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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 15, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 15th - 22nd July 2017

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 83-86F
Visibility 70-100+ft

Captain David Patterson
Engineer David Millard
Instructor Gabi Ruben
Instructor Alexandra Quint
Instructor Caitilin Tincher
Chef Marco

Mike Haber, Mike Mesgleski, Andreas, Dirk, Peter, Sabine, Doc, Jay, Mike Blunth, Mikael, Joe, Phillip, Jennifer & Vania

Sunday – Shark Paradise (3 Dives), Sugar Wreck (2 Dives)
Monday – Mini Wall (2 Dives), Hogfish Reef (2 Dives)
Tuesday – Cut And Run, Monolith, Cave Rock
Wednesday – Primo Wall, Split Coral Head, Tunnel Rock
Thursday – Pillar Wall, Whales Tail Wall, Austin Smith
Friday – Blue Hole

Saturday July 15th 2017
The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed back Mike and Mike and another wonderful group from the Jim Church School of Underwater Photography.
Once everybody was onboard and the dive gear was set up, Captain David and the crew delivered the welcome and safety briefing.
We then left the dock at old Bahama Bay a little before 6PM and cruised into a beautiful crimson red sunset. The light shimmered off the glass like surface which made for a wonderful picture opportunity for our group of photographers.
Chef Marco served up a sumptuous dinner en route to the anchorage, which we reached at around 9PM. Once safely anchored on the Little Bahama Bank the crew and guests grabbed a well earned nights rest

Sunday 16th July 2017
We started our week long diving extravaganza at the ever popular - Shark Paradise. We dropped our ‘fish attraction triangle’ into the water and watched as the sharks swarmed around the bow of the Bahamas Aggressor. Cameras were checked then double checked, soon it was time for our neoprene clad warriors to take the plunge into the azure blue aqua.
Over the course of our 3 dives here our group got up close and personal with around 12 Lemon Sharks & 8 Reef Sharks. We also saw schools of snapper, hogfish & Spadefish. Lobsters, Carbs and turtles were also sighted here.
We then moved the yacht to the Sugar Wreck for our afternoon and night dive. This wonderful wreck dive is always a firm favourite  on this itinerary. the sheer amount of colorful fish simply blows everybody away. thousands of reef fish inhabit this shallow wreck. We also saw turtles, eels, octopus and whole host of shrimp. After the night dive we moved back into the bank to rest fro the night.

Monday 17th July 2017
We departed our anchorage while the guests were enjoying breakfast to travel to our first dive site - Mini Wall. This fabulous dive is another top dive. over the course of 2 dives here we saw a plethora of shark action. We saw lots of lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks and also nurse sharks. We saw Triggerfish, Pufferfish and turtles too.
We then moved after lunch to our second dive site - Hogfish reef, where we would spend the remainder of the day playing with the friendly lemon Sharks and reef sharks. On the the 2 afternoon dives we dropped the triangle into the water and we saw lots and lots of Lemon Sharks. The Sharks were swarming round our group, just like puppies vying for attention. Our Divers were able to score some epic shots of these incredible creatures.
We then completed our night dive here also which was enjoyed by all. We saw File fish, Octopus, Sleeping turtles and even a squid. Our night anchorage was again where we slept for the night in order to enjoy a calm nights rest under a beautiful starlit sky.  

Tuesday July 18th 2017
First up for us was El Cappitan. This wonderful reef is always a highlight of our charters. The group of divers saw Sharks, Moray Eels, Spadefish, Triggerfish and huge schools of Goat Fish. Our divers also saw massive shoals of Pompano tightly packed together atop the reef structure.
We moved over to Shark paradise for the afternoon dives. Here we saw the ever friendly Lemon sharks and Reef Sharks. The divers enjoyed shooting pictures and video up close and personal with the sharks.
We then opted to dive the Sugar Wreck for our night dive. We saw the ever present Loggerhead Turtles sleeping on the wreck as well as Slipper Lobster, Stingrays, Sea Urchins, French Angelfish and Groupers. We then moved the boat into the Little Bahama Bank where we slept for the night.

Wednesday 19th July 2017
First up for us was Reds Ledge. We opted to do two dives here on this wonderful healthy reef. Reds Ledge is a huge coral finger, the top of the reef starts at around 45 feet - sloping off to around 80 feet into the sand. The top of the reef is covered in colorful soft corals which make for wonderful picture and video opportunities. Over the course of our two dives here we saw Eagle Rays, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks, Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Crabs & Lobsters. We then moved the yacht to Metropolis Reef. We dropped the anchor into the sand around 10 feet from the reef. We saw upward of 20 Reef sharks and Lemon Sharks. We also saw Eels, groupers, Shrimp. Hogfish and Butterfly Fish. After our night dive was complete we slept at anchor on the dive site as the swells had dropped considerably.

Thursday 20th July 2017
First up for us was El Dorado where we completed 2 dives. This medium range dive site is always a popular one on this itinerary. Divers explored this huge reef structure checking for Sharks, Turtles and eels. We saw huge schools of fish, Pompano, Spadefish and Barracuda were all sighted here. Stingrays and Sharks were spotted cruising by us in the blue also.
We then decided to drop the anchor at another dive site called Mike’s suprise. named after our two friends Mike and Mike this wonderful dive was teeming with sharks. We saw upward of around 30 Sharks. The sharks were zooming close by our divers which made getting good pictures very easy indeed. After two amazing dives playing with the sharks we then moved over to Hogfish to enjoy a night dive on this magnificent reef structure.
After the night dive we drove south around two hours on the Little Bahama Bank in order to anchor close to the first dive site for the following day.

Friday July 21st July 2017
We began the day by doing a pre breakfast dive on Silverfox Ledge. Silver fox ledge is a deep dive where we enjoy gullies and canyon ways. Here we see beautiful overhanging ledges which give home to a plethora of marine life. The group saw yet more sharks as well as a turtle, eels, Barracuda. We also saw lots of small stuff such as Nudibranchs, Arrow Head Crabs, Shrimp and Fairy Baslets.
We ended our week of diving on Sherwood Forest. This shallow dive is always popular with smaller critters - today was no different. The group saw Stingrays, Pufferfish and lots of schooling fish such as Goatfish, Chubs, Sargent Majors and Parrotfish.
Once the dive was completed we cruised back into Old Bahama Bay Marina.
We enjoyed a cocktail party on the sundeck prior to enjoying The Jim Church Underwater school of photography Graduation ceremony.
Dinner was then taken ashore in the marina.

Congratulations to our Iron Divers this week, they were Phillip, Doc, Joey & Mikeal. Great job guys.

Huge happy birthdays this week to Mikeal and Jay. It was great to spend it with you both.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Bahamas Aggressor Crew

Capt David