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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jul 23, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter July 16-23, 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Scott, Shea, Hector, Ernan, Herence, and Angelo


This week we would be joined by a fun collection of guests. At 4m we welcome them to the vessel for their week of diving. After getting their gear set up and the staterooms assigned and settled. Captain Scott would give the ships Safety briefing before the guests sit down to as wonderful buffet from Chef Ronnie. The guests all turn in early in anticipation of an exciting week.

Monday morning the guests wake up to a hearty breakfast of made to order eggs and homemade parfaits. After the dive deck briefing, we would go on the first dive to the Helmet Wreck, Sunk in about 80 ft of water the guests would be treated to a crocodile fish, Razor Shrimp, and of course all of the artifacts including depth charges and helmets that were onboard when the ship was sunk. The next dive is another wreck called the Chuyu Maru, a 400 ft long freighter sunk during Operation Desecrate in 1944. On this wreck we would see eels, Bubble anemone, tomato anemone fish, schools of snapper, twin spot goby’s, plus a mounted anti aircraft gun mounted on the stern of the ship. The next dive would be short drop off, a beautiful reef dive where dart fish, barracuda, and even a small turtle made a surprise appearance. After this we would go on the last dive of the first day at Lighthouse reef. A drift dive past a…lighthouse. Along the wall were an abundance of soft and hard corals, with a Japanese fishing vessel that has been sunk here towards the end of the dive. The current was exhilarating and the dive was over quickly because the current carried us at a quick and fun pace.

After a good day of diving the guests slept well and woke up to a great day of diving starting with the IRO Maru. 500 foot freighters sink on about 110 feet of water. As we go down for this dive we would almost immediately be met by a turtle. Here would also see another large gun on the stern of the vessel, name different types and sizes of anemone, more razor shrimp, another crocodile fish, and a bunch of emperor angel fish. Then we would go to Chandelier cave and dove the caves with 4 air pockets where you can come up and talk in between caves a unique experience. Then when you come out, the divers would search the coral in front to find the beautiful Mandarin fish a very elusive and rainbow colored fish. After that we would be treated to a lunch of fresh sushi created and lovingly served by Chef Ronnie. After Lunch we have moved and taken the group to Barnham’s wall a beautiful steep sloping wall covered in hard corals. Here we would see a Cuttlefish hiding behind and under a coral head. A couple reef sharks would swim by in the distance and a few different types of nudibranches would show as well. The next dive would be one of our many famous sites, German channel. Here the guests would run across a manta Ray as they transit from one cleaning site to another. Quite a few reef sharks and some Chevron Barracuda’s were seen. Then they would drift down the channel and seem pristine plate coral.

The next morning the guests would wake up to an amazing dive at the Iconic Dive Site, Blue Corner. In this dive the guests would enter the water swim along the wall and come to the corner. Here they would finally get to use the reef hooks that Palau is famous for. We would line up along the lip of the wall and hook in. In front of them would be the wide open ocean with Red Toothed Trigger Fish, Plenty of reef sharks and many schools of fish including barracuda, Jacks, and even a couple Napoleon Wrasse. The next dive would be just up the reef to Blue Holes. Here the guests enter the water and make their down a chimney into a cavern the size of a large house. Here we would see 3 disco Clams, a couple really large barracuda. Then after exiting the cavern the guests make their way down the wall to the blue corner area. Then after a nice BBQ lunch we would go to Ferns wall a sheer wall with lots of schooling red tooth Trigger fish, Lobsters, an abundance of healthy soft and hard corals. For our 4th dive of the day we went to Big Drop Off. A sheer wall right up against the island with beautiful sea fans, long twisting whips, a small cave with a group of white tips sharks asleep, and a ball and chain hanging into the deep. For the night dive the guests would enjoy Ngemelis Coral Garden. A sloping garden with canyons of sand filled with lizard fish, more lobsters, Sexy Shrimp, and Black Jacks

Thursday the guests would wake up to a nice sunny day where we would go back to Blue Corner for a second dive. Here they would see lots of sharks. They look like they are starting to mate. Then on the second dive we would see lots of sharks and Jacks, plus a school of chevron barracudas. On the third dive we would go to new drop off, another corner like blue corner, but here we would have a smaller area and see a tomato anemone, a few sharks and some turtles. Then on German channel we would see a large banded eel, also a red anemone, and a large eagle ray. Then for the night dive they would see a white tip reef shark, lots of different nudibranches.

On the final full day of diving we would find ourselves at Ulong Island where Survivor was filmed. The first dive would be at Shark City. Here the divers would be hooked in and see schools of Red Snapper, Barracuda, and Fusiliers. Next we would go to Siaes Corner where there would be lots of Reef sharks and white tip sharks in abundance. We would also get to see Anthias, Barracuda, Nudibranches and even a couple large Moray eels. After a nice lunch from Chef Ronnie, we would dive at Saie’s Tunnel. A deep tunnel entrance that would take us to see Helfriechs Dart fish, A few large Nudibranches, and then on down the reef to see a wall full of life and color. Once we do that we would go to Sandy Paradise. This site is a crew favorite. It’s got a sandy area where we would see a large Marble Ray swim by to start the dive. Then on the right is the entire pristine reef where we would get to see a yellow reef scorpion fish, two mantis shrimp, a couple large eels, and a few very large nudibranches to round out the dive. That night we would serve a nice roast dinner from Chef Ronnie, and then everyone would get to see the movie that Ernan spent the week shooting and editing.

Our last day would find us at Ulong Island. Here we would do two last dives. One at Ulong Channel, where we would do what feels like three dives in one. First a gorgeous wall dive with perfect hard corals. Then when we get to the mouth of the channel we hook in to watch the sharks and schooling jacks and snappers. After twenty minutes of that we unhook and make our way down the channel seeing lots of large grouper, small nudibranches, a tall wall of lettuce coral, and after traversing over the reef to the next part of the channel we would show the guests two 100 plus year old Giant Clams to end the dive on. Finally for the last dive of the week, we take the guests to Ulong Channel Coral Garden. Here the divers would be treated to a typhoon of Horse Eyed Jacks. Hundreds of them moving in unison to create this site. But that’s not all; there are also white tip reef sharks, Flatworms, chevron barracuda and even a couple Napoleon Wrasse. A great last dive to a great week.

The rest of the day would be spent hanging out on board as we motor back to Koror. Then going into town to get a massage or doing a little sightseeing. It’s been a great week for the guests, and a great week of diving. Thanks to all of this week’s guests for joining us on the Palau Aggressor II.