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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 03, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Captain’s Log 3-10 June 2017


Air Temp. 79-88+ F

Water Temp. 81-84 F

Visibility 35-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Engineer Simon

Dive Master John

Dive Master Conway

Stewardess Jean

Assistant Chef Carlos

Chef Jerry



Jennifer, Ellen, Geoff, Mary Jo, Jeff, Carol, Allen, Jean-Anne, David, James, Daryl, Simon, John L., Paul, Eric, Jonathan, John D., Wayne, Gregg and Mike



Sunday – Julies Jungle, Long Caye Ridge

Monday – Half Moon Caye Wall, Cathedral

Tuesday – Lighthouse Wall, Long Caye Wall

Wednesday – Chain Wall, Dos Chichas

Thursday – Elkhorn Forrest, Chain Wall

Friday – Sandy Slope


Saturday June 3rd

The Belize Aggressor IV welcomed her guest onboard. After guests were settled in and we finished our Welcome Aboard Briefing, the Belize Aggressor departed for her first dive site in the morning Julies Jungle.


Sunday June 4th

One of the first things we do on the first dive of the week is make sure our weights; buoyancy, dive and camera equipment is all turned and working correctly. It’s a nice bonus when there’s a lot of Marine Life to see when doing all the checks. Some of what we saw on this checkout dive was Banded Coral Shrimps, Arrow Crabs, Nassau and Tiger Groupers, Snappers Green Moray Eels and Roughhead Blennies. Next was Long Caye Ridge diving with Huge Barrel Sponges, Tarpon, Nurse Sharks, Barracuda’s, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles and Longsnout a Seahorse.


Monday June 5th  

Most people start their Monday morning headed to work. Here on the Belize Aggressor IV we stated our Monday by heading to Half Moon Caye Wall where we swam with Smooth Trunkfish, schools of Creole Wrasses that swam down the water giving it a waterfall effect, Queen Angelfish that came up close, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Spotted Eagle Rays. Our underwater time in the afternoon was spent on a dive site called Cathedral. Here a couple of swim thru’s, Big Cubera Snappers, Big Groupers, Hawksbill Turtles and much more.


Tuesday June 6th

Lighthouse Reef was on Tuesday morning dive site, diving with Nassau, Tiger and Black Groupers, French and Queen Angelfish, Caribbean Reef and Blacktip Sharks and a Huge Wonderful Loggerhead Turtle. Long Caye Wall was our afternoon and night site. This dive site starts around 23 feet and the wall drops straight down. The top of the wall is covered with Colorful Hard and Soft Corals. Swimming around us we enjoyed Spotted and Green Moray Eels, several types of Blennies and Gobies, Chubs and Jacks, Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks, Octopus and one of the smallest Reef Squid that I have ever seen. It’s nice to spend an hour in 23-28 feet of water on a Beautiful Reef on the edge of an Amazing Wall.


Wednesday June 7th

Schooling Fish, Shrimps, Crabs, Moray Eels, Sharks and Spotted Eagle Rays is what we saw while diving Chain Wall. During the afternoon and night on Dos Chichas we saw Spotted Eels, Big Tarpon, Shrimps, Anemones, Arrow Blennies, Oysters Caribbean Reef Sharks and a Huge Loggerhead Turtle.


Thursday June 8th

Diving Elkhorn Forrest we saw lots of Soft Corals, Feather Stars, Sponges, Magnificent Feather Dusters and a variety of other Marine Life. Request and Mother Nature brought us back to Chain Wall where we swam with Eels, Rays, Smooth Trunkfish, Trumpetfish, Hawksbill Turtle and some Conch Racing Across The Sandy Area.


Friday June 9th

Our last dive site of the week was Sandy Slope where some of what we enjoyed was Spotted Moray Eels, Nassau, Tiger and Black Groupers, Snappers, Shrimps, Crabs and Nurse Sharks.


The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Belize Aggressor IV!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…



Best Fishes,


Belize Aggressor IV Crew