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Log Date: Saturday, Sep 16, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


Roatan Aggressor Captains Log

September 16-23, 2017.



Water Temp: 79- 82 degrees F

Exposure Suit: 3mm full to Board shorts


Saturday: 18 guests this week on the beautiful, Roatan Aggressor. Guests from the United States and Argentina joined us for this weeks adventure in diving the bay islands. Everyone seemed excited as they arrived at the dock. There were some familiar faces from other Aggressor trips and every one was very complimentary on the appearance of the yacht, inside and out. Almost everyone boarded at 3:30pm, setting up their dive and camera gear. Kicking the week off with Chef Dorians tasty BBQ ribs & jerked chicken.


Sunday: 6am we started the engines and off we went to our first dive site, Eel garden. This beautiful sight is in West Bay. Some of the highlights of this sight were spotted eagle rays, free swimming green morays, secretary blennies, and turtles. We also had the privilege of some massive channel clinging crabs, as well as Spotted Spiny lobsters and Caribbean lobsters. There were several cleaning stations that were abundant with Pederson Cleaning Shrimp, inside and out of large groupers mouths. Next up was Taviannas Wall. Here we were greeted by several turtles, a jr.spotted drum, several sail fin blennies and sting rays.


Monday: 5:30 AM we began our journey to the islands of Cayos Cochinos. This area is known for its beautiful Sea mounts, located several miles off shore. Rising from the sea floor, these beautiful natural structures, offer an abundance of sea life. Upon descending, our guests were greeted by an abundance of Ocean triggers. Schools of jacks & bonito were in abundance. Large groupers & barracudas patrolled the walls edge looking for their next meal. On the surface a Atlantic triple fin was seen swimming by the ship. After a short trip in shore, we stopped at our afternoon dive sight, Toon Town. Named for its variety of tunicates, this sight is always a favorite for divers. Schools of creole wrasse, spadefish, horse-eyed jacks were all in attendance. A toad fish, harlequin pipefish, juvenile file fish and a spiny lobster with eggs were also seen. The night dive was spent at Spanish Bay. Back on the boat we had hot chocolate and shared some great pictures of the night dive.


  1. A early morning commute west (the good kind) to the island of Utila, brought us to the first dive sight of the day, Black Hill. This was our first drift dive of the trip. Schools of jacks & barracuda greeted our guests. Several cleaning stations were open for business, with several species of sea life lining up for a service. Juvenile trunkfish, slender filefish & a juvenile yellow tail damsel were seen. Next up was Little bight. A shallow dive sight but a good one. Upside down jellyfish, jack knife, juvenile lion fish and a margin tail conger eel were a few of the sea life seen. Last afternoon dive sight was Jack Neal. Highlight of the dive was, yes, TWO sea horses. The night dive was at Spotted Bay. Lots of star fish & nudis dominated this dive.


  1. After pulling up anchor at Spotted Bay, we headed around to the east side of Utila. Always keeping our eyes peeled for that elusive whale shark. Our morning dives were on the Pinnacle. Barber pole lobster, giant puffer, queen angels and schooling spade fish were some of the sea life seen. We left Utila 11:00AM and had a great lunch on the sun deck. Arriving back in Roatan at our afternoon sight, Half Moon Bay. This sight is known for its cuts and crevices and swim thrus. The afternoon and night dive were on Black Rock. A spotted eagle ray, turtles and nudis were seen. The night dive gave way to Captain Nester feeding an octopus a tasty lion fish. Great day of diving.



Thursday:  After a good nights sleep we moved to the south side of Roatan for the early morning dive at Cara a Cara. Cara a Cara means face to face in Spanish. When you say that and sharks in the same sentence, you know its going to be memorable. Lots of grey reef sharks did exactly that. A great encounter with many of these magnificent animals. Our 2nd dive sight was the Islands famous, Marys Place. Beautiful swim thrus are the trademark of this awesome sight. A skeleton shrimp and several varieties of nudibranchs were seen. Also a free swimming green moray. Our resident juvenile grouper, Champ, came out to say hello to all the guests.




Our last two dives were At Mr. Bud. A small fishing vessel/wreck, with an abundance of sea life on and around it. A lone eagle ray was seen off the wall. Arrow & decorator crabs were seen on the wreck, as well as, several nudibranchs. Silver sides were still in abundance throughout the wreck.


Friday: Our last sight for the week was Pirates Pointe. A goudy clown crab, corkscrew anemone, green moray & lots of flamingo tongues were seen. Time to head back to the dock and clean up the gear. Guests enjoyed a beautiful Roatan day & wonderful cocktail party.


Saturday: It always comes too soon. Time to say our good byes. Special congrats to our IRON DIVERS: Soledad, Ezequiel, Alan, John, Dan & Glenn. Hasta la proxima vez. Until next time.




Captain & Crew

Roatan Aggressor