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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Captains Log

Oct 11th to 21st 2017

Guests Christine & Hans, Timo, Mike, Luann, Josephine & Josh, David, Bob & Gail, Tim & Laura, Della & Jaff & Lorin, Pete, Bill, Buddy.

Crew Capt Niall, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Justin, Steward Latoya.

Air temp 87f

Water temp 81f

Exposure protection 3mm wet suit but still getting away with board shorts & rash guard.

A fun filled 10 day charter was the plan this week and early evening on boarding day we had all guests safely on board and with dinner served and briefings done everyone settled down to get some rest in anticipation of a great week of Cayman diving to come.

Thursday Oct 12th We departed the dock at day break and 20 minutes later we moored over our first dive site , the “ShipReef” Doc Poulson, where we would stay for 2 mornings dives. This coral cover wreck has been on the ocean floor for well over 30 years and has the life and color to prove it. Chef Kingsley served up a delicious Caribbean style lunch as we moved on to sting ray city for a single dive at that famous place. The seas were gentle as we rounded northwest point and entered the north sound and we had a very healthy number of sting rays to entertain us and even had a small lionfish muscle in on the action. Little Cayman was in our sights as we headed out east for a dive a Babylon before turning boat east and making way for the sister islands.

Friday Oct 13th We had a very smooth crossing to gets us to Bloody Bay and our first stop was Randys Gazebo. We did 2 dives at this splendid site and were rewarded turtles and groupers galore for our efforts. Subway lunch was the lunch time culinary delights today and while it was being enjoyed by our happy guests we made the very short run to 3 Fathom Wall for the afternoon and night dives. We had more turtles and super friendly grouper along with schools and schools of chubb, jacks and blue chromis. Our night produced channel crab and lobsters along with sleeping Grouper. We were also delightfully entertained by a school of over 30 squid and an octopus gave us a brief show.

Saturday Oct 14th Our day started at Leah Leahs Lookout and it was truly in splendid color. We had some heavy rain clouds gather but it did nothing to dampen the mood of our happy gang. We again had grouper and turtle action along with a starlit background of blue chromis. A yummy Mexican lunch was served up by Chef Kingsley as we moved the short run to Meadows at the Jackson bight end of Bloody Bay. Meadows produced sharks and eagle rays along with turtles and groupers. The weather gods were intent on sending us strong north east winds so we turned the glass west and made our way back to Grand Cayman.

Sunday Oct 15th A following sea surfed us nicely back to Grand Cayman and we awoke to bright ball of sunshine on a 2 for 1 dive spot at Round Rock and Trinity Caves. The wall is sheer and the drop off immense at Round Rock and the swim thrus at Trinity Caves are truly atmospheric. We had a free swimming moray eel and brief showing from a small reef octopus that was immediately set upon by a marauding band of dog snapper, happily the octopus made a fast and lucky escape and it is safe to say that this little octopus will not venture out in daylight for a long time. Cheese burgers in paradise was the tasty lunch served up by Kingsley as we made the short run to the wreckage of the Oro Verde for the afternoon and night dive. Nurse sharks were the order of the afternoon, we saw one on the 1st afternoon dive and 3 more on the late afternoon dive. We also had several large lobster, 2 delightful spotted drum and yet another green moray eel to entertain us.

Monday Oct 16th An early start saw us head south to the rarely dived Bullwinkle for a couple of morning dives. The site gets its name for the cartoon character and because of the antler shaped elkhorn coral that decorates the hard pan area of the shallows. The site also offers cool chimneys and swim thrus along a large school of resident tarpon. A truly delicious Italian themed lunch was served up as we made the run further along the south coast to Pedros Castle. More cool swim thrus and atmospheric gullies shaped the underwater terrain at Pedros along with a swim to the drop off and some very imposing pinnacles. The seas at Pedros had a steady sideways swell so after the night dive we moved Eagle Ray Rock for some calmer seas.

Tuesday Oct 17th Eagle Ray Rock was how we started our day with 2 glorious morning dives on coral adorned pinnacles and a sheer drop off. Spotted Drum and a delightful green moray eel were cool sightings. The swim thrus and overhangs at eagle ray rock add a true ambiance to the site and overall enjoyment of an excellent way to start any Tuesday. We moved on as Kingsley served up a yummy Asian style lunch and our chosen spot for the afternoon and night dive was another 2 for 1 spot at Lost Treasure and nearby Spanish Anchor. As the dive site name advertised there is a huge 200 year old anchor buried in the reef and although initially hard to find once sighted it is very clearly a very big and old anchor. Spotted drum and lobster were some cool sightings.

Wednesday Oct 18th It was an exciting day for both guest and crew as we would be visiting the USS Kittiwake for the first time since the wreck was moved and tilted from the affects of the brush Cayman had from Hurricane Nate that passed about 300 miles for us the week before. It is indeed now a different dive from before, the wreck now sits much closer to the reef and seems so much more imposing. The lighting is completely different and angles will need some getting used to as walls are now more like ceilings and floors more like walls and the general consensus is the wreck is just as good as dive as it always has been. Our next stop was a single dive at Neptunes Drop Off and a visit with a very busy eagle ray that was hard a work digging in the sand. For our late afternoon and night dive we made the short run to Governors Reef and we had a turtle encounter to beat all turtle encounters. This sizeable turtle seemed like it had mislaid something and was trying its best to find it, it must have done passes right thru the group giving everybody a close up. A lobster then caught our attention as it marched across open sand and next up was a curious moray eel and the day was nicely finished off with a very cool Octopus sighting.

Thursday Oct 19th Our day began with 2 very cool dives at Big Tunnels on the northwest corner of Grand Cayman. More turtles and a lonesome tarpon were among the sighting as we cruised thru some dynamic swim thrus and tunnels. A short hop to Bonnies arch as Kingsley served up authentic fish & chips for lunch was our next move and a couple of dives at Bonnies Arch produced delightful swimming pairs of French angelfish along with a happily feeding turtles and a very curious free swimming green moray eel. As is our tradition on the Cayman Aggressor IV we did a Thursday dusk dive followed by a truly amazing thanks giving dinner, that gave thanks to these wonderful guests for spending their hard earned vacation time with us and also for a very fun yet safe week of diving.

Friday Oct 20th Our chosen spot for the last couple of dives was at an old Cayman favorite Devils Grotto. The resident tarpon were in attendance as usual and the swim thrus were at huge hit as always, a nurse shark was another cool sighting which brought our happy gang back excited and content. Our day ended with a glorious sunset in the back ground of our top deck cocktail party. All talked turned to which Aggressor destination was next on the bucket list and with the addition of new and exciting destinations all the time to the Aggressor world its not such an easy decision, some said Galapagos and some said Oman or even the new Roatan Aggressor and hopefully folks will chose to come back and see us here on the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Until next week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.