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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 

November 4-11, 2017


Air Temp - 86-90 deg F

Water Temp - 81 deg F

Exposure - 3MM wetsuit, Shorty / Rash Guard



Captain David Patterson 

2nd Captain David Luxford 

Chef Marco Moroni

Chef Caleb Dudley

Instructor Alexandra Quint

Instructor Joshua Foster


Guests - Daniel and Daniela, Diana and Yves, Christoph, Oliver and Marianne, Michael and Cornelia, Stefanie, Viviane, Marcus, Gaby.


Saturday November 4

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed a group of 14 divers from the Tauchsport Kaser dive shop in Switzerland for a week long Bahamas diving adventure. Our Guests enjoyed dinner aboard the yacht topside with a fabulous sunset in beautiful Nassau Harbour then settled in for the night.


Sunday November 5

We headed out Early in the morning Sunrise in flat calm seas stopping at Periwinkle, a lovely shallow reef which made for an excellent start. We then moved on to the Lost Blue Hole for a spectacular drop into the hole. We then traveled across the Yellow Banks in mirror smooth, crystal clear waters toward the Exumas and Crab Mountain, our first Wall Dive. Here we saw Reef Sharks, Turtles, Eels, Barracuda and many of the smaller critters such as Shrimp, Fairy Basslets and Arrow crabs. We headed over to Crab Reef for the afternoon and night dive. Here at Madison Avenue we saw Permit, Hogfish, Schools of horse eyed jacks, free ranging lobster. 


Monday November 6

Starting with Pillar Wall, we encountered huge shoals of silversides, and watched Jacks dart in and about them. A handful of Sharks kept their eyes on the action as well. Off to the wreck of the Austin Smith for our first Shark dive! A few Nurse sharks but plenty of frisky Reef Sharks making for excellent photo and video opportunities. For our afternoon dive we moved up to the amazing canyons of Dog Rocks. Inspecting the Black Coral bushes hiding their tiny shrimp that call the branches home. A double dip on Madison for the afternoon and Night dives rounded out an excellent day of diving.


Tuesday 31st October 

First dive site up was Crack Coral. Hammerhead! More Reef Sharks, Turtles, Eels, Blue Chromis and Spadefish. We then moved over to Shroud Wall for our second dive where we explored the canyons and crevices. Amber Jack reef found us among several Lobsters, Turtles, Damselfish, Cowfish and more. We then moved over to Danger Reef for our 3rd dive of the day. Here we saw Jackfish, Barracuda, schools of mahogany snapper, Arrow crabs and a whole host of other reef fish. Our group enjoyed a wonderful dinner expertly prepared by Chef Marco followed by a wonderful night dive on Parrot Fish.


Wednesday 1st November

We traveled down the Island chain to visit the infamous swimming Pigs. A delightful side adventure indeed. Crossing the Sound over to Eluthera for more spectacular wall dives. First up was Primo Wall. Amazing Coral formations, Canyons and Mounts. Here we found Barracuda, Reef Sharks, Yellow Headed jawfish, Eels, Jacks. We then moved on to Tunnel Rock for our night dive and a fitful nights sleep.


Thursday 2nd November

We started off the day at Cut through City. Another Wall dropping off into the Blue. Here we saw Triggerfish, Reef Sharks, Scrawled Filefish and Lionfish. Then another wonderful Wall dive, Cut n Run which has a coral encrusted Anchor sitting precariously on the edge of the wall and a small pane week on top. Here we saw Jacks, French Grunts, Groupers, Eels, Black Coral Bushes and much more. We then opted to do the Split Coral for our 4th dive of the day, our second Shark dive of the week! We did our night dive on the shallow site of Jake’s Hole. We then did a night passage back to the Exumas.


Friday 20th October 

We decided to dive Barracuda Reef, prior to having breakfast where we saw Grouper, Barracuda, Snappers, Lobster, Crabs, and Eels. We then headed to the Washing Machine. This wonderful drift dive takes place between the islands of Highborne Cay and Oyster Cay. The current was ripping. We dropped our divers off and they raced through the washing machine in one of the strongest currents we encountered in a long time. Time to rinse gear and head back to Nassau. We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party on the sundeck prior to taking dinner ashore. 


Congratulations to our iron diver - Michael. Congratulations to Cornelia for completing her 300th dive with us here on the Bahamas Aggressor.


Safe travels always to you all and we look forward to welcoming you back onboard sometime soon.


The Bahamas Aggressor Crew