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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 01, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Captain’s Log 1-8 July 2017


Air Temp. 78+84 F

Water Temp. 81-84 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain Rafael

Engineer Simon

Dive Master John

Stewardess Elia

Assistant Chef Jean

Chef Carlos



Eliza, Davis, Beatty, Carolyn, John, Jack, Maxwell, Anne, Conner, Caroline, Stuart S, William, Alice, Stuart M., Dee, Anne and Wayne



Sunday – Cathedral

Monday – Half Moon Caye Wall, Eagle Ray Wall

Tuesday – Julies Jungle, Long Caye Wall

Wednesday – Long Caye Ridge

Thursday – Silver Caves, Sandy Slope

Friday – Sandy Slope


Saturday July 1st

It was a Special Owners Week on the Belize Aggressor IV. President of Aggressor Fleet Wayne Hasson was on for a week of diving the colorful reefs of Belize.


Sunday July 2nd

Today we spend the day at the dive site called Cathedral. The dive site Cathedral is the perfect place for new divers to gain experience in the underwater world and it’s larger enough for experience diver to enjoy Small Creatures like Blennies, Crabs, Shrimps, Big Tarpon, Huge schools of Chubs and Jacks, Turtles, Eagle Rays and Sharks.


Monday July 3rd

It was an almost perfect day with the weather and diving. For the morning the Belize Aggressor IV made her way to Half Moon Caye. Once we arrived guest enjoyed Half Moon Caye Wall Colorful Wall and Reef Area as well as grasses and sandy areas of the dive site. Just some of what we encountered was Flounder, Southern Stingrays, Conch, Hawksbill Turtle, Queen Triggerfish, a variety of Angelfish, Spotted Moray Eels and Caribbean Reef Sharks. After Half Moon Caye we made way to Long Caye and the dive site called Eagle Ray Wall. This site was amazing with Stingrays, Mackerel, Black Corals, Colorful Sponges, Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Eels and Octopus.


Tuesday July 4th

Happy Independents Day USA!!! Our day started diving on the dive site called Julies Jungle, swimming with Mackerel, Big Tarpon, Spotted and Green Moray Eels, Hawksbill Turtle feeding and Colorful Schooling Fish. While enjoying an Awesome BBQ prepared by Chef Carlos we traveled to our next dive site called Long Caye Wall. Just some of what we saw while diving Long Caye Wall was Rainbow Parrotfish, Queen Angelfish, Cero Mackerel, Black Corals, Colorful Sea Whips, Big Tarpon, Turtles, Nurse Sharks and Caribbean Reef Sharks. A Wonderful Way to spend Independents Day!!


Wednesday July 5th

The dive site called Long Caye Ridge one of my favorite dive sites because it offers a huge shallow reef area and a wonderful wall. While exploring the underwater sites of Long Caye Ridge we encountered Cero Mackerel, a Sea Garden of Gorgonians, Colorful Sponges, Deep Water Fans, Tiger, Nassau and Black Groupers, Snappers, Spotted Moray Eel and a huge Green Moray Eel swimming out in the open. It was so nice to stay in one place and really explore what the reef and wall had to offer.


Thursday July 6th

Silver Caves was where we spend the morning diving a colorful wall, enjoying swim thru’s and canyons, schools of Creole Wrasses, Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Sharks! After our time exploring Silver Caves we made way to Turneff Islands and the dive site Sandy Slope. The reef system of our dive site Sandy Slope starts off around 15 feet of water and make a slow slope to deeper waters. The dive site has a Plethora of Hard and Soft Corals, Schooling Fish, Stingrays and Moray Eels.


Friday July 7th

Our final dive was again at Sandy Slope and like before we saw a huge variety of Soft and Hard Corals, Schooling Fish, Rays, Eels and Hawksbill Turtle.


The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Belize Aggressor IV!!!


A Very Special Thank You To Ms. Dee Davis who shared her love for the Underwater World with crew and guest while diving the waters of Belize on the Belize Aggressor IV. Ms. Dee started diving at the age of 59 and today is 90 Years Young!!!! Thanks You It Was A Pleasure Having You Onboard!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…



Best Fishes,


Belize Aggressor IV Crew