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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 29C/84F min – 37C/99F max
Water Temp: 29C/84F – 30C/86F
Visibility: 25 to 40m  - 75 to 130 feet
Weather: Clear skies, windy
Itinerary: Daedalus – Elphinstone – Brother islands
Captain: Sayed
Cruise Director: Mahmoud
Instructors/Guides: Katia & Shaker
Chef: Hussein & Sherif
Steward(s):  Ali & Hegazy
Mechanic: Hussein
Seamen: Emad, Ayoub, Hossam and Ali
Ed, Tom, Richard, Kai, Rizwan, Rob, Rex and Darla, Eileen, Marilyn, Larry and Ivonne, Jim and Rachel, Sven and Sandra, Steve and Simone, Nathan and Julie
We excitedly welcomed this amazing group of divers and soon got them to feel comfortable aboard the Red Sea Aggressor. Everybody was excited to kick off on our Northern trip.
After the yummy steak we had on dinner, followed by a nice creamy cheesecake, the party went on till the late evening.
Day 1 – Sunday 20th August
Right after breakfast the Red Sea Aggressor took off and soon we were mooring at Marsa Shouna, where we were spending two dives. The first dive everybody adjusted their buoyancy in the rather salty Red Sea, and got all their thingamajigs and cameras fine-tuned in the check dive. The second we did the northern part of the reef. The divers were very happy to meet a flounder, a few Scorpion fish and Giant Moray eel. Also we had lots of stingrays, lionfishes and also a huge titan trigger fish.  The third and night dives we did at Marsa Mobarak. We saw siix big squids, a Crocodile fish, Pipe fish.  A couple of really good videos were taken by the divers. In the beginning of the night dive we saw a sleeping parrot fish in its shell. On the way back to the boat we spotted a nice Moses Sole as well as an amazing cuttlefish feeding right under the boat.  After dinner everybody was ready to get some rest and our Captain took us on an overnight trip for about 8 hours until we reached to our next destination and dive site.
Day 2 – Monday 21st August
Arrived at Daedalus and the wind was much calmer than forecast promised us. Morning dive we did on the northern plateau, the second on the south, the third on the western wall and the last came back to the southern plateau. The catch of the day was huge tunas, barracuda, and a school of mackerel on the plateau. We also had an amazing dive on the western wall where we visited the anemone city. Beautiful reef and colors, the divers had great opportunity to take a lot of brilliant photos of anemone fish, lots of moray eels, and scorpion fish as well. The first 25 minutes of the dive we had this group of huge tunas munching on the fusiliers in the near blue. Towards the end of the dive there was the big napoleon that joined us and seemed like she enjoyed our company because she stayed around for about 10 minutes. After the last dive the biggest part of the group went to visit the Light House. They did some shopping and got some Daedalus t-shirts. And some of us stayed chilling in Hot Tub.
Day 3 – Tuesday 22d August
The usual early start, dive guides knocking on cabins at 5:00 in the morning. The diver gathered in the saloon for their continental breakfast .The first dive the zodiac dropped us on the northern tip of the island. We started the dive by swimming a bit in the blue hoping to get a nice view of something big. There were lots of groups of Unicorn fish and fusilier fish coming very close to the divers. In a few minutes we started swimming next to the reef admiring the beautiful color and the abundance and variety of soft and hard corals.
The second dive the zodiac dropped the divers on the southeastern tip of the island and we had a beautiful drift down the wall admiring the amazing colors of the healthy reef. Barracudas and tunas were with us along the way towards the end of the dive the huge napoleon came to check us out, and the divers made some amazing videos of it.
Early afternoon we followed the sun and visited western wall. And we were cruising with a current, which allowed us come back to the boat.
The final dive on the south of the reef and we spotted a Scorpion fish, a Moray eel, a Napoleon Wrasse once again and huge Barracuda at the shallow water. Some of us found new species of fish for them and during the dinner it was the sub for discussion.
Day 4 – Wednesday 23d August
The shamal or the northern wind picked up in the morning and the sea was rough. Thanks to our Captain, he moored us right on top of the south plateau of Elphinstone reef and that made entry a lot safer. We did our 15 minutes on the southern plateau of the Elphinstone and were rewarded with four turtles. We then moved along the eastern wall of the island where there was plenty of jacks and huge barracudas in their cleaning stations.
Abu Dabbab III
Abu Dabab III
We had three major highlights on the night dive on Marsa Shouna; a hilarious Moray eel, the Pleurobranchus Grandis slug, the one we met in our night dive the first day except this one was huge, and a breathtaking Scorpion Fish. It was so huge, the biggest one we’ve ever seen. The divers took a lot of photos and made a lot of videos.
We were all excited and looked forward to another amazing day diving.
 Day 5 – Thursday 24th August
We did our morning dive on Marsa Shouna, Southern shoulder of the Bay. We saw couple of Moray eels, Eel’s Garden and huge Green Turtle with playful remoras and we were able to take great video and photos. In the end of the dive we were rewarded by big group of Spinner Dolphins. We snorkeled   with them for one hour. Priseless!
After breakfast we motored south to the Umm Wasl. It’s a small bay with so colorful corals that nobody can stay indifferent. A turtle, moray eels, scorpion fish were spotted this dive. Then we moved for one hour to Abu Dabab. There are many reefs and we chose Abu Dabab II for the third dive. We visited a wreck in the middle of lagoon, thenwe swam over the coral garden   and visited it’s beautiful lagoon with a swimthrough. Darla has found a new friend a Batfish, which touched several times her hand and Jim took pictures of it.  We did a drift dive from Abu Dabab II to the Abu Dabab III, swimming through a cave, visiting a red Anemone, cruising over mountain corals. The divers loved the huge pinnacles and the beautiful reef with the amazing colors of hard corals. We spent about an hour in the dive and came out of the water with a grin from ear to ear. At night we spotted a Coral crab, an Eel, a Cuttle fish. Sven Found an Octopus and took great pictures. Steve and Simone were exploring corals with blue light and special yellow glasses and Steve got a plenty of new fluorescent photos.  Another great day diving. At dinner our fantastic chef prepared a nice big fat turkey. We had a fantastic dinner and everybody were off to bed awaiting our last day and last destination the next morning.
Day 6 – Friday 25th August
Elphinstone was the dive site where we did our last two dives. Once the divers descended to about 30 meters in the north part of the reef , they got closer to the eastern wall and started drifting back towards the Aggressor. The divers enjoyed an amazing wall with a huge variety of soft and hard corals throughout this dive.  Two octopuses, Barracudas, a Turtle were highlights of the dive. The second dive was basically a 60 minutes dive right under the boat and near to the southern plateau. Right under the boat there was a huge Turtle eating soft corals. On the magnificent reef of course there were the never-ending Anthias, glass fish, and the sweepers. After arriving at Port Ghalib at about 03:00 pm the crew started preparing for a cocktail party for the divers. Sushi was served and cocktail drinks were made. In the party we awarded some of our divers with certificates. Steve, Simone, Julie and Jim were the Iron divers of our trip and Rizwan completed his Nitrox diver course during this trip.