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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Oct 21st to 28th 2017

Guests Beth & John, Vivane & Rodger, John & Majorie, Jenn & Todd, Bryan, Bob, Rose & Bob, Christi & Tom, Pete, Laurie & Peter.

Crew Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Engineer & Instructor Manny, Instructors Justin & Aubri, Steward Oneil.

Water Temp 82f

Air Temp 84f

Exposure protection 3mm wetsuit and even still getting away with board shorts and rashguard.

Saturday We had all guests on board by 5pm so we pushed off the dock and made way for the Doc Poulson dive site. Kingsley prepared a delicious bbq dinner and afterwards we got intros and safety brief done leaving the only thing left to do which was get on with a great week of Cayman diving.

Sunday We awoke to bright sunrise over the west side of Grand Cayman and the sweet scent of eggs to order, homefried potatoes and sausage links. Deck and dive brief done we splashed in for the first of many great dives this week. Schooling jacks and turtles were the order of the morning all with a coral adorn wreck just right by. We made the short hop to the wreck of the Oro Verde for afternoon and night dives and had an abundance of critter sightings, juvenile spotted drum, huge lobster, friendly grouper, a large green moray eel and a feeding nurse shark to mention but a few.

Monday Our day started at one of the best wall sites in Grand Cayman and it was a 2 for 1 deal with Round Rock and Trinity Caves being so close to each other. More schooling jacks and dynamic swim thrus are among the usual delights from these sites and all to a background of 100ft visibility. Kingsley served up a yummy Mexican lunch as we made the ventured around northwest point to test the wave size and sadly the seas were easily in the 5 to 6ft range from the northeast making Babylon a no go. We instead headed for Governors Reef for the afternoon and the company of several friendly turtles, fre swimming moray eels and a photogenic Octopus at night.

Tuesday Our first stop was the USS Kittiwake for 2 morning dives. The USS Kittiwake now rests tilted over on her side very close to the drop off and so offers something for everyone. This ex US Navy submarine rescue vessel is now a glorious dive site and truly enjoyed by all the visit her. We sighted a large eagle ray and the wreck was patrolled by a large school of horse jacks. For the afternoon and night we made the short hop to Lost Treasure which sits very close to another site called Spanish Anchor giving us a 2 for 1 dive site deal. The extended coral fingers run all the way to the drop and are abundant with life and color. A curious turtle happened upon but didn’t seem to care that we wanted to take its photo and another Octopus along with channel crab and a sleeping turtle made for an active night dive.

Wednesday A dawn dive at Big Tunnels got our day underway and it certainly was a glorious way to start any day. A steep drop and a labyrinth of swim thrus is a great way to start any diving day. The visibility was in the 90ft range with no current to speak of. It was then back on deck for a hearty and welcoming breakfast from Chef Kingsley before splashing back in for another dive at Big Tunnels and this time some very friendly turtles decided to pay us a visit. Next stop was Bonnies Arch and this proofed to be a very popular site indeed. As advertised a large arch greets divers upon entry and we were truly lucky to a having a hungry turtle right in the center of the arch munching happily on a large sponge along with some French angel fish trying to steal scraps for the turtles work. A keen eye could find several cork screw anemones that were being marshaled by busy cleaner shrimp. It was not long before we happened upon another hungry turtle and we spent several minutes only a foot away for this little turtle as it devoured a sizeable meal.  

Thursday………Very sadly heavy weather rolled up on us and we had to run for cover and shelter in the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. A busy hurricane season is nearing its end but not without sending another tropical disturbance our way. At Aggressor Fleet safety is our 1st and foremost priority and although it is always with a heavy heart that we cancel any dives we sleep easy knowing our valued guests are always safe.

Special mention this week goes to Rose & Bob whom joined us aboard the Cayman Aggressor for the 7th time and their 26th time with Aggressor Fleet and also to Christi for completing her 100th dive.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew