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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jun 11, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II

Charter Date: June 11- 18,2017


Captain: Dan Arthy

Chef : Shea Markwell

Video Pro: ErnanDukha

Skiff Driver: Joe Vereen

Instructor: Angelo Pangelinan

Engineer: Hector Manglicmot

Stewardess: EdithaBaldos&Jay Naguit


Avi& Lilly, Tom, Mark &Karin, James, Luis, Jeff & John, Brad &Melissa,Aga

Dennis & Mary Ann


Welcome aboard the Palau Aggressor II, we welcome our guests from the USA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA. First day of diving start on the two wrecks which are Helmet and the Iro. We saw lots of artifacts such as depth charges, stacks of helmets, rifle, sake bottles and lots of other stuff. We also saw a nudibranch, cuttle fish and the tomato clown fish with two giant clam at the top of the king post. Third and fourth dive at Ulong coral Garden and Ulong channel, both awesome dive and we saw ton’s of groupers mating and chasing each other. We hook in the mouth of the channel and after a while we drift with a good running current that it took us to the big patch of lettuce coral and two giant clams.


Second day we start the dive at Siaes corner, Siaes corner is a hook in dive and the dive start on the wall. We saw Decorated and Helfrichs dart fish with a beautiful nudibranch sitting right next to it. There were lots of sharks and barracuda, fusiliers and red snappers. Second dive at sandy paradise where we saw a hawksbill turtle in the very start, as we moved along we also see the rock with a resident yellow leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimps and ton’s of glassy sweepers. After the dive we move the mother boat in Ngemelis Island where most of the major dive site are located. After the great lunch we start our third dive at Barnum’s Wall were we saw a leopard and nurse shark, we also found a cuttle fish. Fourth dive at German Channel were we saw a cuttle fish near the very rare red anemone, we moved along down the manta cleaning station and wait for a few minutes. We move again to the next cleaning station and half way we saw a feather tail sting ray resting while most of the photographer were able to take of picture of the ray. We didn’t saw a manta ray in both cleaning station but we saw it on the way to the channel drifting. Night dive at German Coral Garden, awesome night dive we saw couple of lobster, different varieties of nudibranch, crabs and shrimps are pretty active hunting for prey.


Third day start in the world famous Blue Corner, the current run in the outgoing side of the corner and it was perfect current flow. Sharks are busy hovering in front of the group of divers and the photographers are having a great time taking picture, we stay for quite good time because of the good number of shark’s that keep swimming back and forth. We also saw the residence spotted eagle, bump head wrasse, turtles and the school of barracuda in the blue water. Second dive at Blue Holes and the visibility was great and we saw the flame scallop, couple of lionfish, great barracuda having clean and also pigmy sea horse. Third dive at New Drop Off and the dive start at the incoming side we saw the usual fish such as yellow tail barracuda, flounder, schooling blue line snapper, turtles and couple of magnificent anemone.


Fourth day Thursday and the first dive at Purple Beach, purple beach is a sheer wall with lots of giant sea fan scattered all over the place. Second dive at west wall, west wall is another sheer wall and the dive start from the small chimney hole and it drop to 25 feet with a swim through down to the wall. We saw a white scorpion leaf fish with a porcelain crab in the anemone right next to it, we also saw a marble ray, couple of white tip and a grey reef sharks. As we moving along we saw a school of bump head parrotfish and a long nose hawk fish hiding along the yellow giant sea fan. Third dive at Peleliu express, peleliu express is a hook in dive and the current is always strong because of two oceans that meet together here, we drift all the way to the tip of the corner were lots of blue spine unicorn swimming all over the place, also we saw a couple of marble grouper, napoleon wrasse, grey and white tip reef sharks, thorny and marble ray, barracuda and turtles. Fourth dive at Orange Beach, orange beach is coral garden were the US Marines landed when they take over the island from the Japanese. It called orange beach because it’s a code name during the Japanese occupation, the reef are covered with tons of pristine corals and habitat for many different types of fish. It also resting ground for many turtles, schools of barracuda, jack’s and sometime spotted eagle ray. Also many of the artifacts are buried and covered with corals some are still easy to locate such as LVT, ammunition and couple of mortar shell and bomb. We saw a crocodile fish, lots of anemone and turtles. We spend the night in peleliu there for the night dive is at orange beach, we saw lots of nudibranch, crabs and shrimps, sleeping parrotfish and some scorpion fish.

We pull out early off the camp beck and we make our way to the first dive which is the Barrack’s Point, barrack’s point is a corner shape reef and the top of the reef are covered with hard and soft corals. We saw two spotted eagle ray, couple of lobster, turtles and flatworm. Second dive was Blue corner and the current is in the out going side, the dive was perfect and we saw such amazing number of fish, the visibility was super clear and the current is on the perfect flow. Third dive at New drop off, the dive start on the out going side where the current is running pretty descent. We saw a schooling barracuda, yellow tail and blue striped fusiliers, schooling red tooth and pyramid butterfly fish, grey and white tip reef sharks, blue striped snappers and a couple of magnificent anemone. Fourth dive at Big drop off, big drop of is a sheer wall with lots of soft coral and sea fans. Perfect for macro dive and sometimes big stuff are passing by along the blue water like grey reef shark and napoleon wrasse. We spend over night in Ngemelis Island and the following day we dive the German channel we saw lots of cool stuff the red anemone, the very rare thorny sting ray, grey and white tip reef sharks, crocodile fish, barracuda and lots of different kind of stuff. After the dive we move back to Koror where our next dive was at the chandelier cave, we saw lots of mandarin fish, twin spot goby, baby crocodile fish. We finish the week of diving with every one are happy and the crew have done the best we can to have our guests meet their expectation on board the Palau Aggressor II.


Thanks for coming and we hope to dive with you again soon!