters and spent the night anchored at ‘Dry Bar’ anchorage.


Monday 12th June

The Aggressor headed north to the remote sites situated North East of the west End. A drift dive was completed along the reef wall named ‘Mini Wall’. Divers found several reef sharks and ocean triggerfish. After the dive, the Aggressor headed to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Two afternoon dives were completed at this site. Divers interacted with many Caribbean reef sharks, several lemon sharks plus a tiger shark.

Lunch was served on board between dives and then the Aggressor moved to ‘Hogfish’ dive site. A night dive was completed at this site and divers found stingrays, spiny lobsters and moray eels. After the night dive, the Aggressor headed to a shallow anchorage to spend the night.


Tuesday 13th June.

An early morning departure from the anchorage to ‘El Dorado’ dive site. One dive was completed at this site. Divers found reef sharks and over 50 barracuda. After this single dive was completed, the Aggressor headed to more sheltered waters of the ‘Sugar wreck’ dive site. A single dive was completed here and divers found angelfish, stingrays, thousands of schooling grunts, tangs and snapper. Divers also found goatfish and a spotted eel.

After this single dive, the Aggressor headed back to ‘shark paradise’ dive site. Two dives, with lunch served in between, were completed at this site. Divers were approached by a large pregnant tiger shark plus divers interacted with over 12 lemon sharks and numerous reef sharks throughout the dive.

A night dive was also completed at this site and divers found lemon and reef sharks, lobsters, stingrays and moray eels. The Aggressor stayed on the dive site overnight with calm conditions.

A special Honeymoon fresh fruits cake was prepared for Corey and Angela by chefs Marco & Gabi.


Wednesday 14th June

During breakfast, the Aggressor headed north to ‘El Capitan’ dive site. A single dive was completed on this reef crest. Divers found Eagle rays, reef sharks, hawksbill turtles and thousands of damselfish and schooling creole wrasse.

The second morning dive was completed as a drift dive using the currents of “Mount Olympus’ dive site. Divers found three Eagle rays, reef sharks, moray eels and many ocean triggerfish.

After the drift dive, the Aggressor headed to ‘Sandy Shark Patch’ dive site. Two afternoon dives here and divers found over twelve lemon sharks, a large nurse shark plus many Caribbean reef sharks. Some divers completed over 90 minute dives on this site with the sharks.

After these dives, the Aggressor headed back to ‘Sugar wreck’ dive site for a night dive. With calm conditions, divers found sharp tailed eels, two large loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, gray angel fish, porcupine fish, both brown and feather tail sting rays. The Aggressor headed back to an in shore anchorage to spend the night in calm conditions.




Thursday 15th June

Aggressor headed to “El Capitan” dive site, situated to the North West. Calm sea conditions allowed for two dives at this remote dive site. Divers found thousands of schooling creole wrasse plus lemon sharks and reef sharks and also barracuda and large groupers. During lunch, the Aggressor headed back to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Two afternoon dives at this site and divers found 30 reef sharks, many lemon sharks and a large tiger shark. The night dive was completed at ‘Hogfish’ dive site, where night divers found crabs, lobsters, eels and lemon sharks.

After the night dive, the Aggressor headed to an inshore anchorage. The evenings’ entertainment was the presentation of the weekly movie, filmed by Video Pro James.


Friday 16th June

An early departure to the final dive site named ‘Sherwood Forest”. A single dive here and divers found many barracuda, wrasse and lobsters. The Bahamas Aggressor headed into Old Bahama Bay Marina for midday. Guests enjoyed the afternoon relaxing before the presentation of the weeks’ photos by Captain Dave. In the evening, wine and cheese platters on the sundeck were enjoyed by both guests and crew.

Iron Diver awards were presented to James, Angela and Corey.


Saturday 17th June


At 8am, the crew said farewell to all the guests.


The crew thank everyone for joining us on the Bahamas Aggressor.

The Bahamas Aggressor Crew.