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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Oct 01, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter oct-1st -8th , 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Dan, Shea, Herence, Dustin, Hector, Shea, Ernan, Joe

On Sunday we welcomed aboard 18 divers from the different places. The crew helped to set up the guests dive gear, and make sure everything was ready. We then gave a orientation to the vessel and safety briefing, before sitting down to our first fine meal prepared by Chef Shea. After dinner we made some final preparations and then hit the sack to get a good night’s rest, ready for the week ahead.

Monday, 11th September. Weather was fine and clear with 5-10 knots from the East. We did our “check out” dive on the Teshio Maru, a Japanese freighter that was sunk in WWII during the Desecrate One operation. Decent Vis, and we found some nudibranchs, twin spot gobies, and some Sake bottles and porcelain from the period. At 1030 we did a second wreck, The Iro, another casualty of the war. Tomato anemones cover the stern king posts, and a bunch of Squid around the mooring line made for some nice photos. We had finished lunch and the Palau Aggressor was now moored at German channel. Our third dive was turtle cove then it was the famous German channel for some manta ray action.

The next morning the guests would wake up to an amazing dive at the Iconic Dive Site, Blue Corner. In this dive the guests would enter the water swim along the wall and come to the corner. Here they would finally get to use the reef hooks that Palau is famous for. We would line up along the lip of the wall and hook in. In front of them would be the wide open ocean with Red Toothed Trigger Fish, Plenty of reef sharks and many schools of fish including barracuda, Jacks, and even a couple Napoleon Wrasse. The next dive would be just up the reef to Blue Holes. Here the guests enter the water and make their down a chimney into a cavern the size of a large house. Here we would see 3 disco Clams, a couple really large barracuda. Then after exiting the cavern the guests make their way down the wall to the blue corner area. Then after a nice lunch we would go to Canyons a sheer wall with lots of schooling red tooth Trigger fish, Lobsters, an abundance of healthy soft and hard corals with cuts and crevasses in the shallow reef. Then on German channel we would see a large Manta ray, also a red anemone, and some large sharks. For the night dive the guests would enjoy Ngemelis Coral Garden. A sloping garden with canyons of sand filled with lizard fish, more lobsters, Sexy Shrimp, and Black Jacks

Wednesday morning we started up the Palau Aggressor 2 early and headed down to Peleliu Island. With the Palau Aggressor safely at anchor we headed out for a dive at Peleliu corner at “the cut”. There were numerous shark actions and a massive school of red snappers just as we hooked in. Then it was New Drop Off, after watching the shark show at the hook in site, we explored the Plateau and found several Turtles, which are so used to divers they usually stay put and pose for photos. Afterwards we did Big drop off and Ngemelis wall and found some cool nudis and big sea fans.


Back to blue corner by popular demand on Thursday morning then to Ngedebus corner for our second. Then our third dive at Barnum’s wall where we spotted a leopard shark laying down on top of the coral at 60’. Afterwards it was back to German channel to check out the manta ray and everything it had to offer. For our night dive we went to German coral garden to do a nice relaxing dive in the beautiful moonlight.

On the final full day of diving we would find ourselves at Ulong Island where Survivor was filmed. The first dive would be at a deep tunnel entrance that would take us to see Helfriechs Dart fish, A few large Nudibranches, and then on down the reef to see a wall full of life and color named Siaes tunnel. Then Sandy paradise for our second dive this site is a crew favorite. It’s got a sandy area where we would see a large Marble Ray swim by to start the dive. Then on the right is the entire pristine reef where we would get to see a yellow reef scorpion fish, two mantis shrimp, a couple large eels, and a few very large Nudibranches to round out the dive. Next we would go to Siaes Corner where there would be lots of Reef sharks and white tip sharks in abundance. We would also get to see a baby eagle ray, Anthias, Barracuda, Nudibranches and even a couple large Moray eels. Ulong Channel for our 4th, where we would do what feels like three dives in one. First a gorgeous wall dive with perfect hard corals. Then when we get to the mouth of the channel we hook in to watch the sharks and schooling jacks and snappers. After twenty minutes of that we unhook and make our way down the channel seeing lots of large grouper, small nudibranches, a tall wall of lettuce coral, and after traversing over the reef to the next part of the channel we would show the guests two 100 plus year old Giant Clams to end the dive on.

Our first dive last day of the charter was at Chandelier caves which comprises of a series of air chambers running back into the rock islands. Surfacing inside the air pockets divers can take out their regs and breathe while checking out the stalactites and crystals. Out the front of the caves is a good spot to see Mandarin fish darting around the coral rubble. Then with our 2nd and final dive was a dive at the “Jake” sea plane. Once used for aerial reconnaissance this Jake now sits in a coral garden in about 50ft of water making it ideal for the last advanced dive of Peak Performance Buoyancy, which was a lot of fun playing games to hone the skills. It is also great for Photographers as the plane is largely intact and would have to be one of the most photographed underwater plane wrecks anywhere.

Saturday night we gathered in the Salon to watch the Photo slide show and have a few drinks to celebrate another wonderful week of diving onboard the Palau Aggressor 2, before going out to dinner in one of Koror’s fine restaurants.

Sunday morning at eight o’clock. Some of the guests will be returning home while others will continue their travels throughout the Pacific. Either way we wish everyone a safe trip and we cannot wait until you return to dive with us again. Thanks for the great week!!