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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 17, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log – 17th to 24th June 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 80 F

Visibility 50- 120ft




Captain Matt Rutledge

Engineer James McKenzie

Chef Gabi Ruben

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Instructor Marco Maroni




Dianne, Malinda, Bill, Murray, Patrick, Jan & Andrew, Tom, Cathy & Walt, Val, George


Saturday 17th June 2017

All the guests boarded at 4pm and were greeted by the crew. Refreshments and then guests were shown to their cabins. A safety briefing from Captain Matt preceded the evening’s dinner. The Bahamas Aggressor remained in Old Bahama Bay Marina overnight.



Sunday 18th June 2017

Aggressor left the marina, heading north to the first dive site. Two morning dives were completed at ‘Sherwood Forest’ dive site. All guests were happy with their personal diving equipment. Divers found yellow-mouth jaw fish, reef sharks, stingrays, lettuce sea slugs and spiny lobsters.

After the second dive, lunch was served on-board while underway. Bahamas Aggressor headed to ‘Hog Fish’ dive site. Two afternoon dives at this site where divers enjoyed finding over 10 reef sharks and 4 lemon sharks. Divers were met by an impressive tiger shark.

After the second dive, the Bahamas Aggressor moved to the ‘Sugar Wreck” dive site. A night dive was completed on this early 1900’s shipwreck, fouled in shallow water. The divers found a loggerhead turtle plus octopus, porcupine fish and hundreds of bream and snapper. After the night dive, the Aggressor headed to more calm waters, to spend the night at ‘Dry Bar’ anchorage.


Monday 19th June

The Aggressor headed to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Two morning dives were completed at this site. Divers interacted with many Caribbean reef sharks, several lemon sharks plus a nurse shark.

Aggressor moved to inshore calmer waters and lunch was served on board, then the Aggressor moved back to ‘Sugar Wreck’ dive site. Two afternoon dives were completed at this site and divers found loggerhead and hawksbill turtles plus stingrays, spiny lobsters and moray eels. After the afternoon dives, the Aggressor headed to a shallow anchorage to spend the night.


Tuesday 19th June.

An early morning departure was made from the anchorage, heading northward to ‘Mini Wall’ dive site. Two morning dives were completed at this site. Divers found numerous reef and lemon sharks throughout the dive plus divers found spotted eels.

A move to calm inshore waters for lunch then the Aggressor headed back to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Divers found more lemon and reef sharks.

The Aggressor moved to shallow waters and a night dive was completed at ‘Sugar Wreck’ dive site where divers found loggerhead turtles, nurse sharks and slipper lobsters. Aggressor headed to inshore calm waters to anchor at Dry Bar Anchorage overnight.


Wednesday 21st June

During breakfast, the Aggressor headed north to ‘El Dorado’ dive site. Two dives were completed at this isolated reef. Divers found an Eagle ray plus reef sharks and thousands of creole wrasse.

After lunch a single afternoon dive was completed at ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site again where over 20 reef sharks and 2 lemon sharks interacted with the divers. The second afternoon dive and subsequent night dive were completed at ‘Mini Wall’ dive site, where divers found basket stars and spiny lobsters plus sharp tailed eels and moray eels. The Aggressor headed back to calm waters for an overnight stay at Dry Bar Anchorage.


Thursday 22nd June

Aggressor headed to its furthest and most isolated site, North West from Grand Bahama Island. Two morning dives were completed at “El Capitaan’ dive site. Divers found two Eagle rays, reef sharks, many barracuda and schools of Horse Eyed Jacks.

The afternoon dives and night dive were completed at ‘Hogfish Reef’ dive site where divers found lemon sharks, reef sharks plus many porcupine fish and two hawksbill turtles.

After these dives, the Aggressor headed back to ‘Dry Bar’ Anchorage. After dinner, the evening’s entertainment was the presentation of the week’s video compiled by Instructor James.


Friday 23rd June

Aggressor headed to ‘Sherwood Forest’ dive site for the final dive. Divers found many lettuce sea slugs, flamingo tongue cowries plus moray eels and lobsters, After the dive, the Aggressor headed back to the West End of Grand Bahama Island and arrived at Old Bahama Bay Marina for Midday. Lunch was served on-board and guests relaxed in the afternoon or visited the Marina.

Guests and crew met together in the late afternoon, on the sundeck, for drinks and refreshments and discuss the weeks diving.

Awards were presented to the following divers


200 Dives Milestone Award- Patrick Kaufmann

300 Dives Milestone Award – Val Davis

400 Dives Milestone Award – George Lippert


plus a Close Family Award was presented to – Jan Lansinger & Andrew Zdybak


Plus IRON DIVER awards were presented to the following divers for completing all available dives, throughout the week.


George Lippert, Nathan Lough,

Jan Lansinger & Andrew Zdybak



Saturday 24th June


At 8am, the crew said farewell to all the guests.


The crew thank everyone for joining us on the Bahamas Aggressor.

The Bahamas Aggressor Crew.