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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew




14 October - 24 October

                  Okeanos Aggressor II.


Average Water Temperature 79 F (26 Celsius)

Average Visibility 60 ft-18 m

Wetsuits: 3ml / 5ml, 7ml


Guests: James, Julie, Stefan, Felicia, Alain, Laurence, Prune, Marc, Pierre, Elodie, Ludovic, Fabien, Christine, Florian, Brigitte, Dominique, Sophie, Hirokazu and Mariano.

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Chef Jairol and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward Eduardo, Panga drivers Jheyler and Jorge, Divemaster: Anibal, Esteban R, Carlos:


Crossing /Check out dive

The crossing to the island was a very good time to get the dive gear set up, weight belts ready, wetsuits hanging and to organize the storage of their personal dive gear and locker. Sun and blue sky for most of the trip made it very comfortable for all.


For being the first dive of the trip, it couldn t have start any better, white sandy patches contrasting with

Different types of coral and so many little fish of all colors, what a good start!



The best dives of the week were here, for sure. Tiger shark encounters for about two or three different times on the dive, also to enjoy the busy cleaning station at Manuelita deep with numerous schools of hammerheads coming in and out and also got to see the hammerheads on shallow water on the garden (shallow area of Manuelita), and how to forget the 5 mantas on the first dive there!!!


Dirty Rock

Hammerhead schooling not stop was the constant on this site. As usual we went around the main pinnacle and as current was not that strong we could also fly to the outside 2 pinnacles, having an absolutely amazing dive.


Small & Big Dos Amigos

The whole Okeanos II could fit inside of the Arch (part of Captains briefing for Big Dos Amigos), yes its big and this dive was fabulous, marbles rays, white tip reef sharks on the floor, many kind of tropical fish on the inside part of the arch, hiding from the current.

Small amigos offer a show of hammerheads getting clean while we hold on tight to the rocks because of the strong currents on this dive. It was simply fantastic.




Punta Maria

Descending by the line with moderate current gave us an idea of what to expect. On the cleaning station, a Galapagos shark hangs out alone while waiting for more of them to come. The real action was happening above our heads. The uncountable hammerhead shadows we could see was overwhelming, they came in as the biggest schools that we enjoyed during the week, non stop of countless sharks, as some of our guests said, like a dream come true!



Alcyone was named by Jacques Cousteau .It is the dive site that never disappoints anyone. Galapagos sharks seemed to be curious coming closer and closer each time, while all the cleaning stations were busy and active with hammerheads lining up patiently to take its turns, and guess what! Two dolphins crossed by when we were doing safety stop, incredible.


It was a fantastic diving week as usual in Cocos Island.

After all the rain and stormy weather we have had, it seems that blue skies are slowly back, however, underwater, the visibility is just awesome.

Thanks lots to all our guests.

Looking forward to having you back onboard.


Okeanos Aggressor II.