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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Crew




Saturday around 1:30pm we started sailing from our dock in Puntarenas to Coco’s island with 20 guest from diferent countries, most of them, this time, from France.

After 6 hours we were facing a storm with strong wind and waves just starting our crossing of 34 hours to get to Coco’s. On the other hand , we got to see dolphins,turtles,swordfish jumping out of the water and also , the humpback whales, which are migrating this time of year.


Firts day in Coco we woke up at 6:00 am and we were already in this amazing island , geting ready for the check dive.It was Chatham bay with lots of fish ,rays and some hammerheads around,the second dive was in Manuelita island and we had all those hammerheads geting close to us,all of the sudden a huge Tiger show up and pleople were so exiting to see how beatiful they are,it was crossing by and had no interest on us.


Next day we went to Dirty Rock and Punta María,the first dive on Dirty Rock the hammerheads were out in blue water swiming back and forward , a unique sight!

Punta María was quite good with some Galápagos sharks in the cleaning station,these barber fish, sure have to work hard !!

Wednesday morning we headed to Alcyone,this is on the east side of Coco’s Island and one of the best places to see big schools of hammerheads .The current was slightly strong and this is what the sharks like.When I jumped in the water they were also some galápagos sharks swiming around together with silky sharks .

The next dive was in Manuelita deep and then we went down to 35mt/100ft to the sandy bottom to see this amazing activity of Sharks,it’s like a highway,they were close to the sand and they where coming from left and right.

Day five at the island we were facing the most challenging and exciting diving sites, Big and Small Dos Amigos,we dove small dos amigos first and it was full of Galápagos sharks….at least they were 25 in total and the action never stopped.All of the sudden a 8 mts whale shark crossed by and then dolphis got his place .There is no words to describe how exited we were on this dive!!

On day sixth , we got back to Punta María and Dirty Rock and the action got better towards the end of the week,huge Galápagos getting cleaned and hammerheads literally everywhere.

Last day we were just expecting the best of the the best and we got what we wanted….the Magic of Coco’s Island;lots of hammerheads ,whale sharks,humpback whales,dolphins,mantas and tons of fish everywhere.


Thanks to our gest this week.Looking forward to having you onboard again!



Bryan,Michael,Beatrice,Enrico,Nicolás,Paul,Ioanna,Jenny,Bertrand,Ruediger,Michelle,Henna,Anna Isabel,María Rosa,Mathew,Aimee,Jean Marie,Michael T,Gustavo and Mírela.