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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 08, 2017
Entry By: Captain Beto


Okeanos Aggressor I

Captain’s Log Trip: 8-18 July 2017

Water temp: 25|°C

This week all of our guests come from 12 different countries ,our crossing to the island took around 34hours.

First day we had our check - dive at Chatham Bay, It was really nice and colorful; we saw eagle rays, marble rays and 3 hammerhead just starting the trip. Second and third dive we dove Manuelita again but now the deep side of the rock with a huge amount of sharks to see.

Second day. This morning me moved the boat from Chatham bay to Waifer bay and from here, we dove dirty rock and Punta Maria. Both of these dive sites had full hammerhead action coming in groups of 25 to 50. In Punta Maria we dove with more than 4 Galapagos Sharks.. and very close to us…. Great first day in dive paradise!! The third dive was en Pajara Island, and again a beautiful coral garden with lots of fish.. and the Tiger Shark on the safety stop, it was a pretty big female!!!!                                                                                                                               Night dive at Manuelita shallow with tons of white tips in feeding frenzy , probably the best night dive in the world!!!

Third day. When you are going to Alcyone you always know that everything can happen there.. and it was true again! We saw one of the biggest jack fish school ever! And the hammerheads were there swimming around as and following our bubbles in the blue…. And suddenly two black tip shark show up just next to us! The divers couldn’t believe!! We dove with this beautiful animals for a while.. unbelievable!!!!!!

Fourth day. The first dive was early to Big Dos Amigos and was fantastic with this big Arch full of eels, octopuses and there seemed to be a ray everywhere we looked. The last dive was at Viking Rock, which had a sandy bottom. There were lots of white tips laying on the sand and there was a steady parade of marble rays cruising over the sand at about 75 feet.

Fifth day. We went back to Dirty Rock and when we got in the water we where amazed that we found a huge school of horse eye jack, they where at least three thousand of them together…all of the sudden we look up and then we saw a whale shark going by, it was very exciting to see that big shark .After the whale shark, on the safety spot we had the opportunity to swing with dolphins and they where just playing with us for about 15 minutes, just a dream dive for us all.

Sixth day. We came back to Manuelita Island and the activity of sharks was better than before ,the place was full of hammerheads ,marble ray ,white tips sharks and Jackfish all over the place….two Galapagos sharks arrive to the end of the dive to finish the day in this beautiful paradise.

Last day at the island we did two dives, one at Dirty Rock with lots of hammerheads and yellow fin tunas hunting around for the second dive at Manuelita . It was perfect to end the trip , which filled everyone’s expectations. The island is one of the most beautiful places to dive around the world and we think that in the future all ours friends will be back to dive with us again.

Safe Diving to all of you!


Okeanos Aggressor Crew.