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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II Captain’s Log

August 19, 2017th – August 25th, 2017 Air temperature: 72-84 °F
Water Temperature: 80°F
Visibility: 50 -100+ ft.

Captain: Randy Wright
2nd Captain: Cliff Muse
Instructor: Jeremy Dick
Divemasters: Cameron Smay, Celia Corbin Chef: Kevin Bennett

Guests: Maurizio, Francesca, Cristina, Suzie, Peter, Wayne, Celia, Paul, Dana, Mike, Tom, Jay, Larry

Dive Sites:
Sunday: Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove
Monday: The Aquarium, Driftwood, The Dome
Tuesday: Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive
Wednesday: Pele’s Playground, Never Neverland, Manuka Bay Thursday: Catacombs, Land of Oz, Rob’s Reef, Pelagic Magic Friday: Turtle Pinnacle

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 – Aloha from the Kona Aggressor II. Today we welcomed 13 guests visiting from Italy, the U.K., Arizona, Boston, and several of our neighbors from Maui.

Chef Kevin prepared an enjoyable Hawaiian buffet with mango BBQ pork ribs, teriyaki chicken, and smoked beef sausage. It wouldn’t be complete without his cilantro lime kale coleslaw and baked beans. After dinner, we finished off the evening with a delightful tropical cheesecake.

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 – Our morning began with warm, sunny skies at Kolokos Arches. We were welcomed by a manta within the first few minutes of our dive. We then continued exploring the many arches and canyon this dive site has to offer. On our second dive at Kolokos we saw a spotted eagle ray and some octopuses.

We cruised over to Garden Eel cove for the remainder of the day. While hooking up we saw a rare monk seal swimming at the surface! Throughout the day at GEC we saw schools of goatfish, Hawaiian garden eel, and a variety of moray eels. The night dive

here was epic! There were at least a dozen manta rays swimming in every direction. All of our guests came back with huge smiles on their faces. Incredible.

Chef Kevin made a delicate poke complimented by sushi rolls for starters and then Cornish hens with coconut rice and mixed vegetables for dinner. We completed the evening with a chocolate mousse cake and special hot chocolate after our manta night dive.

Monday, August 21st, 2017 – We’re off to an amazing morning at Aquarium with two white tip sharks (one being as long as 6 feet), turtles, milletseed butterflyfish, pyramid butterflyfish, and a black leaf scorpionfish.

After lunch we motored south to Driftwood exploring one of Hawaii’s mystical underwater lava tubes. We found ghost shrimp, slipper lobsters and some nudibranchs.

We finished the day at The Dome. Our guests came up pretty excited reporting they saw a Triton’s Trumpet going after a crown of thorns. They also found a Commerson’s frogfish and a viper moray.

Chef Kevin prepared a pineapple salad and a local Hapu seabass with brocolli and blue cheese mashed potatoes for dinner. Our meal was complete with a decadent macadamia nut brownie sundae.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 – It’s a beautiful morning at Paradise Pinnacle with calm waters and warm weather. We spent two dives here exploring the large underwater pinnacle and the little remaining black coral and hawkfish. It was awesome. Later we found three red-stripe pipefish, a juvenile frogfish, and ghost shrimp. One of our guests said this was by far his favorite dive of the week!

The Hive was a blast in the afternoon. We kept finding so many cool underwater creatures. On the first dive we spent our time in and around the cave. We found a couple of frogfish on this dive. For our second dive, we explored the shallows and another cool swim through finding tons of spiny tailed lobsters, flat rock crabs, and two leaf scorpion fish. After the shallows we swam back to the hive and found gold lace nudibranchs, varicose phyllidias, a magnificent snake eel, and another snake eel we have yet to identify! It was such an adventurous afternoon.

Chef Kevin made grilled a flank steak with chimichurri sauce, roasted red potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. We finished the evening apple crumble a la mode for dessert.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 – We spent our first dive at Pele’s Playground hoping to find some hammerheads, but no luck. We were happy with the bandit angelfish found in the deep depths of this dive though.

We cruised over to Never Neverland for our second dive seeing a large school of Thompson’s butterflyfish and pyramid butterflyfish.

We ended our day at Manuka Bay. There was a solo dolphin hanging around our boat that some guests decided to snorkel over to. After lunch we had fun exploring all the lava fingers with arches and swim-thrus. We spotted a school of barracuda, a three foot white tip shark, a Whitley’s boxfish, a flame angelfish, and then a small pod of dolphins came at the end of our late afternoon dive.

Chef Kevin prepared a Waldorf salad for starters then grilled salmon and served it with a cauliflower mash and green beans. The night ended with Key Lime pie for dessert and a rich hot chocolate.

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 – It was a nice morning at Catacombs despite the surge and current taking place in opposing directions. We found a peacock flounder, a lizardfish, and some of the more usual suspects.

After our first dive at Catacombs, we explored Land of Oz nearby. We followed a tall wall along the “yellow brick sand” keeping our eyes open for octopus in the rubble until we hit a coral garden patch.

In the afternoon we went over to Rob’s Reef diving the beautiful coral reef into a large lava tube where we found a different types of lobsters and tons of flat rock crabs. We then explored some cool structures nearby and found a fried egg nudibranch and gold lace nudibranch almost side by side.

Chef Kevin grilled filet mignon to perfection with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner. Our night was completed with a rich coconut crème brulee.

Friday, August 25th, 2017 – Turtle Pinnacle was an amazing way to spend our last day with active underwater life. Besides the large schools of squirrelfish, we found a giant turtle hanging around at the turtle station and a manta roaming about at the same time. There was an abundance of squirrelfish schools, a tiger snake eel, a juvenile psychedelic razorwrasse, and a viper eel. On our official last dive we went on a scavenger hunt and Celia won the prize!

At the end of our day, we awarded four iron divers at our cocktail party. We had a wonderful week with all our guests traveling from different parts of the world.