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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 02, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

September 2-9, 2017


Sea State: choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 90oF

Avg. Water Temp: 81oF

Avg. Visibility: 70ft+



Captain - Jerome

Chef – Yanis

Engineer - Fermin

Stewardess – Randy

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Dive Master- Monique


Saturday September 9, 2017

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:00 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:00 PM – Food time!


We are always delighted to be a part of a duo composed by a father and son, and this week, we welcomed Dwayne and Garrison, and Ari and Ali to enjoy some adventures together. We also enjoyed the company of Erin and Caroline, Jesse, Rick, Tim, Joel , Rob, Larry, Chrissy, Deborah, Colm, and Tony and Donna.


Sunday September 10, 2017           

Dive Sites: Black Beauty & Front porch

Aboard the Belize Aggressor III, we departed early morning still under the moonlight. We were encountered on the way with a beautiful sunrise followed by a wonderful day. Since the winds blew stronger from the west, we ventured on our first checkout dive on the east side of Turneffe Atoll; the site, Black Beauty. For the second dive, we chose Front Porch. The day was filled with beautiful marine life that included a couple of hawksbill turtles. We were also enthused when finding a golden tail moray. A green moray eel also let us catch a glimpse of it, as well as a large channel clinging crab mischievously tucked in under coral head. It was indeed a busy day under the sea and the divers were thrilled to find so many things. Lettuce sea slugs, white lined toad fish, scorpion fish. There was also a curious remora that lingered around for a while that made divers run through their air a little faster than usual. It was an awesome day to welcome the guests to the waters of Belize.

Monday September 11, 2017

Dive Sites: Grand Bogue & Cathedral

After spending a night on the east side of Turneffe, we ventured further north to explore more of the Atoll at Grand Bogue. Again, we found several toad fish, and a huge rough tail stingray, a black tip reef shark, a hawksbill turtle, a very long free swimming green moray eel and a spotted eagle ray. A truly terrific dive to stay on the hype of the previous day.

At lunch time, we crossed over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll and made a stop at Cathedral. With light westerly winds, the water was clear enough to give us about 90ft in visibility and tons of fish and creatures. At the end of the dive, we couldn’t get over the stories about being circled by sharks for almost ten minutes. The back deck was the loudest during surface time after this awesome dive. After the buzz died down a bit, we heard the other stories of turtles and neck crabs and other fish. We could definitely tick this day a s most memorable one.


Tuesday September 12, 2017

Dive Site: Bluehole, Halfmoon Caye Wall & Silver Caves

The sun, the light, the wind; everything about the day signalled a great day for venturing through the dark coral patches in the reef and into the middle of the atoll for some deep diving exploration. The various hues of blues and aqua greens of the pristine waters of Lighthouse Reef Atoll stimulated all our senses and created the perfect scene to relax and prepare for a mystical dive inside the Great Bluehole of Belize. While sinking in the blue depths to 130ft, the cold water awakened us from the previous mirage-like boat ride. We were ready to explore the amazing geological formations of this sunken natural treasure. And for one of our guests, this was a very special dive, as it was 100th dive. Way to go Tim!!!

We danced again through the patch reef and headed over to Halfmoon Caye Wall. For this dive, it ended up being called “interesting wall”. As we descended to the bottom, stingrays were busily feeding over the sand that was packed with garden eels, razor fish, and headshield slugs. As we were swimming back to the mooring block, where found squat anemone shrimp, sail fin blennies and smaller crabs. Other divers ventured off to explore the wall and had very close encounters with reef sharks, as well as Eagle rays. It seemed as if there was never a dull moment at Halfmoon Caye Wall. We decided to explore the breakage in the middle of the reef, and swam from the wall side to the sand side and again to the wall side.

We moved over to Silver Caves for the final afternoon and night dive. Once there, we observed two reef sharks, but they never came close enough to be called sneaky shark encounters. With great visibility, we took every chance we could get to take the next best reef photo. The wall was very busy, with schools of creole wrasse patrolling every edge. As we got closer to the boat, several tarpons and schools of horse eye jack awaited our return.


Wednesday September 13, 2017

Dive Site: Lighthouse Wall & Painted Wall

We decided to explore more sites around the Halfmoon Caye area, and went over to Lighthouse Wall. Not only were we happy to explore the beauties of the underwater world, but also just walking around the back offered such great views of turquoise waters, coupled with the island on the background and the old lighthouse seemed like the perfect nature photography setting. The settings below the surface matched perfectly to continue on the photography roll. The biodiversity of the Halfmoon Caye area is unmatched and so widely varied that it’s hard to keep tabs on everything. Amongst the creatures that strike a pose for the lenses were the small grass shrimp that were all over the grass bed. Schools of silversides swam tirelessly through the large swim through as we videoed to keep these fantastic memories with us. Eagle rays and sharks were amongst our sightings right along the wall.

We moved again to the north side of Long Caye for afternoon dives to Painted Wall, and again, this was a memory-making site of Belize’s reef. We swam through huge schools of Bermuda chubs, sergeant majors, and a couple tarpons directly below the boat. Up to 3 green moray eels delighted our eyes while they swam around together. ABSOLUTELY NOT NORMAL sighting! It seemed as if luck was on our side this day with animals coming by threes since later we found 3 turtles over both dives. We also made a new “lifelong” friend, a little sea horse, a memory that is sure to replay in our minds for a long long time. Amongst the rest of creatures that we found on those dives were a channel clinging crab, lobsters, painted tunicate, octopus and squids. To finish off the day, we celebrated Tony’s birthday. Happy Birthday again Tony!!!


Thursday September 14, 2017

Dive Sites: Chain Wall & Long Caye Wall

With the week winding down on us and the mood calming down, we decided to get hyped up again. For this, we looked for some good old-fashioned fun at the dive site called Chain Wall. Sadly, the first dive was a little quiet compared to what we were expecting, but that sure was about to change. We dropped back into the water for dive number 2. Right away we had sharks pop in on us and promptly disappear to reappear again later on as we moved along the wall and on top of the reef. We definitely had many chances to take great photos and videos of our large friends. We also got the chance to see eagle rays swimming below the wall. On the sand bed, several conchs made the sandy bottom look rubbly with their tough rock-looking shells. We found some lobsters, stingrays, flounder, a Nassau Grouper and a huge barracuda. Not a bad dive after all.

We crossed again to the west side of Long Caye for our final afternoon and night dive. This bountiful section of reef reverberated with tons of small creatures and fish. The busily moving creole wrasse mixed with tons of fairy basslet and blue chromis. A great spot to shoot with our macro lenses.


Friday September 15, 2017

Dive Sites: Julie’s Jungle

Early morning, we moved across to west side of long Caye on our way back to Belize City. We finished off our week of diving with two final dives at Julie’s s. The dives were quite relaxed and laid back, observing the white bottoms where we spotted a Pederson’s shrimp and banded coral shrimp amongst others. This beautiful wall left our divers with nothing but great memories of diving in Belize as well as Lighthouse atoll.


We sincerely congratulate our Iron Divers for this week, Tim, Rick, Dwayne, Jesse, Ali, Rob, Colm and Tony very well done guys! The captain and crew take this time to thank our guests for choosing to dive with the Belize Aggressor III and bid you farewell, always hoping that we enthused you to come back to Belize and dive with us again.