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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 23, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Sept 23th to 30th 2017


Guests Brett, Tim & Melodye, Micheal& Tom, Doug & Mychale, Joy & David, Larry & Patty, Warren & Maria, Tom, Melissa, Tom, & Rob.

Crew Capt. Alan, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri and Justin.

Water temp83f

Air temp87f
Exposure Protection
Swim suits, Board Shorts, Rash Guards.

Saturday Another smooth turnaround and we are ready again to welcome aboard 17 guests. Welcome back Tim, Melodye, Micheal,Tom, and the Jones Family. We pulled off the dock and motored up to the Seven Mile beach coast. After our safety briefing and introductions we were dazzled by Chef Kingsley’s famous Jerk Chicken and BBQ ribs. The sunset was picture perfect. As our guest started to call it a day, we picked up our final guest and welcomed him to his home for the week.

Sunday We started our week at the USS Kittiwake, a favorite dive among guests and crew. As we explored the inside of this majestic we found a star fish, arrow head crabs, several parrotfish and even a pistol shrimp. The reef along here is equally impressive with turtles, eagle rays and schools of chubs, jack and wrasse. During lunch we cruised around to the north side of Grand to a site called Babylon, this is the most popular site Cayman, mainly because of the pinnacle that starts at 90 feet and goes up 60, coral encrusted, with sea fans, sea whips, sponges and black coral that looks like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Our eagle eye guest Tom spotted a sea horse hiding in plain sight at 60 feet. For Mychale on her 3rd dive since certification this was going to make a lasting memory. After Babylon we prepared the vessel for travel and pointed towards Bloody Bay.Little Cayman here we go!!

Monday Our first dive of the day was at Randy’s Gazebo, the visibility was 100 feet or more and the reef was alive with fish, the friendly groupers that live here are what make Bloody Bay so special, one grouper followed us around for the entire dive. The top of the reef is so healthy with fans, whips sponges, coral heads and a nurse shark was sleeping under our mooring. Next up was Lea Lea’s Lookout, another favorite, the wall here is pristine. The crevice leads out onto the wall that is a divers delight, we swam around magic round about and along to the great room. The marine life here is in abundance and the schooling chubs, snappers and goat fish all swimming in the same direction. Next up was the Meadows, located in Jackson Bight. The mooring here is at 20 feet, the maze is a series of coral heads that are the size of a bus, with critters and groupers galore. Eagle rays, turtles, sharks and of course Cosmo: our resident grouper stayed with us for the dive, the reef was alive with activity. All in all a splendid day of diving.

Tuesday Kingsley started off our day with some delicious Eggs Benedict- the perfect fuel for a morning of diving. Our first site, Meadows, was truly amazing with Nurse Sharks, Eagle Rays, Peacock Flounder, and Reef Sharks all coming in close and delighting photographers. After all the morning’s excitement it was time to sit back and eat some cinnamon rolls while we cruised back to Lea Lea’s Lookout (by special request) for two more dives. Everyone enjoyed getting to explore the cavernous swim throughs a bit more and playing with Lucy the friendly Grouper. Other highlights include a couple of hungry Turtles, a big green Moray Eel, and a Spotted Eel. It was a great day of diving but sadly it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Little Cayman. Next stop- Grand Cayman for more epic dives!

Wednesday We began our day at the wreck of the Oro Verde. The marine life was abundant. As soon as we descended we were welcomed by two Spotted Drums. One was a juvenile circling and dancing while the second was a bit larger, intermediate showing off his newly acquired spots. Our attention was drawn away as Fin, the Nurse Shark swam directly though our group of divers. Within minutes, three Hawksbill Turtles were spotted, as well as a pair of large, friendly Porcupine fish. Next up was the second part of a double play of wreck diving as we descended onto the wreck of the Doc Poulson. The sponges and soft corals that adorn the wreck are stunning as the myriad of colors grab your attention. We moved to Governor’s Reef for an afternoon and night dive. We encountered a feeding Spotted Eagle Ray, a friendly and inquisitive Hawksbill Turtle and a large Green Moray Eel. At night the reef becomes alive within minutes, an Octopus was spotted as it was hunting along through the reef, a pair of large Lobsters were spotted as well as several Channel Crab out foraging for their nightly meal.

Thursday The smell of bacon and coffee lured divers out of their cozy beds on this fine Thursday morning. There looked to be a break in the clouds so a few early risers headed up to the sundeck to enjoy some Caribbean views before breakfast. The ringing of the dive bell signaled that it was time to splash at Round Rock- a very cool site with swim throughs galore. We did two dives here with the feeding Turtles, Stingrays, and large schools of reef fish before heading up for lunch and movie/game time. Our compass was set for a site called Angel Fish Reef in the afternoon. True to the name we spotted several Angel Fish and Larry saw the first Queen Angel Fish he’d seen all week! The beauty of this site however is taking in all of the small critters there are to find on the reef like Snapping Shrimp, Crinoids, Peterson Cleaning Shrimp, and of course all of the juvenile reef fish! After spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing we arrived at our traditional Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week to wrap up the evening.

Friday We enjoyed waffles and eggs before we splashed again at Angel fish reef, and turned out to be the best dive of the entire week,eagle rays, nurse sharks, feeding turtles, in the shallows we found a yellow headed jawfish with eggs!! As our divers ascended to the safety stop we were dazzles by the amount of fish life that is here. Sadly it was that time of the week to start washing down equipment and Congrats to David and Joy for being the greatest buddies of the week, also to Tom for completing 250 dives, to Maria for completing 300 dives and to Melodye for completing 400 dives!! Also well done to all our Iron divers this week especially Tom at 82 still ready to splash any time he can.

From all the crew here in Cayman thank you for a safe and enjoyable week of diving.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.