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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 08, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 8-15 July 2017

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 83-86F
Visibility 70-100+ft

Captain David Patterson
Engineer David Millard
Instructor Gabi Ruben
Instructor Alexandra Quint
Instructor Caitilin Tincher
Chef Marco

Eli, So, David, Jim, Diane, Donald, Doug, Mindy, Kevin, Berni, Margo, Nancy, Joe, Jeff

Sunday – Sherwood Forest (1 Dive), Silverfox Ledge (1), Shark Paradise (2), Sugar Wreck (1)
Monday – Up Jump The Devil, Crab Mountain, Austin Smith, Madison Avenue
Tuesday – Cut And Run, Monolith, Cave Rock
Wednesday – Primo Wall, Split Coral Head, Tunnel Rock
Thursday – Pillar Wall, Whales Tail Wall, Austin Smith
Friday – Blue Hole

Saturday July 8th 2017
The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed a wonderful group of divers onboard for a action packed week of diving the Tiger Beach area. This group - led by joe - travelled from the Baltimore area in order to enjoy shark sightings galore.
The crew helped everyone settle into their cabins after which Captain David Patterson delivered the welcome and safety briefing to the group. Dinner which was wonderfully prepared by our Italian chef Marco Moroni was enjoyed by the group.
We stayed the night in the gorgeous Old Bahama Bay Marina.

Sunday 9th July 2017
The engines rumbled into life a little after 6.30AM, the crew slipped the lines, Capt David slid the Bahamas Aggressor off the dock and out of the marina toward our first dive site of choice - Sherwood Forest.
This is a fantastic place to start. The lack of any current as well as it being relatively shallow make it a wonderful place to hop in for the first dive of the charter.
Guests explored the various coral fingers and gulley’s that can be found here on sherwood forest. We saw Parrotfish, Barracuda, Moray eels and numerous Reef Shark sightings.
After this fantastic dive we then moved the yacht to Silver fox Ledge for the next dive. This dive site affords us more depth than Sherwood forest. Here was saw Turtles, Angelfish, Trigger Fish and many more sharks.
We then travelled North to Shark Paradise. Lunch was taken en route after which many of the guests decided a siesta was in order.
The dive bell sprung everybody into life and before long the group were enjoying the wonders on offer at this magical dive site.
On our first dive here we saw upward of 10 Lemon sharks. We also saw reef sharks and nurse sharks. Everybody was ecstatic at the sheer amount of shark action on offer.
On our second dive we were joined by a beautiful 13 foot pregnant Tiger Shark. This shark stayed with the group for well over an hour. The sharks meandered their way through our group. Flashbulbs were popping at regular intervals as the group got some top shots of this Apex predator - up close and personal.
After a wonderful two dives at Shark Paradise we moved the yacht to The Sugar Wreck for our night dive. This wonderful place is high up on the list of ‘best night dives’ you can do. The sheer volume of life here is astounding. Couple that with the fact it is shallow so you can elongate your bottom time considerably make this a fantastic place to end an epic day of Scuba Diving. Our group saw the resident Logger head Turtle - This made everyones day.
We then spent the night on the Sugar wreck as the winds were fair and the seas were smooth. A breathless sky made for a peaceful nights sleep under a blanket of stars.

Monday 10th July 2017
We departed our mooring at the Sugar wreck to head towards our next dive site of the charter - El Capitaan. This wonderful site is prone to current, however we were able to enjoy two superb dive’s. We saw the resident Eagle Rays crying by us in the blue. We also saw Sharks, Spadefish, Eels, Barracuda and a whole host of schooling fish. We then opted to dive Hogfish Reef for two dives which everyone really enjoyed. The reef is very healthy at Hogfish so the group were able to get some nice coral shots as well as seeing the friendly reef sharks that were perusing the area. Due to the fact that the current had picked up considerably we had to cancel the night dive. We headed into the Little Bahama Bank where we dropped the anchor in the shallows.
Some of group took the chance to get an early night in preparation for the diving day to come.

Tuesday July 11th 2017
we departed the anchorage and headed north to find our next dive site. The current was extremely strong so for everyones safety and enjoyment we opted to do a drift dive. Mini Wall was the next site up !
With all divers ready and kitted up in full gear; captain Dave approached the drop point and he began the countdown from ten to 1. As the words DIVE DIVE DIVE reverberated around the deck our eager divers were throwing themselves into the water from the Bahamas Aggressors dive deck. As soon as they hit the water the current swept them northward away from the stern of the vessel.
As soon as all the divers were in the water David Millard followed closely in the chase boat to assist any divers - should they need it.
Mini Wall is one of the longest reefs we have here in this area. We have never swam the whole thing in one dive - Until now! The current was quite simply ripping!
The group loved the drift dive. They saw a whole host of marine critters such as Turtles, Rays, Sharks, Eels, Hogfish, Barracuda and Jacks. They wanted to do it straight away again after they got out the water.
After everyone was safely back on board and showered off we tied up to the Sugar wreck for a pre lunch dive on this majestic dive site. The group were amazed at the sheer amount of fish life on the sugar wreck. They saw hundreds of Blue Striped Grunts tightly packed together. Hogfish, School masters, barracuda and parrotfish were all sighted too. We also saw nurse Sharks, Moray Eels, Crabs and Spotted Drums.
Lunch was taken in the Salon which was enjoyed by all.
We decided to head back to Shark Paradise for a couple of afternoon dives. Here we saw upward of 15 Reef Sharks, 7 Lemon Sharks and an absolutely huge Tiger Shark. The Tiger Shark stayed with our group for the two dives we spent here. It passed by everybody making sure that each of our divers saw it up close - very close in fact!
We then decided to hop back in on the Sugar Wreck to enjoy another splendid night dive prior to anchoring on the bank for the night.

Wednesday 12th July 2017
We started the day off with a drift dive on Mount Olympus. This dive site is one of the deeper dives we have on the Tiger Beach Itinerary. Our group saw Reef Sharks cruising in the blue as well as a huge shoal of Amberjack. There must have been close to 2 hundred jacks all tightly packed together. Turtles and Rays were also sighted on this dive.
We then moved the yacht to the next site - Gary Woods Wonderland. Here we saw a plethora of sharks. Lemons, Reef and nurse sharks were all spotted here. The reef at Garry Woods Wonderland is extremely healthy indeed. The huge sea fans are home to a whole host of smaller critters such as Lettuce leaf sea slugs and flamingo tongues. Divers took time to explore the reef, they were rewarded with some stellar shots of the Nudibranchs.
We ended our day of diving at mini Wall where we done an afternoon and a night dive. We saw Oceanic Trigger Fish, Moray Eels, Lemon Sharks, Cowfish, File Fish and Groupers.
After a wonderful day of diving we cruised into the Little Bahama Bank where we dropped the anchor for the night.

Thursday 13th July 2017
First up for us was El Dorado where we completed 2 dives. This medium range dive site is always a popular one on this itinerary. Divers explored this huge reef structure checking for Sharks, Turtles and eels. We saw huge schools of fish, Amberjacks, Hogfish and Barracuda all hovering underneath the boat. We also saw two Octopus hiding under a ledge.
We then moved south to dive Reds Ledge for a couple of dives. This enormous coral structure is covered in colorful soft corals of all shapes and sizes. As well as admiring the healthy reef system our divers also see sharks, Parrotfish, Crabs, Lobsters and Pufferfish.
We ended the day with a beautiful night dive on Hogfish reef which everybody enjoyed thoroughly.

Friday July 14th 2017
We ended a fantastic week of diving with an epic drift dive on Wonderwall Reef. The guests then began the arduous task of rinsing off the equipment as we travelled back to the dock.
We enjoyed a cocktail party on the sundeck prior to enjoying dinner ashore in the marina.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Best Fishes,

Bahamas Aggressor Crew