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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 01, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



Departure date: 1ST al 11 July 2017

Entry by Captain Carlos Sanchez                                                                                                Okeanos II

Aggressors Captains Log


Water Temp 75-80F Visibility 50-60Ft Wetsuits 5mm OR 3mm, thermoclines often

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Chef Jairol and Esteban , Engineer Miguel, Steward Eduardo, Panga drivers Carmiol and Jheyler, Divemaster Esteban R , Photos and Video: Anibal

This trip started with unexpected calm crossing due we are into the raining season transition half day of rain followed by blue skies until arrival to the “most beautiful Island of the World”

On our check dive in Chattam Bay was nice to see the healthy reef packed with colourful fishes of all kind since juvenile White tips reef sharks to schools of grunts and snappers, then we did our second dive at Manuelita the cleaning stations were bit calm at first but lot of yellow fin tuna back and forward above our heads.


Day 2

Dirty Rock as usual full of life starting with bust cleaning stations which allowed us to have a really close view of the hammerheads to finish the dive surrounded by the huge school of Jacks near to pinnacle.

While going down the line at Punta Maria a Silver Tip Shark pass by quickly but close enough to see its graceful and elegant shape once at the bottom a group of eagle rays feeding quietly and not being afraid of our presence   they literally posed for the cameras as we moved to the cleaning station about 5 Galapagos sharks were there divers listened the instructions given on the briefing and remained close to the rocks to enjoy the show.

Having our relaxed third dive on Pajara we got to see a batfish laying on the rocky channel, while everyone was busy taking pictures of it a Giant Pacific Manta Ray got our attention passing by near the reef on the shallow part letting in us the satisfaction of an easy but lovely dive.


Night Dives

They never stop to amaze us how exiting they can be our second night on the Island we visited Ulloa and Manuelita shallow to see the action of the Jacks and white tips reef sharks hunting together it started with few sharks but after the minutes passed and the feeding frenzy started more and more sharks joined in.

It’s a dive full of an adrenaline and bit of pity to see many small fish being devoured in seconds but its nature and us as witness we did enjoyed to the fullest.


Day 3

Despite the ocean rough conditions we made it to Submerged Rock being absolutely worth it, as always the arch was loaded with big schools of all kind of fish and right in the middle the biggest Snapper ever seen.

Manuelita kept surprising us with more and more Hammerhead Sharks no matter where you see some were above under and coming from the blue.


Day 4

Small Dos Amigos reminded us why Coco`s is also known as the Island of the sharks happen to see the most active and busy cleaning station of all with 15 to 20 Galapagos sharks sharing the place with hammerheads also.


Day 5

It seemed to be like the mating day huge schools of Jacks 200+ where crazy active moving fast around us and giving to each diver the opportunity to be in the middle of the school, not just then were busy having fun as we looked down a rare thing to see three white tip reef sharks holding onto a female in the copulation act.


Day 6 & 7

Patience is a virtue that comes with a reward we waited for days to have the face to face with the whale shark at the end of our dive at manuelita a 12 ft long whale Shark appear and a big Mamacita as the divers set the name for a Pregnant and curious 20 ft long Mommy whale Shark.


What an amazing way to say not good bye, see you soon instead

Pura Vida


Thanks to our divers this week, Mikael, frank, Alexander, Ben, Kristen, Joan, Maria, Ute, Silvia, Stan, Joseph, Larry, Kris and Leigh for an awesome week of laughter and diving!