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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

November 4-11, 2017


Sea State: Choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 79oF

Avg. Water Temp: 80oF

Avg. Visibility: 60ft+



Captain - Jerome

Chef - Yanis

Steward – Randy

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Engineer – Fermin

Dive-Master- Conway


Saturday August 19, 2017

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:15 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:15PM – Food time!


Sunday November 5, 2017           

Dive Sites: Julie’s Jungle & Nurse Shark Ridge.

We started our week out on Lighthouse Reef by visiting Julie’s Jungle, which made a perfect check out dive. This nice shallow site made it easy to get to the bottom to find a lot of the little creatures that divers enjoyed watching on their first dive. We spotted schools of creole wrasse, to lobsters sheltering in coral heads and couple of fire worms.

The afternoon dive at Nurse Shark Ridge kept up to its name and we were greeted by a nurse shark the moment we dove in the water. Again, we spotted a couple of lobsters that were tucked into the coral heads, and a second nurse shark quietly laid under a coral ledge. It was definitely a great day of diving, while the night dive surprised us with a small school of arrow squids that were lingering at the bow.

Monday November 6, 2017

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall

After a night of good sleep, we headed to Half Moon Caye Wall for some exciting dives. We were welcomed to the reef by a Caribbean reef shark that kept checking on us and eventually came back with a buddy to add to our shark count. The sand bed made the colours of the reef standout, and from a distance, we could already see the garden eels swaying back and forth with the water movement; and then disappearing as we got closer. And a friendly grouper kept us close by within its sight. It was just a beautiful way to start a day. We ended this dive with an Aggressor cake celebration for Jerry’s 1000th dive. You’re always welcomed to join us for that milestone dive!!!

In the afternoon we moved over to Long Caye Wall for a nice dive, which ended up with the most noise on the deck, even more than when the engines are running at full throttle. Some divers encountered a magnificent hammer head, while others played over the reef with a reef shark, a little hawksbill turtle, and a southern stingray. Even with all the excitement, we had time to search for the little things and spotted some little Peterson’s and banded coral shrimps.


Tuesday November 7, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole & Silver Caves

It was the mid-week already, so we headed north through the patch reef to explore what was once cavern system, but is now known as The Great Blue Hole of Belize. Half of our group chose to enjoy the magical moment of diving down to 130ft and swimming through the stalactites, while the next half explored the shallows of the blue.

We navigated to the mooring for the site called Half Moon Caye Bay and were taken by a small boat to the beautiful island called Half Moon Caye Natural Monument for an excursion to the bird sanctuary for the red-footed boobie birds. We took the walk through the littoral forest of the orange flowered tree called Zericote toward the viewing platform for the birds and then had a nice stroll by the soft white sand beach.

The last dive of the day was again one of the most boisterous ones as the divers shared with each other their sightings. These ranged from a huge loggerhead turtle with some remora buddies, to a little hawksbill turtle, as well as reef sharks, and channel clinging crabs.


Wednesday November 8, 2017

Dive Site: Lighthouse Wall & Quebrada

With the week getting closer to the end, we needed to keep excitement up, so we headed to Lighthouse Wall, which was definitely a great choice. We had a couple reef sharks wandering close to the divers, and a huge loggerhead turtle, as well as finally finding an awesome spotted eagle ray. Everyone, including the crew, was so excited chiming in each other’s experiences.

In the afternoon, the crew was enthusiastic about the Quebrada dive site since we hadn’t been there for a while, so we were all flipping a coin to choose who would dive and who would stay on deck. This site in particular is a photographer’s haven because of the amazing colours and the over growth of gorgonians, so the ones taking pictures were very happy at the end of the dive. The site is also rich with many species of fish swimming around, so we encountered tons of parrot fish, schools of horse eye jack, tarpons, and tons of yellow head jaw fish. We were lucky again to find a reef shark and a turtle.

The night dive brought mixed feelings about renaming the site to either “Crab Walk” or “ Squid Alley”. You wonder why? Come visit us to find out why and be the judge!!!


Thursday November 9, 2017

Dive Sites: Johnny’s Wrench & Black Beauty

Due to the northerly winds approaching, we decided to make an early departure toward Turneffe Atoll from Wednesday night so we could have an early dive on Thursday. Hence, after a good night rest, we were ready to explore this atoll and see what it could bring. We did two dives at Johnny’s Wrench and two dives at Front Porch. We were happy to find a vast array of creatures and fish that included a bunch of lobsters, golden tail eel, spotted moray eel, lettuce slugs and juvenile trunks, as well as some octopuses and squids.


Friday November 10, 2017

Dive Sites: Black Beauty

With a bright and early dive at 6am to finish off our week, we dove in the water at the site called Black Beauty at Turneffe Atoll. We were thrilled to find an elusive white spotted toad fish. A spotted eagle ray also graced us with its presence. And overall, we found several types of fish that blended beautifully with the awesome scenery. The second dive at the same site was equally satisfying with schools of creole wrasse, and beautiful sponges amongst others. It was a nice and quiet way to finish off a very exhilarating week of diving.


As always, we thank each and every one of our guests for choosing to dive Belize and more so for doing it aboard the Belize Aggressor III. Congratulations to our Iron Divers Rich and Doug. Please don’t hesitate to come back and enjoy the beautiful reef of Belize on our vessel.