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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 07, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


​Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log
7th - 14th October 2017

Air Temp - 86-90deg F
Water Temp - 76 Deg F

Exposure - 3MM wetsuit, Shorty / Rash Guard

Captain     David Patterson
Engineer     Dave Millard
Chef         Marco Moroni
Instructor     Gabi Ruben
Instructor     Alexandra Quint
Instructor     Caitilin Tincher

Guests - Phil, John, Ray, Ariel, Luis, Bill, Janie, Ron, Dennis, Christian, Bobby, Barry, Kurt

Saturday 7th October 2017
The crew welcomed 13 divers onboard for a week of live aboard diving. Once everyone was onboard and the welcome briefing was taken care of we departed the dock to head to the Exumas. We arrived at our anchorage a little before midnight.

Sunday 8th October
We kicked off our week of diving at the ever popular Pillar Wall. This wall dive features numerous large coral pinnacles that look like huge Pillars. Here we see Caribbean Reef Sharks, Parrotfish, Groupers and Caribbean spiny lobsters. After a wonderful dive we then moved over to Whale Tail Wall for our second dive. Here we saw more sharks, Eagle rays, Blennies, Sanppers and Trumpetfish. Next up for us was the wreck of the Austin Smith. We dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water and we were quickly swarmed by Reef Sharks. The sharks swam close by our divers which gave them all fantastic picture opportunities.
We then spent the afternoon and evening dives at Madsion Avenue.
After the night dive we crossed over the Exuma Sound to Eleuthera.

Monday 9th October
The first dive site of choice was Cut N Run. This site gains its name due to the wreckage of both and aircraft and a ships anchor. Guests explored the wreck area as well as heading down the wall to check it out too. Here we saw Many Barracuda, Groupers, Permit, Jacks and Snappers.
We then moved over to Cut Thru City for our 2nd and 3rd dive. We explored the wonderful swim throughs were we saw Fairy Baslets, Shrimp, Lionfish, Tilefish, Cowfish as well as Parrotfish, Hogfish and a couple of very friendly Barracuda hanging out underneath the boat.
We completed the days diving at Cave Rock. Here we saw Channel Clinging Crabs, Yellow Headed jawfish, Arrow Carb, Horse Eyed Jacks, Southern Rays and Spotted Eels.

Tuesday 10th October
First up for us was Cobia Cage. This unique dive site is like no other out there. A huge cage which is suspended in mid water used to house Cobia but now it is an underwater attraction for divers to explore. Here we see Schools of Spade fish and Horse Eye Jacks. We also saw many Arrow head crabs on the cage itself.
We then moved the boat to Monolith where we spent 2 dives. Here we saw A green Sea Turtle, 3 Moray Eels, Southern Stingrays and Reef Sharks.
We ended the day on Tunnel Rock wehre we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and night dive.

Wednesday 11th October
First up for us was Hole in the Wall, Here we saw Lemon Rays, Stingrays, French Grunts and Yellow Tail Snappers. We then moved down to Split Coral Head where we spent two dives playing with the sharks. Again we dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water and watched as the sharks zoomed close by us.
After two wonderful dives we then decided to dove Jakes Hole. Here we saw Lobsters, Crabs, Barracuda, Permit, Parrotfish, Eels and Nurse Sharks.

Thursday 12th October
First up for us was a pre breakfast dive on Knucklehead. Here we saw Lemon Rays, Filefish, Arrow Crabs, Banded Shrimp and a hairy clam. Great find! We then picked up The Kracken. This is another wonderful shallow dive site where we could explore the myriad of swim throughs. We saw file fish, Grunts Snappers and Hogfish.
We then left Eleuthera and headed back over the Exuma Sound to the Exuma islands. Our next dive site of choice was Crab Reef where we completed one dive. Here we saw Turtles, Cowfish and Reef Sharks, as well as Crabs…Of course.
We then completed our day of diving at the ever popular Barracuda Shoals.

Friday 13th October.
We started off the day with a pre breakfast dive on Lobster No Lobster. Here we saw Lobsters, Crabs, Eels, Sharks and many different kind of reef fish. We then moved back toward Nassau and to our final dive site - The Blue Hole.
This is always a great way to end the trip. The Guests saw the many different species of sharks that live here. We also saw the resident Turtles as well as the myriad of different reef fish that call the Blue Hole home.
Alas it was time to head back into civilization. We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party prior to taking dinner ashore.

Thank you for a wonderful week of diving, we hope to see you all again soon

Until then, safe travels and happy bubbles

The Bahamas Crew!