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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 16, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Sept 16th to 23th 2017


Guests Pat & Kristen, Kevin & Lorraine, Jennifer & Eric, Sean & Megan, Grady, Bill, Jason, Jean, Anne, Maxine, Bob & Jacqui

Crew Capt Alan, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water temp 83f

Air temp 87f
Exposure Protection
Swim suits, Board Shorts, Rash Guards.

Saturday Welcome back to Cayman Jennifer & Eric, Maxine, Jean and Jason. Always nice to see familiar faces onboard. With fair winds around the Cayman Islands we boarded all our guests by 4 pm, pulled off the dock and cruised all the way to Little Cayman. As our exited guests were listening to our safety we were motoring towards Bloody Bay. We arrived at 1:00am after a pleasant moderate crossing.

Sunday Our first site of the day was a classic Bloody Bay favorite: Randy’s Gazebo, with chutes, swim thru’s, friendly groupers and a lush healthy reef, it was clear to see why Little Cayman is the Jewel of Caribbean diving. Next up was The Meadows for our afternoon dive, also an equally impressive site, Turtles, Eagle Rays, Green Moray Eels, Schooling Snappers and a Grey reef Shark off in the distance. We moved again to Nancy’s cup of Tea for our late in the day dive and night dive. The light and life on here was spectacular, blue chromis, creole wrasse and horse eye jacks all dazzling us with their large numbers. After a five star dinner by our Popular Chef Kingsley we explored this site at night. By all accounts it was a busy night dive with large lobsters, channels crabs, moray eels and a sleeping turtle. All in all a great start to our week, to finish off a great day of diving we spoiled our guests with hot towels, hot chocolate and of course our hot tub.

Monday The engines roared to life shortly before 6am as we set off for Cayman Brac to dive the Russian Destroyer. We splashed into the warm, crystal clear water at 8am and began to explore the massive wreck from bow to stern. A friendly Nassau Grouper joined up with divers around the bow and hung around throughout the dive. An Eagle Ray was also spotted by Kevin and Lorraine feeding off in the sand. Also spotted were some Turtles and a Goliath Grouper! Leaving the Brac behind he headed back to our favorite site on Bloody Bay- 3 Fathom Wall where massive schools of Chubb, Schoolmaster, Blue Chromis, and Goatfish were swarming all around us. Highlights of the afternoon dives were some Nurse Sharks free swimming from group to group, a small brown Eel, and a Yellow Ray. When divers returned it was time for a delicious dinner of Roasted Pork Loin to end the night.

Tuesday Our 13 eager divers got ready for a dawn dive at 3 Fathom wall. The sunrise was picture perfect as we splashed in to the water. Along the reef the usual suspects were waiting for us: schoolmasters, goatfish, chubs and snappers. A friendly nurse shark was spotted swimming along the sand and eagle eye Aubri found the illusive jawfish with eggs, a sight to behold. After which we offered breakfast alfresco which was enjoyed by all of our early morning divers. Next up was Randy’s Gazebo, which was an epic dive; the friendly groupers are what make the diving here in Little Cayman so special. During a mouthwatering Italian style lunch we splashed again, this time the Great Wall, which traditionally our final dive here in Little Cayman. Freddy, our star attraction was as usual melting hearts with his flamboyant charisma, as well as four turtles, a nurse shark, spotted drum and cleaning stations give our divers lasting memories of Bloody Bay. Once everyone was safely back onboard we cranked our engines and cruised back toward Grand Cayman.  

Wednesday The USS Kittiwake was our first dive of the day. This majestic ship was built in 1946 and decommissioned in 1994, designed as a submarine rescue vessel, supply training and support to the Navy for close to 50 years, sank in 2011, the wreck makes for a fantastic dive, swim thru’s galore and marine life in abundance. Next up was the world famous Stingray City, developed in the early 80ies and slowly become the most popular dive in the Caymans. The visibility today was stunning, the interaction with these rays always entertains us, our winner this week for the largest hickey went to Lorraine, with many runners up!! During a cheese burger lunch we cruised to Hammerhead Hill, located on the North Wall. The sheer wall here is impressive. A mutton snapper followed us along for the entire dive. We cruised back to the Kittiwake for the remainder of the day, the schooling jacks, creole wrasse and snappers were out feeding along with a sleepy looking hawksbill turtle. At night the reef comes alive. Squid, Crabs Eels and Turtles were all seen on the reef while on the wreck dozens of sea urchins were spotted walking on the decks.

Thursday We have arrived once again to our last full day of diving for the week, with that in mind we planned an action packed day with five dives at three different sites all before dinner! First on our list was Big Tunnels where we found a flounder, Scorpion Fish, Decorator Crab, and a Channel Crab in between checking out some of the best swim throughs in Grand Cayman. While having lunch we moved over to the Governor’s Reef to catch one afternoon dive and came across five Turtles, a Juvenile Queen Angel Fish, Spotted Drum, and Snapping Shrimp! Once everyone was back aboard we picked up the ladders and headed to the wreckage of the Oro Verde for two more dives before Our Thanksgiving dinner and movie presentation.

Friday We cruised to a site called Lost Treasure for our first dive of the day, legend has it that the anchor dates back to the 15th century, nestled in 40 feet of water. Along the reef a hawksbill turtle gracefully swam with us, a juvenile nurse shark was spotted sleeping in the reef and a mantis shrimp was seen hiding in the rubble. Next up was Devil’s Grotto which was the perfect way to end our charter, with swim thru’s, crevices, and caves for our divers to explore and a large school of tarpon. Sadly it was that time to start washing and drying our gear and to make our way back to the dock.

Congrats to Bob & Jacqui for completing their Nitrox & Advance courses, also to Pat for taking his advance, and finally to Anne for completing her Nitrox, also well done to Bill, Anne for completing 50 dives, Grady for making 200 dives, Pat for 250 and Jennifer for completing 500 Dives.

As always thank you to all our guests and crew for making this week a safe and enjoyable experience.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.