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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 


14th - 21st October 2017



Air Temp - 86-90deg F

Water Temp - 76 Deg F


Exposure - 3MM wetsuit, Shorty / Rash Guard



Captain David Patterson 

Engineer Dave Millard

Chef Marco Moroni

Instructor Gabi Ruben

Instructor Alexandra Quint

Instructor Joshua Foster


Guests - Yadira, Mark, Iris, Hank, Ron, Josh, Rachel, Scott, Michael, Mel, Kim, Tom & Blaine


Saturday 14th october

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 13 divers aboard for a week long diving extravaganza. Once everyone was onboard and had set up their equipment we issued the welcome and safety briefing. We then left the dock for an overnight crossing to the Exumas. 


Sunday 15th october

We kicked off the week of diving at the wonderful Jewfish Wall. On this dive we saw Reef Sharks, Silky Sharks and a whole host of smaller critters such as Parrotfish, Grunts, snappers and nudibranchs. We then then moved over to Whale Shark Wall for a couple of dives. Here we saw more sharks, rays, lion fish and a green sea turtle. 

We ended our day on the shallow dive site Lobster no Lobster. 


Monday 16th october

First up for us was the wall dive Crab Mountain. This wonderful site has been an ever present in our itinerary. We explored the numerous cuts and canyon ways that lead us out onto the wall. Here we saw Sharks, rays, turtles, eels and plenty of reef fish. 

We then moved North to Dog Rocks for our 2nd and 3rd dive of the day. This dive site is a firm favorite with everyone who dives it. The myriad of swim throughs and overhanging ledges will make you want to keep diving here for a very long time. 

Here we saw Nassau Grouper, Tiger Grouper, Wrasse, Hamlets, Barracuda, Christmas tree worms, Horse eyed jacks and many sharks. 

After two wonderful dives we then moved to madison avenue for our afternoon and night dive. We saw grunts, snappers, Barracuda and even squid on the night dive which was a real treat


Tuesday 17th October 

First dive site up was Pillar Wall. Here we saw a majestic Eagle Ray, Roughtail rays, Reef sharks, Barracuda and much more. We then moved to the Austin Smith where we played with the uber friendly reef sharks. Our divers saw upward of 15 reef sharks up close and personal. 

We then moved down to cracked coral head for the next dive site of the charter. Here we saw porgy, Barracuda, Conch and Angelfish. 

We then moved the boat south into the Exuma land and sea park for our afternoon and night dive. We opted to dive Danger Reef. Over the course of two dives we saw Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Horse Eyed jacks, Blennies, Jawfish, Grunts and parrotfish. 

After the night dive the crew then moved the yacht south toward the swimming pigs of stainless cay. 


Wednesday 18th October

We awoke to beautiful calm seas for our morning excursion to see the Swimming Pigs at Staniel cay. We anchored the Bahamas Aggressor close to the beach and then we tendered our guests into the beach on our chase boat. Once on the beach the guests were greeted by around 15 wild pigs. The pigs swam with our divers which made for some incredible picture opportunities.  We then hot footed it north back toward the diving grounds. Next dive site was Wall City. This is a deep wall site that is always a great site to explore. We saw Sharks, Turtles, Barracuda and grunts. Once everybody was back on board we moved around the point to Parrotfish Reef for our afternoon and night dive. We saw nurse sharks, Parrotfish, Jacks, permit and squirrel fish. 


Thursday 19th October

We started our day off at Shroud wall. This wonderful wall site offers us shallow areas to explore as well as the sheer drop off down the wall. We saw Reef Sharks cruising by us in the blue. Eagle rays were spotted in the distance frolicking in the azure blue aqua. We saw a plethora of reef fish adorning the top of the wall which everybody enjoyed. 

We then moved up to Blacktip Wall where we saw Green Morays, Spotted drum, Silversides, Spadefish and eagle rays. 

Next up was Close Mon where we spent one dive exploring the shallows. We finished off with a night dive on Aquarium reef. 


Friday 20th October 

We decided to dive Flat rock prior to having breakfast. Here we saw Slipper Lobster, Decorator Crab, Spotted Eels and Hogfish. We then moved through the yellow banks toward the Blue hole which was to be our final dive site of the charter. The guests loved seeing the Loggerhead turtle, Reef sharks, Nurse Sharks and even silky sharks. 

We then headed back into Nassau toward civilization. We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party on the sundeck prior to taking dinner ashore. 


Congratulations to our iron divers - Scott, Blaine, Hank, Iris, Kim, Ron, Josh, Rachel & Tom. 

Congrats to Tom, Rachel & Iris for completing their 200th dive on this charter


It was also a pleasure to celebrate Mel’s birthday onboard - Happy Birthday Mel! 


Safe travels always 


The Bahamas Aggressor Crew